Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Scooby Where Are You?

I'm saddened to learn that the man who created Scooby Doo and brought him to life has died.
I have many fond memories of Saturday mornings hunched in front of our tv with my brothers.
We'd eat cornflakes and sit in our footy pj's, and laugh at goofy Scooby and all his adventures.

According to the internet article, the creator named Scooby after a line in the Frank Sinatra song, Strangers in the Night. In a way then, Mr. King of Cool named an iconic cartoon.

In other news, I've been awful. Still have to take down my Christmas tree. I will do it tonight. I don't think it will take it that long once I start. It's part of a bigger project where I need to clear off my desk to get my writing of stories started again. It's like anything. I'm out of practice and it now seems like I shall never again write a decent sentence to save my life.

I did put Word on my computer last night so now it's a matter of words on paper.

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