Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Raining Men

My friend R. and I have been discussing for some time, our Top 10 list of men that we like in the 7th grade sort of like. These are also celebrities. My list isn't complete yet, but I thought this blog would be a good place to start collecting my thoughts.

1. John Cusack: He's smart, cute, sensitive, and plays the every man well in his movies.

2. Joaquin Phoenix: He's got what I like to call throw down. A bit of a brooder perhaps, but watch Walk the Line, and tell me you don't find him to be a tasty dish. (This is pre-crazy bearded cave man).

3. Matt Damon: I'm gonna agree with People magazine on this. Sexist Man Alive. A guy's guy, smart, loyal, isn't over exposed by the media.

4. Christan Bale: Good actor, sexy voice, nice eyes, and is always playing very versatile roles. My favorite Batman, by far.

5. Michael Vartan: The hot teacher from Never Been Kissed. Yummy!!

6. Edward Burns: Hot, hot, creative, smart, dry wit, independent filmmaker and now dad of two kids.

7. Gerard Butler: My god. Pure animal lust evokes when I think of this actor. He was the quiet hot man in Dear Frankie, a little seen indie movie, who was kind and so hot. Last summer I think he was in that movie, 300 and he is about to star in some movie that makes me willing to put up with Hillary Swank. (That movie, was PS, I love you. Pure dreck, but oh still worth it.).

8. Harry Connick Jr.: I have loved Harry for a very long time. I like his voice, and hearing him sing makes me happy so judge me if you will. I don't care. He is a gentleman and a humitarian and he makes me want to lay on his piano.

9. Daniel Craig: The new Bond is my new boyfriend... IF only. Hot in an animalistic way and I love a man with a British accent. He definitely has what I referred to earlier as "throw-down."

10. Jon Hamm- The actor who plays Don Draper. A husband so disloyal, yet you want to forgive him. As I've mentioned before he gets away with far too much because of his bad boy dressed nice ways. And he does have a sweet side, a soulful side that comes softly to to the surface in unguarded moments.

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