Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nashville Bound

How will I celebrate the holiday that singles everywhere endure year after year with cheeky good natured disgust? I'll be hanging with Cupid in Nashville with a pack of female Quinlan cousins and Aunts.

I'm getting excited. We leave Friday. Even the car ride is sure to be an exciting adventure. These women are my family, but we're a very close family to the point that it will feel like a long weekend with some of my favorite girlfriends.

In the last few years, I've actually gotten over my Valentine bitterness. Realizing it's truly sort of a dumb holiday. But, I do love any reason to eat good chocolate and I'll celebrate that any day of the week.

I'm sure I'll have lots to report on the trip, so stay tuned. I'm really hoping we venture to the Grand Ole Opry. That would be sweet.

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