Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not noteworthy

I'm wearing my new winter coat. It's vintage. Red and black.

I love it. Funny how since I bought it at a vintage store it sounds better than if I said, I bought this used at the Salvation Army. Essentially, it's the same exact thing.

Here nor there. I love it and I spent what I'd planned too. I just donated my old winter coats. I've been trying to streamline the closets lately.

The book I'm still reading: To the Nines, by Janet Evanvovich. Very fun and entertaining. After that, I'm going to tackle the book my friend Nevada wrote. And I'm still reading my Aunt Erin's book too, which I love. I like hearing stories about my Grandma Hope.

Today might be a good day to clear off my desk. I've got it piled with stuff, and I think I must've been Fred Sanford in some former life.

I have managed to carry just one bag into the office in the morning. This is big progress.

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