Thursday, November 05, 2009

Packing UP BQ

My dad has resided in Keego Harbor for as long as I can remember. He needs a change and has decided to move north to closer to all of his brothers and sisters. This is an excellent plan, and will make visiting him much more pleasant when I don't have to contend with the drunk roommate, I refer to as the "boozy floozy."

Shane being the good older brother is doing the physical move, which left me to pack up my dad and his random household of crap. I started on Saturday and it took me all day just to clean out his bedroom and his closets, as we debated the merit of keeping each pair of dress pants.

5 bags later, we had a clothing donation pile that will outfit plenty of men for the winter, and my dad still has plenty of clothes, although all he wears lately is sleep pants.

I've honestly gotten better, but organization just isn't my strong suit, and I realized in the middle of it all, on Saturday as I was about to have a melt down, that I needed help. (My mom blames my premature birth for the fact that I can't do this sort of task).

Cousin Shannon immediately came to mind. She's great at this and she loves us both.
I texted her and she called the next day to say she'd be happy to help us.

I was so relieved, I almost cried. Last night we went over to pack up the rest of the condo.

My dad had a good time blaring gospel Elvis at level 7 on the stereo and then tried talking over it.

Shannon was fantastic. I think I did some stuff, but I have no illusions that she did the bulk of it. But we had a good visit while we worked, and I felt very lucky to have her in my life.

You know how a family member can laugh at you, but you know how much they love you?
We did a lot of that.

My loot for the evening: Several newish heavy duty pots and pans, a Quinlan Tree Service Shirt (in a style I didn't have), a cassette tape of Simon and Garfunkel, Live in Central Park, and a mouse from Apple for my laptop.

Shannon came away with a golf shirt for Ed my dad insisted she take, her own Quinlan Tree Service shirt, a french press, and the movie Cool Hand Luke.

Thanks Shannon for making an awful job fun and fairly stress free.

Love you

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