Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Subscribe

There are a few things I'd walk over my own mom to get to.
Beligum Chocolate, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Cash or anything JC related and magazines.

I have a magazine obession/sickness. I can never have enough. I'm not sure why but they fill me with absolute joy. Here's a list of the ones that I have subscriptions too:

1. Entertainment Weekly- I'm also an entertainment junkie, although lately, I've been falling behind on this one.
2. Glamour- Well because sometimes I enjoy being a girl and reading about girly stuff.
3. Esquire- Astute men's magazine, cause I like reading stories, and articles about gadgets and David Sedaris and Chuck Klosterman are regular contributers.
4.Dominio- Artsy interior desginer crafts, and cool ideas for decorating.

Then there is all the FREE magazines I pick up from the media bins, a perk of working at an advertising agency. Just nabbed the new, Vanity Fair, Self, Jane,( I know. Don't judge me), GQ, Gourmet, Conde Nast Traveler, the New Yorker, and Martha Stewart Living.

I love tearing the plastic off a fresh magazine and laying in my bed or on the couch to read them. The best part is that when I'm done, I give them all away. Some to the gym and some to my neighbors, and they are thrilled with a stack of bountiful free reading.

And because I'm such a loyal magazine reader, I can get subscriptions for extremly cheap. There's always the library too and sometimes I go sit at a bookstore and read the weekly ones.

I share the same passion for books. Piles of books line the floor of my flat, waiting to be read. There is the library stack, which means they must go first. Top of the pile is Memory Keeper's Daughter. Then there is a pile I just created from a used book store, which contains a book, Indecision about a guy working for a huge drug company, a random romance novel, and Middlesex, which received a Pultizer prize.

And under the coffee table, Beach Music which I hear is awesome, and got that from a girl in my writer group at our book exchange for Christmas.

Hey, maybe we do an exchange sometime soon too?

In my room on the bookshelf Gone with the Wind, The World According to Garp, and Kavilier and Clay.

Plenty of printed words to keep me entertained.

Maybe I'll go to the library this weekend.

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ColleenQ said...

Oh, now this is CRAZY...check out the audio clip on my blog, cuz!