Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show Down

Faced the scale this morning. I won.

A small loss, but in my opinion no loss is small. So, I guess I worked out enough this week to combat all that beer and pasta salad at the family reunion.

Seems to be all about finding the correct balance between beer, plus ocassional treat, plus Mexican food, stir in several workouts and viola: Scale success.

I can tell I must be hungry. I'm thinking about my lunch and how I can't wait to eat it. There are a few little things to look forward to, when one works in an office.

Sadly, sometimes lunch is a highlight.

Ready, set, Grab that plastic fork.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peek A Boo

Did you go to the type of school that made a mockery of the Senior Class? You know what I'm talking about. Complete with mock elections where you could win such honors as, Class Flirt, Best Hair, Most Likely to Rule the Free World.

And what did I win? Shyest. Gee, what an honor. Thanks for pointing out my self conscious nature so I may be mocked openly by all the people who ignored me all day long anyway.

I wasn't informed that I'd won such an award, till my best friend called from the photo shoot to tell me, "You got Voted Shyest. I'm coming to pick you up."

The kids in my class thought I was too shy to show up to have my picture taken.

It would've been funny to have me in the yearbook as a blank space.

Shyest indeed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Willed It

By sheer force of will I made it to the gym this morning. I so wanted to keep sleeping. It was one of those perfect sleeping mornings, but alas , all good things must come to an end.

I'm happy I made it. I kept talking myself out of it, but the part of me that knows better got dressed and went.

Enough of patting myself on the back. But the thing is, sadly I don't have much other news. I spent the weekend organizing my office area at home and realize that'll I need to purchase a file cabinet soon.

Must have someplace to shove all those papers that seem important, yet I never look at. I never once pulled out my car insurance book just to read up on the policy. But I also know the second I throw it away, I'll need it.

So it goes. I'm boring even myself with this post.

Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accentuate the Positive

By our very nature, Irish people are not overly cheerful or able to find the "positive" in an otherwise not so positive situation. Instead we are more likely to make a joke about whatever is shitty.

And today, I found myself needing some positive reinforcement regarding this whole roller coaster of diet and exercising.

In that spirit, I'm going to make a list of things that have changed for the better, since my journey began. And it's not because I want to vomit sunshine on any one, but more because I just don't want to turn to making myself vomit.

1. I have more energy since joining and going to the gym. Sure, I'm tired when I get there but when I leave, I've never once said, Boy, I wish I would have stayed home and ate donuts." I might have wanted to, but the point is, I didn't.

2. I'm no longer addicted to that chemical sugared coffee cream that I had every day in 3 different flavors as a staple in my refrigerator.

3. My chin is as single as me.

4. I stopped eating 100 calorie packs of everything. I learned that for me personally, it's just not a good idea. If I really want a treat, I'm better off eating a small part of the full-fat version. In the end it tastes better and I eat less of it because my craving for it is being satisfied.

5. My pants are either getting loose or too big all together. I've dropped one size so far.

6. I've lost 12 pounds so far. It's taking me a really long time, but I haven't given up. I press on. And I will keep going till I'm where I want to be.

7. I'm starting to see the light blinking from really far away at the end of the tunnel.

8. My dad is really sick but I haven't turned to carrot cake on a regular basis.

9. Sugared cereals is something I really loved and still do, but I don't let myself by it anymore either. It's too addicting for me.

10. Lifting Weights: Part of my routine has included weights and I can tell that I'm becoming physically stronger. I was able to pull myself out of deep water onto a jet ski using my upper body strength a month or so ago.

This list may not resonate with anyone but me, but at least I'll have a record now of what I'm doing right, instead of beating myself up for things I'm doing wrong.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And this just In

Random assortment of things on my mind.

1. When did a merge lane stop becoming merger friendly? Seems to be every time I go to merge lately and I do it nicely with my signal and the right amount of acceleration, the people who are supposed to get out of the way by either speeding up or slowing down enough to give me free way access, have decided to stay put. MOVE

2. This hugely popular series of books about a female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum who is much more comical than caustic seems to have set my fire for reading again. They're light and fun and easy to read. I can't however fathom reading all 13 in succession.

3. Reading again is saving me the trouble of looking for tv to watch. How many more reality tv shows can we have? Good Lord. I'm thinking they should make one called, " So you think this is a show?", with a constant parade of crazy people peeing on each other. STOP.

4. My younger brother is in town, and seems to really be enjoying us in a way I haven't seen before now. It's a nice change. We're all having dinner together tomorrow.

5.Today is a hungry day. The kind where you feel like you're constantly hungry but at least I'm choosing healthy snacks. Have had a yogurt, cherry tomatoes, a plum, a granola bar. I did forgo the free hot dog giveaway in the parking lot, so anything else is gravy so to speak.

Till next time.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Super Stupid

Matt Damon is my super spy super hero.

Ok, so maybe that's a little much. But I did really enjoy the Bourne Ultimatum. I just hope they don't muck it up with anymore movies, because the story is has been told and completed.

Yes, there were still some unanswered questions, but that's the point really. It's one movie franchise that refuses to dumb down its content. That's my biggest complaint about a lot of movies and my job for that matter.

As to not offend and to make everything so idiot proof that there isn't any conclusion for you to draw on your own, well its making America even more stupid.

Does it really matter that every movie, tv commercial and book won't appeal to a mass audience? Isn't that the point? Create something that a certain segment will really love, and if others find it, great.

But the second we dumb everything down, we've lost the fight. It's the same culture that is now suggesting that every kid should get a trophy on the sports teams. The we are all winners mentality.

Actually, we're not. And you know what? That's good. If you find out like I did at a young age, sports wasn't really my forte, it made me focus my energy on other things like writing.

Maybe I was picked last for kick ball but I won a ribbon for a story in the first grade at the school fair. Am I scarred for life?

No. Because I know where my strengths lie and I'm using those to my advantage.

In my opinion, we just need to stop coddling to the lowest common denominator. We're not doing ourselves any favors.

And there's a reason why there is life outside a Super Walmart....

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wee Weekend

On the agenda this weekend?

First off, is get through this long drawn out day at work. Tonight, I'm going to hang out with my brothers. BJ is in from Florida and it's rare that I get to see both my brothers at the same time and in the same place.

Tomorrow, don't know. All I know is I'm getting up and going to the gym, then I'm sure I'll end up doing some sort of errands/chores etc. Then Rachel and I are gonna hang out in the evening. We're thinking some type of movie. I'm hoping to catch Matt Damon in Bourne Ultimatim or maybe something at the Main Art theater.

Sunday, my mom will be in town and I think we're doing some family stuff that is yet TBD.

Bills have been paid, grocries have been purchased, house is in semi-order minus the stifiling heat.

Enjoy your weekend.