Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wish It was Mine

Cupid Shooting Spree Leaves Dozens Infatuated - 4 hours ago

I thought this was really funny. To bad I didn't think of it. But that's why I don't work at the Onion. I just say strange things that people say is strange. But if I worked there, I be getting paid for such strangness.

Oh well. It brings up a question. What makes people fall in love? Do they like each other's scent like dogs who sniff in the park? I'm not being jerky, I'm really curious what is it that makes one person fall madly in love with another person? Is it because they have a shared love of mini golf and plaid pants? I'd say if that was a passion of yours you should certainly pay attention if you find somebody else who is willing to don the plaid. Go for it, my fashionably challenged friend.

Or is it their shared desire for the boyfriend not wearing his pants. This makes some activties easy to transistion into, but it might be a damper if you try and go to the movies and spill hot buttered popcorn on your privates. Not quite sure what privates has to do with buttered corn, but I'd sure get my own bucket of corn. You just don't know where his hand has been, if he's been naked all day. And think about sticking to those movie seats. I'm sure you're not the first person to sit there. Naked.
And with that, Enjoy the Show.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hump Day

That's what Wednesday is called. I guess. I have never uttered the phrase Thank God it's Hump Day with any serious meaning, and I don't think that anyone should for that matter. Unless you want to be laughed and scorned at.

Back at work. Back to the headlines that I'm struggling with, but I feel like today is going to be a break-through. I feel it. Mostly because they are due tommorow.

Just can't get too stressed about them or nothing will happen. And every time I think that, it reminds me of my Creative Writing class at Portfolio Center where Sam made us read the Tao of Pooh. Who wants to make a wager that those people were on drugs that based Taoism on Winnie The Pooh? What's next? Oscar the Grouch and the Deepak Chopra?

Maybe it's too early for me to be witty. Either way, I'm going to do some headlines.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Everything sucks

How can I title something, when I don't even have anything noteworthy to say? Which begs the question why am I even blogging? Because I can't think of any good headlines, and I'm sick of checking my Yahoo account to see if I have mail from any new potential roommates.

My current roommate is leaving, and she's really put me in a bind, which ultimately will be good that she is leaving, because she really pisses me off. So far, my roommate fore-runner is some guy who makes fake limbs. I'm thinking that is a little creepy. So, I'm still on the hunt. It shouldn't be that difficult, but it is not a dorm, and the older you get, the harder it becomes to find random strangers to live with you. It's not the Real World. I don't have a huge fish tank, or a pool table. But what I do have is a washer and a dryer, and a dishwasher.

That's just as good, right? Apparently it's not.
C'mon. I'm a nice person. Cheap rent. As for the current roommate, well she's just dumb as a door knob. Oh, the other person who wants to live with me is 58. Isn't that a little odd?

And it feels like late fall, and it's not. Dammit. No pretty fall leaves.