Sunday, November 11, 2007

Made It

I almost forgot to post today, but here I am.

Got up this morning and went to visit my dad. We hung out, sorted his mail, (he got your card Lacy, Thank you :), and I got him so lunch and a few packs of smokes, and then I kissed him on the cheek and headed off.

Went to see my best friend Connie for a little bit, but our girly visit got interrupted by her husband coming home early. Ah well. It's not so fun to girl talk with a guy in the room.

I headed off to the grocery store where I bypassed carrot cake that was on sale. I should get a medal, for those of you who are aware of my love for carrot cake.

Oh yes, carrot cake you will be mine and very soon.

Keep on keepin on. Tomorrow is the start of another week.

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