Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time to Write

So very true. I've talked about it for so very long, but now I'm actually excited about starting this process, and getting it down on paper. I know I have the talent, I just need to forgive all the shitty first drafts that are about to come with it.

Writing has always helped soothe my soul, and to that end I think the first step should be a rough outline of what stories I want to include in the book.

I love traveling to new places. I return with new inspiration and drive to push forward.

Onto writing and the gym I go. Those are a few more pieces of the puzzle of my life that need to get fit into the whole deal.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Barbara and the Wonderboy

I'm still reeling from my weekend adventures. Feeling like I've got an emotional hangover today.

It was all good things but just a lot of big emotional things this past weekend. First off, I made my first ever trip to Texas to visit Barb, a dear friend of Nevada's. So that was awesome to spend time with somebody who also knew and loved her. It made me feel less like a weirdo, seeing somebody else's house also decked out in Nevada photos and artifacts.

As Barb said, "We went through a battle together. We totally have that solider bond."

Yes we do. And emotionally, we're both in much better states of mind. But this time of year is hard. It's Nevada's anniversary so it feels heavy even before I do anything.

But I loved seeing where Barb lived and seeing her ranch with all the crazy animals. And I can finally check Lukenbach off my list. I've been there! Small as hell but very cool.

Then, the main event. Nik's wedding. Nik and I met when we were going to school in Atlanta at Portfolio Center. Nik was one of the youngest people in our program and I was one of the oldest. There's an eight year age gap between us. I've always felt close to Nik. In part, I think because he reminds me of my older brother Shane.

And he's just that guy that's always there for his friends. Did we talk every day on the phone or even email daily?  No, we didn't. But we've maintained a friendship over a nine year span. We haven't lived in the same place since 2003. And yet, in 2012, we're still connected enough that when he invited me to his wedding in Austin, there was only one possible answer.

I celebrated with Nik when he turned 21. And when my dad died, he called and left me a voice mail telling me he loved me. He proceeded to instruct me to go listen to Johnny Cash's Sunday Morning Coming Down.

He's not much of a talker on the phone... but in October of 2009 and after, whenever I called, he'd answer or call me back shortly. Then my dad died and he continued to be there. I once remarked, "It's weird how you keep answering the phone."

Nik told me, "I don' want it to be the one day you decide, you're just going to end it all and I didn't pick up."

He's also one of the most talented and gifted writers I've ever met. Back in school, I deemed him "Wonderboy." Partly inspired by the movie, Wonderboys about a writing teacher and his protege.

It was awesome to see Wonderboy so happy and to witness him getting married.

Looking forward to seeing where our many more years of friendship will take us.

Turns out, He can console

"Kelly, I was sorry to hear about the loss of your friend today as we talked on the phone. It even made me cry as I was talking to you. I have experienced those type of losses but that doesn't make your any less hurtful. By expierence I can tell you that as cliche as it is "time heals all wounds" it actually doesn't heal them but they will become less jagged. Trust me."

 Love, Dad