Monday, October 09, 2006


Another weird day in the world of advertising. But since I'm about to go to sleep, talking about my day isn't a good way to relax.

So instead, I'll talk about my weekend. Finally got my brakes fixed on my car. No more loud noises, ease of stopping, and general safetyness.


Thank you Jeff. He is somebody who has always been there for me, and I truly appreciate him. Jeff goes out of his way to help any one. And the thing about jeff is this: If you're nice to him, he's nice to you.

I love ya Jeff, thanks for always being there. And thanks for explaining the difference between Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluid.

Who knew?

In other news, I went to Octoberfest at the Detroit Zoo. That was entertainment! Shots of Jager, a polka band doing Jimmy Buffett, German beer with a hot chocolate chaser.

That's it for now.

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