Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Day in My Life

So far this is what I've done with my day.

Woke up at 6:15ish. Started up the car from the living room with my handy remote starter, got dressed in gym attire, brushed my teeth and headed out to the gym. Once there, I handed the broken shreds of my gym card to the gym lady and headed to the elliptical machine. My gym card was massacred last weekend, when Shane and I were barhopping in Royal Oak. It had fallen out of my pocket, and was consequently run over.

After 30 minutes and 2 miles of virtual earth was conquered, I got off and lifted weights. Chest flies and chest presses. I ran out of time and couldn't finish the rest of my weight routine. That will have to wait till Friday.

I then returned home, started my coffee machine and took a shower. After that, I did all the usual getting ready things, including making my lunch, which I should really learn to do at night when possible.

Two freeways later and I arrived at the office. Opened lots of virtual mail and discovered today is my last day to sign up for health benefits and I still needed to finish that. And I found, I was officially 6 weeks behind on my time sheets.

Caught all those up. Looked at benefit info. Finished up a project. Emailed a story for my writer group on Sunday, and called the eye doctor and made an appointment to see if I was a good candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery.

Then lunch: I ate homemade chili I'd made with stolen cracker packets from the overpriced cafeteria.

And that's where the day has stopped for now. Later, it may involve dinner TBD, and a long commute home.

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