Monday, January 29, 2007

Name Tag No More

My first job was at the local IGA grocery store in Milford.
I worked in the deli department and made $4.00 an hour. It was good money at the time.

The deli/bakery was a job divided into two parts. Either you were bakery, which meant that when you're shift started at 3 pm, you were given a list, and send into the back of the store to the walk in freezer. It was here that you pulled out flat, triangle, and circle pieces of frozen dough. These would turn into donuts.

It was the other person's responsibilty to "work the chicken fryer." This involved, dipping raw chicken into a bin of flour and throwing all the pieces into a hot cauldren of hot grease.

In between these tasks, we waited on customers, sliced their lunch meats, scooped their potato salads, and boxed their cakes and cookies.

Other jobs in high school and college were equally fulfilling.

1. The Little Ceasar's. Absurd outfit,pizza maker and phone answerer.
2. The Laundry Mat: My only job requirement was that I not fall asleep. (Only did this once.) We had a drop off service where people could drop off their clothes and I'd wash it for them. And hand out quarters. This was actually a great after school job, because I could do most of my homework and get paid.
3. Other Pizza Place- same as before minus the cheesy outfit.
4. Highland House Carryout- Handed out breadsticks and smelled of food. This was good training for my stint at the Olive Garden.
5. Krogers- I was a Courtsey Clerk: Meaning I bagged up your grocercies and collected your carts from the parking lot.
6. Summitt Cafe- I did this for one day. Apparently, I'm just not waitress material.
7. Olive Garden- Prep cook. Ie, smell like olive oil, grease, and wet spinach.
8. Another Laundry Mat: Across town. Same drill. Fold clothes. Give change.
9. Shell Station: Pumped gas at full service station. Was forbidden to read or do anything but stare in the parking lot in between fill ups.
10.Joe Muggs- My best part time job ever. Got to make coffee drinks, and coffee. Drank all the free coffee I wanted and read magazines.

That was my last name tag job. And I hope there isn't ever another one.

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