Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grunt On

Good Morning.

Not feeling angry this morning so that helps.

Did my second day of the 3 day weight training this morning. Maybe that's why I'm not mad.

But I did notice all the men in the gym make sex noises when they work out. Lots of grunting and such.

It's a little odd but then so are those ladies who put on full make-up before they work out. I'm not one of them.

Tonight after work its off to shop for my Dad's Father's Day gift and to avoid my hot house flat. Made the mistake of cooking dinner in there last night. It was way to warm, but I have a great casserole called Glop that my Grandma Gotshall used to make for my efforts.

1 comment:

Barrie said...

okay, i've decided to leave comments on all your blogs tonight. i'm also drunk...

BUT it's funny that you said men with the sex noises at the gym, because this one douchebag was totally doing that today. like real sex noises. i mean i actually had to turn around to make sure he wasn't having sex with his barbell. it was that bad. well, maybe it was good for him. but it was pretty bad for me.

mmmm...i want casserole. will you send me a recipe? and is it at all healthy??