Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

I'm back. Back to work.

Spent the weekend up north. First it was to see Kathleen in Roscommon. We had a good visit and it was really nice to break up my drive into 2 easy parts. There's something about family. A shorthand where you don't have to fill in all the blanks, but they help you deal with cracks in the family shell.

Then it was onto Lake Leelanau to see my mom. We went to an Estate sale, had lunch at the Cheese Shanty (awesome sandwiches)pretty much trolled around town and hung out. When we got home we had a great steak dinner.

The next day was more of the same and then my brother, his girlfriend and his friend Jeff came up to surprise us. That was cool. We all hung out, went to TC and did not a whole lot of anything but it was fun just the same.

Yesterday we went on a nature walk, breakfast at the bakery and sun-bathing on the deck.

And of course since it was the nicest day of the weekend, it was naturally the day that I had to drive home. I packed up and headed home mid afternoon. Expecting horrible traffic, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself zipping right along.

Even managed to stop at the outlet mall where I got a new pair of tennis shoes and some workout clothes.

A good weekend, a nice kick off to summer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cowboy Redford

Breakfast of champions:

Half a soft pretzel. Wasn't feeling the wheaties.

Oh well, some days are like that. I've got a healthy lunch with lots of veggies and fruits to counteract the pretzel bite.

Watched The Electric Horseman last night. It's about a rodeo star who's not as popular anymore, so he ends up running off with the prize winning horse when he finds he's being mistreated.

Starring you guessed it, Robert Redford. I'm sucker for him, for his acting, for his subtle and always interesting roles.

It also had Jane Fonda in it as a reporter who chases him on the run.

Willie Nelson is in it and sings, "Don't Let your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys."

All in all a good movie.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's Your Sign

This morning after I woke up and dragged myself to the gym, I was driving to Walgreens to pick up a few items. Across the street in yet another strip mall was an optical shop. The name of said shop? Eye Iota.

I wouldn't ever set foot in such a stupid sounding business. Just couldn't do it. There was a salad bar place in Atlanta when I was living there, called Lettuce Surprise You.

First off that's just a terrible pun, and secondly I don't think the word surprise should ever be included in a salad bar.

My point is, I guess I'm picky.

I notice signage, I read table cards at restaurants, I will notice a well-crafted headline on a napkin. This is part of the job. Life of a copywriter is one where you'll never casually look through an ad in a magazine.

If it's well done, I stop and read. And if it's horrible I often imagine how things must've went south after the client meeting. Or the creatives tasked with the job had there hands tied the whole time, and thus ended up with something like this:

A diversity ad for a job fair. The visual? A big rubber band ball with you guessed it, multi-colored rubber bands. The headline: Diversity: It's what bands us together.

True story. I didn't write that line. I was forced to put it in the ad by a controlling client, whom I have no idea what happened to them.

Perhaps they took a job at Hallmark. Or maybe they're out shopping at Talking Book World (another good title ).

Friday, May 18, 2007

One More

I'm numb today. Numb to bad news, impending sadness. My dad called me last night as I was laying in bed reading, to check in. To tell me how his latest doctor's appointment had gone.

It seems the doctors now suspect that he may have cancer in his spine. His spine. We don't know what they're going to say, what the doctors if anything can come up with.

All I know is that cancer is a roller coaster of the worst kind. It's brought me to my knees in both devastation and prayer. For every good report there seem to be 4 bad ones waiting around the corner.

And what could I do when he told me such news in the way that only my dad could. Blunt and to the point. He's always been a man that doesn't mince words. I admire and find that fearful at the same time.

He told me that he was glad it was him that was going through this and not me. He said, I'd had to fight too hard to live when I was born so prematurely.

I should've died then. And he can't die now. I feel like cancer is a floating balloon above my head, but I can't let go of the string.

When I was little, I used to call him Daddy Quinlan and he let me stand on his feet while we danced. Now I call him dad, but I don't want the song to be over yet.

We've only just begun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Which Doctor

Thursday Morning. Me. The skin doctor. The cancer. A show-down.

It'll be nice to see what they say about the whole thing. Patch me up and send me on my way.

Last night, I got to hang out with my friend Rachel and her two kids. We had dinner, hung out and made Jimi Hendrix out of clay. And oh yes, he was purple.

Not much news. Shane is coming over Saturday for another gym tutorial. I need a new weight routine. I've started making progress with my whole spring clutter clean out.

Many closets and surfaces to go, but one pile at a time.

Maybe tonight, I'll get somewhere since the weather isn't good.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Write, Write

It would be completely unoriginal for me to point out that it is Friday and this has me feeling pretty happy.

So instead I'll say, I had a nice conversation with Shane this morning, the sun is out, I can sleep in tomorrow, and it looks like the best season in Michigan is here.

Other than that, this weekend, I'd like to get a visit with my dad, go find a dress for Tonya's wedding, and start trying (again) to clean out some spring clutter. From closets, to bookcases, to desk-tops. I need to carve out some time with my laptop to get some words down for next week's writing group meeting.

I haven't written in so long and writing used to be my salavation and now I've lost it or its lost me.

And with that, I'm off like a prom dress.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Just In

Random things about me:

1. I wear a watch almost every day. My brother bought it for me, and it's a silver man type watch, but I never have the time set correctly.

2. I just got diagnosed with Skin Cancer. I'm awaiting my visit to the dermatologist. I was freaked out, but am doing a little better now. I did find out that it is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so please go get checked. I had no idea that I had anything wrong with me. Luckily a friend was looking out for me and noticed something wasn't right. Take advantage of the free skin screenings this month. Please. Hopping off my soap-box now.

3. Got some really nice sunblock from Clinque and the woman at the counter was really kind to me, and helped me find some good sunblock. I love the Clinque counter, so I figured anything that can make this situation a little brighter was well worth it. I've got some for my face that is a nice base to be worn under make-up.

4. In the last week while I was home sick, I've watched the following: Countless episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 season 2, Little Children, Entourage, Rocky III, and Sex and the City.

5. I've started reading books again. Read One for the Money, and Two for the Dough a series of books about a female bounty hunter by Janet Evanovich. Light, fun, and a perfect distraction.

6. Last night I bought 2 yes 2 songs by the GO Go's, and one from Henry Mancini on itunes.

7. My left foot is asleep and is buzzing right now.

8. My dad went into the hospital and is out again. Sick with his own cancer but is doing ok at the moment.

9. Shane forgot about me and saw Spiderman 3 without me. I am hoping to catch it soon.

10.Every time I listen to Cat Stevens, it makes me want to quit my job, buy a long skirt twirl in a field and teach kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sick of sick

I've been out of commission since the middle of last week. Some spring cold/flu ick thing, that's kept me imobile at home for the past 4 or 5 days.

Today was the day, I had to come back to the work force. Not so much had too but decided I couldn't stay at home anymore. I still don't feel quite right. I'm still more tired than I should be, and there's still a haze over my day and I can't wait to go take a nap, and I'm hoping the cough that takes over me stops disturbing all the neighbors.

Baby steps I suppose. Ah well. A work in progress I am. Besides there has been no work I've missed, and if I'm typing it looks like I'm really working on something.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get back to the gym. And get this show on the road.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I can hear the theme music now. The second season of Beverly Hills 90210 comes out today and I'm not to proud to admit that I will be buying the second season at some point in the near future.

BH90210 got me through high school. I have a sentimental soft spot for the cheesy shows, the height of romance between Brenda and Dylan, the love triangle of Kelly, Dylan and Brenda, the crazy Emily Valentine. I've heard that season 2 even has the summer episodes, the fun ones where Brandon started working at the Beach Club and all of it.

Judge if you will, but sometimes there isn't a greater escape than a good episode of bad tv.

In other news, I've stocked up all kinds of healthy foods for lunch to help accelerate my healthy eating and working out quest.

I hear the weather gods are gonna shine for the rest of the week, so that will hopefully keep my mood on the upside of sunny.