Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Weekend in HELL

Saturday morning, me, Trevor and Kim set out for Hell, MI with Nevada's ashes in tow. We had a full day planned.
Nevada always said she wanted to go to hell in a handbasket and had even purchased some in anticaption for one day doing just that. When we arrived in Hell, we looked around and took some pictures.

For Hell, it was surprisingly cool. It was then time to send Nevada on her journey. We took photos while Trevor dumped her ashes in a handbasket and set her free down to the river in Hell.

Right before we set her off, Trevor said, "It seems like we should say something." The writer in me wanted to say something profound and meaningful that would capture the poignant moment. After all, we were sending one of my best friends on a trip she was taking way to early.

"This fucking sucks." Is the phrase that popped into my mind, and came out of my mouth.

The three of us laughed and off she went. Her basket toppled sideways and twirled in the current, but it didn't sink.

At one point she got stuck in one spot and I had to poke her basket with a stick.

After our send off for Nevada it was on to another sort of hell. We had to go to Nevada's house in Detroit, to finish clearing it out.

Trevor suggested we take anything we'd like, and anything that was left was to be donated.

I ended up in her closet, pulling out clothes that I'd been with her as she purchased.

When I got downstairs, I came across her winter coat she wore all the time. It is very iconic, very Nevada. It's a light orange wool with black buttons and I feel lucky it fell in my hands.

It's kind of fitting that of all things that's what I ended up with. You see, the last time I'd been with Nevada we'd gone shopping. And she'd picked out a coat and I tried to get her to buy it. She said no, she'd better wait.

At the same time, I told her I needed another winter coat. She laughed saying, Kelly you don't NEED a new coat. ( I have at least 4). I conceded then that, I'd like another one.

I really wanted her to have that coat she'd picked out and had gone back to the store and found the last one in her size to give it to her as welcome home from California gift.

Sadly, she died before I could give it to her. So, I mailed it to her sister. Thinking she'd appreciate having the last thing Nevada picked out for herself.

It's only fitting then, that Nevada's last gift to me was her favorite coat.

Guess I did need just one more, after all.

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BookNooker said...

awesome. it was a good day in hell, considering that the last time I was there was with Nevada, and it was pouring rain and nasty. we couldn't do photos with the hand baskets as planned because it was "hell" just standing outside in the rain. She would be happy that we put her in the hand basket and sent her afloat. And, I know she will be pleased to see that there is now a putt putt golf course complete with a gargoyle. Glad I was there to be a part of this special day. and I am EXTRA glad I made you try on that orange coat :) hugs and love to you, Kelly.