Monday, November 05, 2007


This morning I chose sleep over the gym. I had too. Last week, it seems I was groggy a lot of the time. And I thought this morning, what a novelty to be less groggy when I start my week.

But fear not, exercise trackers. I have been wanting to try my Pilate's dvd again to see if I've gotten any more flexible. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll be bending to a half pretzel after work.

I remember those flexibility tests in Middle School. I always scored in the negative number range. Maybe it was because one leg was shorter than the other? Or maybe I simply didn't care enough if my hands reached far, far across my toes? Either way, any shake up in the fitness routine is good for the body.

Wearing my new bra this morning, and Hello Dolly. Who knew I had a rack that could rival Ted Nugent's?

I suspect I will lose some boobage when I'm finished with this weight loss journey, but it looks like I'll still have enough left over.

Time to go. I have to write a monologue for Tuesday's comedy class.

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