Monday, January 08, 2007

Take a Message

America's love of the cell phone is getting out of hand. People already take them everywhere as if they're children. And because of this, people have lost their sense of decency. Twice over the holiday break between Christmas and New Year's, I was out returning things and shopping.

And twice while in the ladies room in the stall next to me women took calls while I am assuming going to the bathroom.

Why in the world would you do this? Can't you just wait till you leave the restroom to answer the phone? It really can't be that important. Then yesterday I was at Home Goods and while in the store, I over-heard the following:

Man: I feel like I got used last night.

Person on other end of phone: (Have no idea.)

Man: Well, because you come over last night and spend the night, and then you don't call me till 4 in the afternoon. What's that all about?"

I'm pretty sure that the lady or gentleman wasn't aware that this private conversation was now public information for a store full of strangers.

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Anonymous said...

i hate hate hate hate when people talk on their phones in the bathroom. I have no idea when it became acceptable to do so but it bothers me to no end...h