Thursday, November 01, 2007

Take it off the Menu

I've decided to compile a list of foods that I no longer eat or even like since I've started on my healthful journey to Healthavana! Yes, I just made up a place.

1. The White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks: This used to be like liquid crack to me. I could drink one a day, and still want more. And since it had been a while, I decided to treat myself to one last week. I got a small, aka tall and I couldn't drink it. I had a few sips, and then I just threw it away. It was way too sweet and I didn't like it. It made me miss my tall, nonfat latte with nutmeg.

2. Coffee Cream in fun flavors: I love coffee and will continue the full on love affair with the magical beverage, but I used to pour all this chemical enhanced flavored shit in it, every day. Butter Pecan, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Turtle swirled chocolate, you name it, and I put in my coffee. One day, I just decided NO MORE. I'm off of it now, and I feel better.

3. Sugared Cereals: Hmm, I'm sensing a pattern with sugar. :) Anyway, my parents weren't the type to encourage eating Sugar Pops, or Capn Crunch, or Smore, or Honeycomb cereal, so naturally as an adult, I bought it all the time. And it sets off the switch.
Once you have a bowl, you want more. So, I gave this up too. Because rarely do I go, man, gimme some more grapenuts. But that's what I really like now. With fresh blueberries.

4. TacoBell: I think a small amount of fast food occasionally is ok, but a few months ago, I tried to eat some Taco Bell and I had to throw it away. It was so gross that it certainly wasn't worth the calories. The thing is, once I've been away from these foods, and try to eat them, I realize I'm not really missing anything at all. So, if I crave some Mexican I go out for Mexican or make it at home, where at least I know about all the ingredients that went into it.

5. And I'll throw this in just because. I don't really like baby carrots anymore. I don't mind them with some hummus or as part of a veggie tray, but just because I'm eating healthier doesn't mean I want to eat baby carrots till my skin turns orange.

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Barrie said...

You're sounding like me. Minus the baby carrots. And I have to admit I've had this 2 week addiction to some flavored decaf drink that I'm currently weening myself from because I notice how I'm immediately thirsty for water afterwards and that's a surefire sign that I'm drinking way too much sugar in the morning.

Also, not to rain on your Grapenuts parade but make sure to check the sugar on all cereals. Lots seem healthy with their fancy words like WITH FRUIT or YOGURT. But words like that almost always mean COATED WITH SUGAR. It's definitely not like Coco Puffs, but it may not be far off.

Same goes for granola and granola bars. Unless they're made with natural sugar, like honey they probably have just as much sugar than that Hershey's bar.

Sorry :-)