Monday, November 19, 2007

Must Love Cusack

I'm just back from lunch. I'm drinking my first peppermint mocha of the season. I'm happy to report that it isn't too sweet and I'm very much enjoying it.

Had a decent weekend. Chased saddness and depression on Friday and it caught me for most of the day Friday, but then I dragged myself out for beer on Friday night and things seem to look better with a little beer.

Saturday morning, I decided to leisure about with my coffee and a movie. Wintery Blend from Trader Joe's and Must Love Dogs was a good combo. I adore John Cusack. The only problem is, most of us just endure those horrible dates, online or otherwise and there is never a John Cusack at the end, wanting to date us. But I guess that's what makes it a movie. :)

Sunday, I was up early to get ready for the Lions game with my brother. Tailgating by 9am. I couldn't bring myself to drink beer till I had coffee, but I managed to have a few. I had lots of fun. The game itself was ok, but our Lions just couldn't get their shit together.

Tonight, it's dinner with Becky. Looking forward to seeing her.

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