Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Today there is no chimp

This is my inaurgral blob. So, I guess I should say something profound. The thing is, I don't have anything profound to say at the moment. I was off yesterday,and I was most relived when I came in to work this morning, that there was no chimp at my desk doing my job. I work as a copywriter, but I think sometimes if I was gone for a week at a time, nobody would notice.

I'm fairly under the radar, which is a good thing most days. I would hate to be one of those high profile people that everyone always asks questions of. It sounds like fun, until every problem is either your fault or your responsibility to fix. I worked as a property manager and the residents always wanted me to solve their problems. Even if it was something related to weather. Make it stop snowing. Make the wind storm stop. Like if I could control the universe, I'd be spending my time listening to people complain about the parking spaces. People would actually call, and say they had to park far away from their apartment. I would tell them,it's first come first serve. And besides, I'd ask: can you see your apartment from your space?
The resident would say yes. Then I said, well than you're not that far away, are you?

Guess that's it for now.