Monday, October 30, 2006

A Phone Call or Ten

I don't know where to start. If I started at the begining, I'd be here all day.

So let me say this: About a month ago, my dad and I were going to hang out for what I assumed would be a nice father daughter afternoon. You see, I work in advertising and as a small glimpse of excitment, a commericial that I'd worked on for Mercury was running in the Landmark theater chain across the country.

There are two locations in Michigan. One near my dad's house and one near mine. I drove to the one near my dad's house as it would be more convienant for him. And I was trying to be accomdating.

When I get to his house, and he is drunk. It's 2:00ish in the afternoon, and my dad has been recovering from lung cancer. And he is also chain smoking. I, of course got very upset, but we try and go to the movie anyway. He does watch my trailer, but then falls asleep during the movie. When the movie is over, he wants to take me for a hamburger. So we go to a bar. (his choice)

After I eat my bar burger we hang out for a while, and then we finally leave. Insert cheesy after school special dialogue here, where I try to tell him how his behavior is hurtful to himself and to me. Blah, blah blah.

On the way home, I cry and cry. And decide that I need a break for a little while. So, I don't call my dad. Don't check on him. None of my usual behavior.

I decide to choose myself this time. To try and make my own life as healthy as I can, and don't get all wrapped up in his drama. And I was doing fine. Realize that had my dad called me at all during this time, I would've picked up the phone and at least said hi. But my phone never rang.

Till Saturday night. At 11:30 pm. I was asleep, and my phone was off. My dad leaves a message asking if I've been murdered or kidnapped, he knows I live alone and is worried all of a sudden. ( He also sounded drunk)

The next day Sunday, I was busy and didn't get back to him. I had gone to writer's group, and then to have dinner with my cousins.

I wake up this morning, to 4 voicemails. My dad has escalted his calling. Phoning me twice, my mom, and my brother Shane.

WTF!! Just because I don't call a person back within 12 hours, who hasn't spoken to me in over a month, he assumes I've died. I finally get a hold of him this morning, on my way to work, and he says it just occured to him that he hasn't spoken to me in over a month.

"Yes, I know I say."

Then my dad says, "Well, I'm your dad. You should make more of an effort."

"I said so, I'm your daughter. You should make an effort too."

And that was basically it. A few more things were said, and the master of maniupation hung up.

In the future, should I be murdered, you will find out soon enough. News will spread.

And if I was dead, I can't call anyway.

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