Friday, June 14, 2013


Failing at this blogging thing daily. Next week will be better.

Sometimes I have trouble focusing and lose track of what's happening.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In April of this year, myself and some fellow creatives I know, brainstormed and came up a creative challenge for ourselves called, JFDI Challenge, which stands for Just Fucking Do It.

I was a writer who while writes daily for her job, wasn't doing any in my personal life. And within 80% of copywriters there lurks a "real writer" wanting to get out and put their true passion to paper.

And so, I accepted the challenge and for 30 Days straight I submitted a new story or an edited redo of a previous story. Sometimes we just can't gain the perspective we need to do our art, till we step back.

As I suspected, when I started, my work was rusty and sentences weren't artsy or flowing. Sometimes they just sat upon the page like lead weights. But as the month progressed, I saw good raw materials, themes, and ideas worth exploring. And wasn't that the point?

Since the challenge has ended, the creative part of me that I really need to work on fostering every day lay dormant. Until today.

My new challenge is to blog again. Every day. I used to start every work day like this and while math isn't my forte, at the end of one year, 365 days of expression, story ideas, or just a two sentence blog will be awaiting me.

As the challenge name says: Just Fucking Do It.

Here we go.