Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mr. Damon

Tonight is a family dinner with some cousins at an Irish family owned restuarant in Berkley. Looking forward to it hanging out, maybe having a drink and catching up.

In other news, we get Friday off for some random reason. Don't care why, I'm just happy to particpate. I'll sleep in a bit, go to the gym and then I'm getting a haircut.


I'm currently reading Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. So far so good. It's quite a depature from Lolita.

And in entertainment news, Matt Damon has been named People Magazine's Sexist Man Alive for 2007. I'll buy that. Lots of things go into making him attractive. He is boy next door cute, has nice arms, (Hello Bourne movies), he's very intelligent, loyal, self depracting etc. This is of course all speculation, but I do think he is a talented actor who works hard and doesn't feed on his own publicity.

That's it for today.


Laura said...

Yes, I'll second Matt Damon as sexiest man alive! Oh, um, second to my husband of course ;)

Barrie said...

Weird. As I was leaving for work The Today Show displayed a silhouetted picture, so that we should guess who the sexiest man is during the commercial break. I instantly thought it was Matt Damon but didn't stick around to find out. Good to know I can spot a sexy silhouette.

I should probably put that on my resume.