Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The new 90210? Why did I even try? To say I watched it, is a stretch. It was on and occasionally, I looked toward the moving light and sound that is the marvel invention of television, but I have no idea what was happening. Nor did I care.

I'll just go back to my fond memories of the original. I'm not in high school like I was during the original run. It seems, "I'm just not into it."

No sleep again last night. Makes me feel surly and crazy. It's stress-related. I have high hopes for tonight's bed regime.

Tonight, I'll be making my last batch of Glop, that veggie heavy dish my Grandma Gotshall invented. I've got to do something with all the vegetables I bought at the produce stand this weekend.

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Barrie said...

i know this is a family friendly blog, but have you tried masturbating? an orgasm can put you right to sleep. like that!