Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight Twilight

It's amazing to me how an extra hour of sleep this morning has made me feel productive today. Slept in a bit, got ready and headed to writer group. Had a good meeting and for me, it was nice to see everyone again.

After group, I headed to Walmart to buy some freezer containers, and found a cute casual coat for super cheap, which will do on those casually cold days. My real winter coat, I haven't found yet, but the search continues.

Came home, made homemade chili, but realized I was starving so I ate a tostada for dinner instead. No matter. Lots of chili for meals the rest of the week. I then cut out coupons and put them in my coupon wallet (god, I'm pathetic) :), and now I'm couch lounging and doing laundry.

For my first post Lolita read, I'm going to go for one of the lighter fun Janet Evanovich bounty hunter books. I think I'm on book 8.

And a side note on my food blog of the other day. You know the one, where I hopped up on a soapbox and told you all the foods I no longer eat? Well, occasionaly for no rhyme or reason, I crave the poufy Cheetos.

So, today I let myself buy the small, small lunch box size. A little Cheeto goes a long way.

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