Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Night

No Oscar fever this year. Usually I'm excited to watch and do what I can do particapate, but this year, "I just wasn't that into it."

Instead I went to my new friend Monica's house and hung out with her, her husband and their freind Steve. Every month they host what's called, Scary Movie Night.

Now, scary movies aren't my thing, but this movie was more campy than scary and it was really all of just laughing, talking and snacking. I had a lot of fun.

Saturday, I had lapsed myself into a coma with to much snow and tv.

Yesterday, I decided to go get a pedicure, then walked around Royal Oak, got some mexican take out, and picked up my house a bit.

But socailizing was just what I needed to break me out of my slump.

The movie by the way was some Werewolf movie. Not scary, except for the wooden dialogue.

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