Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back to School

No, not Rodney Dangerfield. Me, and some other friends that all went to Ferris State University in Big Rapids. This past weekend, we gathered to celebrate homecoming weekend with some Lemon drop shots at our old hangout, Shooters.

It's weird how little had changed, but it felt totally foreign. Probably because now I could afford a drink and a tip, and I could drink any beer I felt like, instead of the special of the day, served luke warm in an oversized pitcher.

I had fun, and I even visited the men's room. (Much shorter line) In fact the only line was the row of men lined up at the urinals.

It's always a bit unsettling to visit your old college town. At least I accomplished what I'd planned to. I'd studied copywriting in the College of Business, which meant I also had to take accounting, finance satistics, and a whole array of managment classes.

But in the end, I love words more than numbers and did become a copywriter. And Ferris wouldn't have been the same without Kari, Karlene, Tonya and Michelle.

Go BullDogs!

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Barrie said...

writing in a business school? what the fuck????