Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Turn the Tide

A New Year is upon us and it is usually the time of year when we all take stock of our lives and decide to make grand statements about what is going to change this year. I used to fall for this trick too, but not any more.

I've made some decisions about a few things but they're quiet ones and not things that I need to share with the world over to make them true. I can tell you I plan to continue my early morning treks to the gym before work, because they help me. I like the gym so much better in the morning. It's comfortable. I've gotten used to all the machines.

I like seeing the same people. The dark blonde guy that reads the newspaper and runs on the stairmaster at a frantic pace. The blonde skinny girl next to him who looks like she could've been a homecoming queen, but a friendly one. The lady who sometimes walks on the treadmill next to mine and asks if we can change the channel from the Today Show to Good Morning America.

These are the people I like exercising with. We're all regular people just doing our thing. The last time I went at night, it was a totally different feeling, like I was at a high school dance but instead of formal dresses we were all wearing baggie t-shirts.

I still need to take down my Las Vegas Christmas tree and pack everything up. I kept it up a few extra days since I didn't get to enjoy it while I was up north.

As a nod to the New Year, I did make a hair appointment for Saturday at the fancy salon, but I like it there and I know I won't leave there looking worse for wear.

New Hair. New Year.

Get the scissors.

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