Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joe and Tubby

You chose your friends. But you don't choose your family. But sometimes you're lucky enough to have a family that feels instead like a bunch of friends?

I'm lucky enough to have that sort of family. One large extended family that I truly enjoy. And one of them, My Uncle Joe who is also my Godfather is very sick with cancer right now.

And it is fucking unfair and horrible. And what else can I say? I feel awful for my aunt and for my four awesome cousins who call him dad. Growing up with my Uncle Joe was a trip like no other. And the only thing I can really relate it to, is growing up with my dad. I'd say the two of them are the most similar in their sense of humor and depth of carrying.

And they both share the Vietnam experierence. And cancer. WTF? Uncle Joe used to make us have GI parties where we'd basically all clean up the house, but he somehow convinced us that it was fun. And he calls my dad Tubby, his childhood nickname, but my dad is sadly way too thin these days.

But they've always been there for each other and I know no matter where the other one travels, they will still be together.

If you've got any prayers or well wishes, please send em our way. We're not ready for our soliders to march on.

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