Monday, June 18, 2007

It was an Honor

This past Saturday I celebrated a birthday.

And I thought a nice way to commemorate the birthday would be to honor those in my life that have helped me, shaped me and loved me.

My parents: This one is a no brainer. My mom has always taught me to be strong and reminds me to take risks even when I'm scared and it would be easy to embrace the status quo.

My Dad: Well, he's a tough, hard ass former Marine with a gooey center. He loved me first, bought me my first bouquet of roses, and taught me to never put up with any one mistreating me.

Shane: My older brother is staggering in his kindness, generosity and humor. And he's always there during rough times and happy days.

Jeff: Shane's best friend who has become part of our family. So much so that he's in my dad's dvd about his life. He is the rare sort who thinks of others and somebody who will always be there whether we're boating, grieving or celebrating.

Connie: My oldest and dearest friend. Connie is the sister I never had and we grew up together. She's been in my life since I was six years old and there's something amazing about a friendship with all the backstory filled in, yet, we could talk for hours every day.

Amy: One of my oldest friends who talks me down from my frequent parnoid episodes, helped me learn how to decorate things, and knows all my crazy history and likes me anyway.

Becky: Was my first real friend at my first ad job. She kindly showed me the ropes, answered all my questions and since then has been sincerely and whole-heartly invested in making my life better with her kindness, her humor and her gentle nature. She is fun, thoughtful and an amazingly good person.

Usha: My crazy and I mean quirky British friend who is always up for a new adventure.

James: AKA, Jimmy Ohio. We share a similar attitude about work and he understands my warped sense of humor. And he shows up in times of saddness and fun and is always ready to help me drink. Hopefully we can work together again sometime.

Nevada: My no holds barred, set your hair on fire, lives in Detroit friend who moved here from Oklahoma. Shares my love of old country music, Starbucks coffee, hatred of small talk about the weather, and endures my endless indecision with humor.

Barrie: Never judges. And has been very kind to me through this long illness of my dad's, and she gets why I love Johnny Cash and 90210.

This year I realize just how lucky I am and not in a God Bless everyone Tiny Tim kind of way, but I'm truly in awe that all of my friends coming out to help me celebrate.

Any presents were icing on the carrot cake that I managed to avoid.

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Barrie said...

dude, what's not to get about 90210. besides the fact that it's totally fucking awesome!

i'll give you a call next weekish.