Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

In case any one cares, I did buy some new clothes yesterday. It was nice.

They're comfortable and a little girly which is helpful, as I'm a woman as opposed to a man dressed like a woman.

Not much other news. Watched This Film is Not Yet Rated. Pretty interesting shit.

Random Tuesday thoughts: I can't decide what to get my dad for Father's Day. He doesn't fit into the "Golf or BBQ dad like all the ads want us to believe. Nor is he into the technology aspect and besides he's already got a nano he ignores.

He did send me his first text message, which was awesome.

Anyway, any thoughts?

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Barrie said...

well, it's already past father's day but fuck it right?
i too, never knew what to get my dad. there's only so many subscriptions to airplane and gun magazines before you run out of ideas.

-a framed picture of the two of you
-make him dinner
-take him out for the day to anywhere he wants to go
-a funny movie you guys can watch together
-one of his favorite comedians on dvd or cd
-or something by his favorite artist or musician
-go test drive some car he's been wanting to get in. drive like the wind!
-go to ireland....

i say do this shit anyway. it's just nice.