Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tote On

I horde stuff.

And part of my daily morning ritual is packing a small green tote bag full of random items, I've convinced myself I will need during the day.
Let's see what today's bag has inside.

Main Bag Contents:
1. Love Walked In- A novel by Marisa De Los Santos- (to be read while at the gym)
2. A list of bills to be paid on Friday.
3. An application for a new CVS discount card.
4. An offer from Newsweek for a whole year for $20. I'm thinking about breaking up my love of mindless gossip with actual news events.
5.A letter from Merrill Lynch about my new 401K.
6. An invoice to Cosmo. I can't grow up all at once.
7.The Last 2 weeks of Entertainment Weekly.
8. The Janurary issue of Shape Magazine.
(I've been going to the gym most every day before work)
9.My wallet. It is almost as old as me.
10. My checkbook. Yes, I do use online banking.
11. A brown plastic hair clip. Since I just had all my hair cut off, I know longer need this.
12. My Wonder Woman address book.
13. A Plum Brandy lipstick from Clinque.
14. My Weight Watchers food journal. I'm supposed to write down everything I eat.
15. A receipt for Brilliant Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner.

And in the interior pocket:

1. My passwords to log onto my computer, my email, my timesheets for work. (They change often)
2. A 75 cents off coupon for Feria hair color.
3. A mirrored compact with Armed and Dangerous written on it. (Xmas gift from my mom)
4.Home Goods receipt, where I recently purchased a relish tray knife set.
5. Clinque lipstick, shade Guava Stain.
6. My ipod mini.

If you're a reader you almost always a book on you at all times or at least one or two in the trunk of your car, just in case. And that's how the tote tradition got started in the first place.

Carry On.

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