Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Hand Dad

Last evening I went on a birthday treasure hunt for my dad's birthday. Found the treasure at Tommy Bahama's and their insanely over-priced shirts. But he likes them, so what the heck?

Hopefully, he'll like the one I picked out. At least Shane is going in on it. I must admit, I was in need of some more Clinque face soap so I also stopped by the counter there at Nordstroms.

Still on the hunt for Cool Hand Luke since my dad doesn't own it, but it is a classic Newman film. I'm hoping Target here in Dearborn will be more helpful than the one in Troy. But the thing is it's not an obscure movie. I mean I can' walk 2 feet without hitting Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Old School, or Mean Girls.

But a classic American movie? That's harder to come by.

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Barrie said...

fuck target man, just go amazon or blockbuster. target will just tempt you to buy shit you don't really need anyway. and who needs that?

but yeah, god they do have really crappy movies at target. like who the fuck is buying the pacificer with vin dieself for $8.88. i really want to meet the asshole who gets that. actually, wait. no i don't.