Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tinsel and TIme

Post lunch blog:

I'm full of squash soup and apple slices. And a bit of peanut butter.

Last night after work, after dinner I was lounging on the sofa in my pajama's and thought I should do something, since it was only about 8:00 at that point.

I hustled to dress and scooted off to Kohl's to buy a few Christmas ornaments. They were 50 percent off, an I hadn't bought any new ones in a few years. I ended up with three, a roll of wrapping paper, and a pair of Christmas socks for the bargain price of $13.00.

But I don't think the tree will be going up till next week sometime. I'm hosting our family Christmas, so that should be interesting.

So far, I've only purchased one small holiday item. But, I've got time. After all, it's not even December yet.

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