Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Textual Healing

For anyone that reads my blog, you're aware that my friend Nevada died. A month ago yesterday in fact. And that sucks. I've been filling up my phone with text messages of good will, humor and etc. So, I had to delete some and decided to share a few here.

October 17th- Day of Nevada's Memorial:

From Shane, my brother:
"Kelly you're a great friend, a special sister and a wonderful person."

From Jan, my friend who is a Brit and a friend of Nevada's as well:
"I am always here with an ear, a beer, or a hug. Don't hesitate anytime.

My Cousin Casey:
"I know it does, I'm sorry Kook. I wish I could do more for you. I love you, if there's anything I can do for you, let me know.

My cousin Lacy:
"Ok, I love you."

"Praying for you, Kel."

My cousin Shannon
"My heart is breaking for you, Kel."

Nevada's boyfriend Trevor, carrying on Nevada's quest to get me a date:
"Your goal should still be to drink yourself into a stupor--but to wake up on some random guy's couch instead of at home. Baby steps. :)

More from Trevor:
"I try to think of all the ways she changed my life for the better. Lately that's been more of comfort than sorrow."

"Breathe, believe and revive"

My dad
"Love you more."

"My pleasure. Wish I could do more!"

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Barrie said...

i don't text, but if i did i would've said all of the above and signed off with, peace.