Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cleveage Cam

Being a women, I realized that men were drawn to cleavage and breasts in general.

I just never knew why. Until today. I'm wearing a shirt that is modestly low cut and a I have a sweater on over it, so I don't like I'm bar hopping in the office.

But I can see down my own shirt, and I have to tell you that is very distracting.

I'm not a lesbian, and I don't normally pay any attention of that area, unless I'm just making sure my girls are well covered.

Yet today, I've got the clearest view down my own top, and I can't help but look. It's like a solar eclipse. I can't look away.

I finally understand the breast draw a little bit. It has been a nice mental break, but I'm bored with my breasts, (guess I'm not a man) and now it's back to headlines.

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