Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Party

This afternoon our office shall embark on a tradition as old as time. The Holiday Office party. We're having our bash (if finger food and drinks count as a bash) at The Royal Oak Music Theater.

Should be fun. Party punch and hanging out.

If nothing else, it a sign of the upcoming holiday break.

And there's no better reason to celebrate than that.

I promise not to drink too much Nog.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What Floor?

One of the perks and or downfalls, of working in an office is the elevator. Before I get started, yes I should take the stairs and often do when I'm coming back from lunch. But on my way into work I always have too much stuff, plus a cup of coffee and since I'm naturally clumsy well, I take the elevator.

Today's ride was better than most. I was far away from the door and the elevator was ready to close, but some nice guy shoved his hand out to hold it open a minute longer to let me get on.

Secondly, the button for my floor was pushed already. And finally when me and polite guy got off on our floor, he again held both doors for me to get inside our floor.

Success indeed. But I'm talking about those other rides. The ones where there is already a person on the elevator when I get on, and they're standing right next to the button panel, but don't bother asking what floor? They just stare and assume you're just hanging out. Last week, this woman got on and she didn't ask any floor for me, and then pushed her own button for the second floor.

One floor. I knew she was a jerk just from that moment. Maybe it's just women in elevators. Maybe this an area where men are winning the gender race hands down.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Red, Blue and OH NO!

It never fails to get my heart racing. The flash of blue and red lights behind you. And today it caught me totally off guard. You see I've been pretty responsible almost boring all weekend:

Going to the gym, cleaning my house, organzing files, with occassional breaks for a quick show on DVD, and today I'd only left to go get a newspaper, and was pulled over on my way home. So close to my house, I really could've walked.

When it was all said and done, the cop did me a favor. And gave me a ticket for an unsigned registration. But he was still a jerk the whole time, acting as if a speeding ticket should be treated with the same disregard, as if I'd killed somebody and stuffed their head in my trunk.

Ligten up, would you buddy? Anyway, the ticket is sitting on my fridge, and I plan to take care of it before work tomorrow morning. Out of sight, and out of mind.

Is it me or do you have the urge to rush home and pour a drink after talking to the police?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where is the Customer in Customer Service

Last night after work I had some running around to do. The plan was to go to the Sprint store and find out why my phone wasn't charging,do some Christmas shopping and stop at the grocery store for a few things.

My first stop is the Sprint Store where they take my name, post it on a big screen so I know I'll be up soon.

I wait about 15 minutes to be called up for service. When my turn comes, me and the Sprint guy have a quick exchange about the phone not charging.

I give him my old charger. He asks if I have insurance on the phone, and I did. He says he'll take it the back and get back to me in 20 minutes.
After 5, he comes out & tells me the charger is the problem, gives me a brand new one free of charge(thanks insurance), and sends me on my way.

Considering Sprint is run by a big corporate plethora of paperwork, I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Shortly after on my way to Christmas shop, I pass a small grocery store and decide to pick up a few things for my lunch. I get to the back where the deli counter is and have the following exchange with the mistress of the deli meat.

Me: Do you have Boarshead lunch meat?

Her: We haven't carried that brand for over a year. What do you want?

Me: Sorry, I've never been in here before. Let me look.

Her: What would I know I only work here.

She actually seemed offended that I didn't know the deli counter stopped carrying Boarshead lunch meat. Excuse me.

I try to be polite whenever I'm at a store. I say hello to the cashier. I don't take out my daily frustrations on them. But it seems the nicer I get, the ruder they are.

Maybe, it's time for a change. Maybe next time, we'll have this exchange.

Me: Hey Bitch. Give me some turkey.
Her: Why sure. Would you like anything else?

I wish.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tis the Season to Forget Others

I find it ironic that we as Americans take this time of year to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back about how thoughtful, kind and giving we are. We shove ourselves like sardines into stores, to throw money at stuff to prove how much we care.

That just doesn't seem right. I don't think you can be a jerk all year, cheat on your taxes, be rude to everyone and then wrap up a new sweater, throw a bow on top and erase your shitty past behavior.

People need to remember what being thoughtful is all about.

First off, it's not about you. Get it? It's about calling a friend you know had a bad day, or taking time to go visit somebody who could use some cheering up. Sure, you might be tired, but sometimes the best thing you can do is show up for somebody else.

It's not like you have to have the magic response to their problems. You can't. But you show up anyway, offer a shoulder, an ear, and maybe a cocktail.

So next time your cart comes barreling down on me at the store, just know that if you'd said excuse me, I'd have gladly moved out of your way.

It's considerate to do so.

If you don't have a problem with being thoughtful than I'm clearly not talking to you so take no offense.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eve Squared

On this eve before the Thanksgiving Eve, I am just getting home to prepare for tomorrow's road trip to Lake Leelanau to see my mom, and a bunch of relatives.

1. Did most of the laundry
2. Hunted down Pecan Pie for my mom. (two stores)
3. Procurred cheese ball and crackers for Aunt's Thanksgiving festivities.
4. Still need to pack bags and the car.

I'd like to take this time to thank all my friends for your ongoing support, understanding, humor and fun. Each of you brings something different to my life, whether is a rational friend to assure me, the imaginary killer won't hurt me, to kind words about my dad, to the friend or two that are always pushing and motivating you to be the best.

On the Eve of Thanks, I'd like to say I couldn't do it without you. I'm very lucky to have so many great friends near and far.

Happy Thanksgiving.

May it be bountiful.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Blind Leads

This morning when I woke up fuzzy and blind, I could've sworn that I saw Lee Harvey Oswald standing on my neighbor's roof.

I've been blessed in many ways in my life, good job, nice friends, fun and loving family, but I got the shaft when it comes to eye sight. I can't see anything. My contacts go all the way up to a -7.5.

And when my alarm went off this morning, telling me to go to the gym (I've got quite a streak going), I looked over and there was Harvey. I wasn't sure why he was there, but can only assume he'd traded his hate of the President, into a new cause:

Guarding the street so that nobody would park in front of my crazy neighbor's house. Who knows? It's possible that crazy people have a soroity of sorts, and watch guard over each other's causes.

After I'd gone to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and came back to my room, I put my glasses on. Turns out Lee Harvey Oswald is a chimmney.

Go figure.

Still blowing smoke.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ring Around the Rosie

I wear my grandma's wedding band everyday. Most days I wear it with one of two rings that my mom bought me. One is a ring she gave me for my 16th birthday. It's silver and antique looking with a purple stone.

Almost 20 years later, I love it as much as I did when I first got it. Maybe more. As the years go on, I realize how far I've come from the days when I spent hours fighting to wear make up and rushing to wash it off before my mom got home from work.

The other ring that I wear most often is again a silver banded ring with a brown stone, topaz maybe? I know the stones, but I know my mom's heart when she gave them to me.

Which brings us back to my grandma's wedding band. She passed away in 1994, just after Christmas,and she wore this wedding band for 49 years. It was truly one of those marriages that lasted till death do us part. The next Christmas, I was home helping decorate the tree as was tradition, and my mom gave me grandma's wedding band.

My mom has her engagement ring, and her wedding band is my treasure to behold.

It makes me feel good every morning when I put these rings on. Like the bond is forever between my grandma, my mom, and me. And the funny part?

My grandma had tiny fingers too. Her ring fit without any sizing.

And should I ever marry, I've got my perfect something old to walk down the aisle.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stick This

Bumper stickers are a personal choice that all vehicle owners have to make for themselves. I don't personally care for them and it's not because I'm worried they will wreck the look of my Saturn.

I don't like them for reasons like this: I was driving behind somebody today with 2 stickers on their car. The first one was something about freedom or war is bad, something like that. And then the second sticker, was one of those I heart Ferndale in this case.

Interesting that this person will defend the country on the back of the car, and then on the same bumper, they've put a sticker I love my hometown. And these were given equal placement on her car.

Who know you love it. You live there, I just don't understand why you feel the need to scream that on your bumper.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Night Moves

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night convinced somebody was trying to break into your house?

But then you realized it was the downstairs neighbors coming home, but you were awake then. So you got up to use the bathroom, and were then afraid to flush, because you thought the imaginery killer would hear you?

Me neither.

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Phone Call or Ten

I don't know where to start. If I started at the begining, I'd be here all day.

So let me say this: About a month ago, my dad and I were going to hang out for what I assumed would be a nice father daughter afternoon. You see, I work in advertising and as a small glimpse of excitment, a commericial that I'd worked on for Mercury was running in the Landmark theater chain across the country.

There are two locations in Michigan. One near my dad's house and one near mine. I drove to the one near my dad's house as it would be more convienant for him. And I was trying to be accomdating.

When I get to his house, and he is drunk. It's 2:00ish in the afternoon, and my dad has been recovering from lung cancer. And he is also chain smoking. I, of course got very upset, but we try and go to the movie anyway. He does watch my trailer, but then falls asleep during the movie. When the movie is over, he wants to take me for a hamburger. So we go to a bar. (his choice)

After I eat my bar burger we hang out for a while, and then we finally leave. Insert cheesy after school special dialogue here, where I try to tell him how his behavior is hurtful to himself and to me. Blah, blah blah.

On the way home, I cry and cry. And decide that I need a break for a little while. So, I don't call my dad. Don't check on him. None of my usual behavior.

I decide to choose myself this time. To try and make my own life as healthy as I can, and don't get all wrapped up in his drama. And I was doing fine. Realize that had my dad called me at all during this time, I would've picked up the phone and at least said hi. But my phone never rang.

Till Saturday night. At 11:30 pm. I was asleep, and my phone was off. My dad leaves a message asking if I've been murdered or kidnapped, he knows I live alone and is worried all of a sudden. ( He also sounded drunk)

The next day Sunday, I was busy and didn't get back to him. I had gone to writer's group, and then to have dinner with my cousins.

I wake up this morning, to 4 voicemails. My dad has escalted his calling. Phoning me twice, my mom, and my brother Shane.

WTF!! Just because I don't call a person back within 12 hours, who hasn't spoken to me in over a month, he assumes I've died. I finally get a hold of him this morning, on my way to work, and he says it just occured to him that he hasn't spoken to me in over a month.

"Yes, I know I say."

Then my dad says, "Well, I'm your dad. You should make more of an effort."

"I said so, I'm your daughter. You should make an effort too."

And that was basically it. A few more things were said, and the master of maniupation hung up.

In the future, should I be murdered, you will find out soon enough. News will spread.

And if I was dead, I can't call anyway.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blockhead Writer

Just got home from writer's group where I once again faliled to submit a story. Yet, I stay in the group knowing full well that my lack of writing will only get worse if I leave.

I'd last left my group with a half formed portrait of Bj. Perhaps I will work on this story for my next submission. The brick wall that I continue to bang my head against is the fact that obviously stories need a point, and a reason to be told.

And that's what I'm missing. My reasons for writing them. I usually write to help myself deal with something I may be upset about, and I have been frustrated with BJ and his confusion about his life. Maybe that's where my story needs to go.

All I know is that I better getting writing it, before my free software expires. :)

Till tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cleveage Cam

Being a women, I realized that men were drawn to cleavage and breasts in general.

I just never knew why. Until today. I'm wearing a shirt that is modestly low cut and a I have a sweater on over it, so I don't like I'm bar hopping in the office.

But I can see down my own shirt, and I have to tell you that is very distracting.

I'm not a lesbian, and I don't normally pay any attention of that area, unless I'm just making sure my girls are well covered.

Yet today, I've got the clearest view down my own top, and I can't help but look. It's like a solar eclipse. I can't look away.

I finally understand the breast draw a little bit. It has been a nice mental break, but I'm bored with my breasts, (guess I'm not a man) and now it's back to headlines.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Manic no More

Here I am. It's Monday.

I don't have much to say. Other than I'm glad it's Monday night and not Monday morning. I did make it to the gym this morning, so I guess that is a good thing.

Waiting for my new favorite show, Studio 60. It's actually the only show of the new season that I'm actually been watching.

Too much to pay attention to with the new shows. Lately, it seems I have a minimal attention span. It used to be better. To correct this problem, I've decided to start reading more books, as opposed to the thousands of magazines that I pile up around me where ever I can.

Don't get me wrong. My life of the magazine is going no place, but I'm going to make a concentrated effort to stop cheating on my books with my magazines. What can you do?

I love the written word. I'm a junkie andI can never get my full fix.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I feel blah and oh so blue.

And why?

Well, I'm not talking about on this public space. This is mostly an exercise so I remember how to type. Sometimes even if I'm not really working, I can fake it as long as my hands are moving across the keyboard. And that's all you can do sometimes.

I can't wait for the weekend. Sleep and clean. That's my plan.

Discover the Discovery

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back to School

No, not Rodney Dangerfield. Me, and some other friends that all went to Ferris State University in Big Rapids. This past weekend, we gathered to celebrate homecoming weekend with some Lemon drop shots at our old hangout, Shooters.

It's weird how little had changed, but it felt totally foreign. Probably because now I could afford a drink and a tip, and I could drink any beer I felt like, instead of the special of the day, served luke warm in an oversized pitcher.

I had fun, and I even visited the men's room. (Much shorter line) In fact the only line was the row of men lined up at the urinals.

It's always a bit unsettling to visit your old college town. At least I accomplished what I'd planned to. I'd studied copywriting in the College of Business, which meant I also had to take accounting, finance satistics, and a whole array of managment classes.

But in the end, I love words more than numbers and did become a copywriter. And Ferris wouldn't have been the same without Kari, Karlene, Tonya and Michelle.

Go BullDogs!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Sweet it is to be loved by you

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday to you.

Today as you might have guessed, is my mom's birthday. A milestone for both of us.

You see, I was born way too early and was supposed to die, but it was a trick lie I pulled on the doctor. I'm 33 and going strong.

My mom is awesome. She's one of the happiest, most upbeat people you can meet. And she is always so friendly to everyone she meets. I'm pretty sure she gets that from her parents, as my grand-parents would make friends with the waiter who was waiting on them at Bill Knapps.

She always beleives the very best about everybody and is a great cheerleader and inspiration to all of her kids.

And she's an amazing artist.

Love you Mom.

Happy Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday, which is a milestone for her and obviously for me.

So, let's start with a song.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Another weird day in the world of advertising. But since I'm about to go to sleep, talking about my day isn't a good way to relax.

So instead, I'll talk about my weekend. Finally got my brakes fixed on my car. No more loud noises, ease of stopping, and general safetyness.


Thank you Jeff. He is somebody who has always been there for me, and I truly appreciate him. Jeff goes out of his way to help any one. And the thing about jeff is this: If you're nice to him, he's nice to you.

I love ya Jeff, thanks for always being there. And thanks for explaining the difference between Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluid.

Who knew?

In other news, I went to Octoberfest at the Detroit Zoo. That was entertainment! Shots of Jager, a polka band doing Jimmy Buffett, German beer with a hot chocolate chaser.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Red, White and Blue

This morning on my way to work, I was driving behind a Mercury Sable with a bumper sticker that said, Proud to be an American. To further drive the point home, their license plate also said, Proud to be an American.

Is that really necessary? Although I understand the need to repeat. repeat. repeat.

I work at a place that is all about repetition. The company motto seems to be if it's worth saying, it's worth saying 3 times.

Once more with feeling, I'm proud to be an American. I just don't put the sticker on my car to share that view with the world.

It's America though so decorate your car any way you see fit.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Creativity Zero

Tah duh!

I've had no creative energy today. None, zero, zip, nada. Luckily, nothing's due today and this stuff comes in waves. I'm hoping to catch a whole boat load on my way home tonight, or maybe the creative fairies will battle for space under my pillow,next to a year's worth of old teeth.

If you're paying close attention, don't be alarmed. I don't really leave old teeth under my pillow anymore.

In fact, any type of magical entity standing over my bed in the middle of the night, it would scare the shit out of me. So keep your 50 cents, you floaty bastards.

Ah well. I blame it on Monday and my emotional up-heavel which is the equivilant of puking for a few hours. But as Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tommorow is another Day."

Don't Stop

I still can't prevent forrest fires.

I'm working hard to wear my fireman's hat and protective gear.

I've had a crappy weekend, and I can feel myself sliding toward depression, but I'm trying not to let that happen.

Try to focus on good things, like getting a new start someplace new, saving money, continue going to the gym, I've been eating less choclate, no fast food.

Other things will fall into place. Some things I can control, and other things well, I press on. And stop picking up the phone. And I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to stop beleiving.

I don't beleive in Santa Claus, and I'm starting to lose faith in the modern equivilant.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

GYM Dandy

I did it again. I woke up and went to the gym. It was early, it was hard, and I'm tired. But I also know if I would've kept sleeping, I'd have even less energy now.

The gym is good for me. This I know. So, I press on.

In other news, actually there isn't a lot of other news right now. Amy called me last night from Denver. She is settling in, and things are going well.

As for me, well, I'm not depressed, but I don't feel totally happy now either. I'm working on changing that.

And yeah, that's vague, but I don't care. It makes sense to me. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The State of My Union

Party of One. Lover of many.

I woke up feeling surly today. I don't know why. That just happens sometimes.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Only You Can Prevent Forrest Fires

I remember as a kid, watching the Public Service Annoucements with Smokey the Bear, telling me, that I could prevent forrest fires, but putting out my campsite fire, and not leaving lit cigarettes in a pile of dried brush. Even to my 8 year old ears, it seemed like a reasonable idea.

So, how come the same idea is nearly impossible to grasp as an adult? My dad, as I've mentioned, as lung cancer. And as early as last week, he had an operation to remove a tumor from his throat. His friend brought him home from the hospital, and written right on the directions from the doctor, was a note, "No Smoking or Drinking."

Yesterday, I went to visit my dad, which wasn't a good visit. Turns out, my dad's decided that things are not going well, and therefore, has decided to smoke. When I ask him about it, he says, Well, I'm worried, and I'm going to get bad news."

I'm pretty sure that whatever bad news you're going to get, smoking isn't going to help the situation. I understand cigarettes are addicting. I get that cancer is scary, but what I don't get, is why a person won't do whatever they can, to help themselves get healthy. It's really up to God, how all of this works out, but c'mon.

Quit making it worse. I can't keep coming over to watch my dad self destruct. I can't make him stop, but I don't have to watch him hurt himself.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Waiting Game

My dad has been battling lung cancer since October 1, 2003.

That's the day we all found out. I had gotten a call on September 30th while in Atlanta, when my mom told me that my dad had been admitted to the hospital. I remember the date, cause when I woke up that morning, I'd been thinking about James Dean's death.

Not my father's. But we all adjusted, and freaked out and cried. I called Barrie, Carl, and Nik from the dirty hospital parking lot in Atlanta to report the news. The comforting part isn't what they said. What could they say?

No, the comforting part is that my friends let me say whatever I needed to, and didn't try to tell me it was God's way or any shit like that. Carl mixed me drinks before I left, Barrie listened quietly, and Nik told me a story about a mongrel dog that needed to be shot.

It helped me then. And it helps me now. I just found out that my dad's cancer that had previously left is back. This time in his throat. The good news, if you can beleive it, is that they can operate this time and remove the damn tumor.

That's all I know right now. So, please keep my dad in your thoughts or prayers if you're so inclined.

He needs us. And I need him.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Not Green

I must admit. I'm not a tree hugger. I don't save wales. Or kittens. And the real horror, I do not recycle. Does that mean I'm a horrible selfish person?

I don't think so.

I just didn't get into that facet of society.

I don't litter. I've volunteered at an animal rescue shelter for a summer. I taught people to read who didn't know how. The thing is everybody has a passion about something.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Long Hot Summer

I'm talking about the movie that sparked the love affair between Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. I watched it last night, thanks to my friends at Netflix.

The movie itself was pretty good, but had elements of overly dramatic cheese affect, but I did enjoy the chemistry between Newman and Woodward. And I gotta say that Paul Newman was quite the sex symbol. All tan and he had a six pack, and was full of charm and flirtation for Joanne Woodward's character.

My friends all tease me, because I've had a long standing crush on Paul Newman and Robert Redford. But them back in the heyday. It's not as if I look at Paul now, in his 80's, and want to jump him.

No. But his appeal from way back. But even now, I think he's an amazing actor, and will watch pretty much anything that he is in. He's one of those actors that women want, and men want to be friends with.

My dad is the one that introduced me to Paul. When my parents divorced, we'd rent videos, a couple of Newmans' at a time, and hunker down with our cheesy popcorn.

My favorites are probably Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, and Hud.

I could go on, but I won't.

During this long hot summer, it never hurts to watch a smoldering man.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pizza on the Patio

Last night, I abandoned a plan to stay in my hot little apartment, and instead opted to go visit Becky. We ended up hanging out in Rochester at the Rochester Brewery, and people watched on the patio.

A good time. And much better than staying home alone, wishing I had some friends to hang out with.

I'm hoping to get the chance to hang with some friends that I haven't seen in a while this weekend.

This is the lamest blog in the history of blogs. I will do my best to redeem myself at a later date.

But thanks for hanging out Becky. I always have fun, no matter what we do.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Watch This

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Good movie. Funny and original which is hard to do these days. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. Those two played well off each other, and they're not your typical buddy movie kind of guys.

Check it out if you get the chance. My friends at Netflix should be getting it back tomorrow, and then I think my next movie is All the President's Men. Have never seen it, but it is one of those movies that seems important to see. If nothing else, I'll get to watch Robert Redford act, and honestly, I could do that all day long.

In other news, work has been busy but productive. Got some new girly stuff at Target yesterday. Pretty new night gown, nail polish, work out pants. Sometimes you just need to do that stuff.

It seems especially important after my rude punk kids on Saturday morning. Read Phat Pants if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Tonight, I'll make glop. My grandma Gotshall's recipe. Lots of veggies and stuffing on top. And a glass of wine. Yummy.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Phat Pants

I'll admit it. I haven't been officially thin, since high school. Minus a brief stint in my late 20's where I managed to shed 30 pounds, but still being in my 20's, I couldn't comphrehend, I was no longer fat.

It didn't matter I'd got my pants down to a single digit. Nope. I still thought I was fat.

And now, I've got the wisdom to understand, should I ever lose another 30 pounds, I shall celebrate this fact, and accept the fact that I may never be a size 5 in my lifetime again. Instead, I will do my best to appreciate myself even if I'm a size 8.

That's what size I was after the 30 pound shed.

Right now, I'm not even close to that, but I'm working on getting there. I'm overweight yes, that's true. But I can still fit into normal sizes, and I can ride anything I want to at Cedar Point.

But yesterday, on the street, as I was walking home from the farmers market with fresh vegatables to make glop, some teenage punks, called me fat, and made fun of me out the window.

Well, fuck them. I know I need to lose weight, but I'm not Carnie Wilson large. (No offense Carnie)

In my time, I'll get there. I've stopped beleiving that will make me more lovable. It will only make getting dressed and undressed, more enjoyable to me. Me alone.

Because even thinner, I didn't have men falling over me. I was fixated on being thinner still. With age, there is wisdom. I'm 33. If I get down to a single digit pant size, I'll be happy for myself and no one else.

I don't beleive, I'll be alone always, but I'm not doing this to meet somebody.

The person I'm looking for is me. The girl in the mirror doesn't know she's pretty, or smart.

I'm looking for the side of myself that likes to shop and put together fun outfits, but who will probably always go to the grocery store in sweat pants and no make up, because that's how it's done. Knowing I can look nice dressed up, or hanging out in a baseball cap and a t-shirt.

She's been hidden, but I have a feeling she's about to make a come-back.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nature Vs. Neon

The weekend of June 24th, I was in Las Vegas, the neon light capital of the world. It was huge, over the top and so much fun. I felt like Alice In Wonderland. Vegas is a place where time has no meaning.

Gambling, and I don't normally gamble, but Black-Jack was so much fun. Drinking and eating at all hours of the night. It was awesome.

I was home for 2 days, and was offered a last minute trip to Tennessee, near the Smokey Mountains. And it was awesome in a completely different way. Nature and quiet and woods. A cabin outfitted with a stereo, a full kitchen, and a hot tub.

In Tennessee, I went on a sky-lift ride in scenic Gatlinburg, and a helicopter ride. A thrilling two mintues to be sure. Well worth the $10.

I think Las Vegas was artifically more exciting, but the nature of Tennessee was much more relaxing.

It's a good feeling to get a few trips in this summer. I'm afraid this weekend, I'll be in Royal Oak, catching up on things like hair-cuts, eyebrow waxing, and if I'm real lucky an eye doctor appointment.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


At this time tommorow, I'll be on the plane. On route to Las Vegas.

Cheers to that. In the meantime, I've got a full work day to get through. Last night was busy with laundry, and packing and what-not. This morning, I dragged my tired self out of bed to go to the gym.

The treadmill. The bike. My new Entertainment Weekly. How sweet it is. I was riveted by an article about the new Superman movie. It looks like it might be good. It's the perfect summer time popcorn movie. Fluffy entertainment, and what more do I need?

I still remember seeing the original Superman. My dad took Shane, BJ, and me. It was awesome. Gummy candy in my teeth, and a hot man in tights. I was so happy.

I hope the new Superman evokes some good memories. I mean, how can anybody not like Superman? You can make fun of the outfit, I'll give you that, but he does what's right, and saves people. And his alter ego? Giant nerd!

Who of us can't relate to that? A big hearted giant nerd who trys their best to make the world a better place for everyone?

And with that, I better go. This blog is getting even cheesier than a plate of nachos.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

I want to blog. And beat on the drums all day. I wish it was my job. Writing random fun things. That is sorta related to my job, but not quite.

It's so pretty outside. My friend and I were just walking outside absorbing sunshine.

Summer is fun. The flip flops, the cook-outs, the beer, the beach or park. All good. All the time.

In other news, I'm leaving for Las Vegas on Thursday. Hooray! I've never been. I'm looking forward to a little gambling, drinking, and relaxing, with nothing to do, but think about my next fun activity.

But first, I've got to figure out how to jam all my clothes into two tiny bags. I'll make it work. I'm going with my family to celebrate my dad turning 60.

Good job, dad. We've got lots of celebrating to do. Maybe I'll run into Wayne Newton.

Hopefully not. We're staying at a hotel that celebrities visit on a regular basis.

Dare to dream.

Monday, June 19, 2006

B is for Birthday

On Friday, I offically got older. And it was one of my best birthdays to date.

The first part of my day was business as usual with work and what not. Then I left work at lunch time, and decided to go visit some friends at my old job.

That was lots of fun, because I just got to ask about them, and didn't have to worry about an upcoming project or deadline. My friend Joe, danced for me.

After that, I headed home, to find a big box on the porch from my friend Karlene. I was sure she'd mailed me a box of air, but I discovered a watch inside. It is very cool, and I'm wearing it right now. It's red. Then, I lesiurly got ready, and friends started calling and gathering at my house, as a group of us we're headed to dinner at Sangria in Royal Oak, which is a tapas restuarant. And my sweet cousin Mckenzie was double-booked, but she drove all the way to my house to give me a card, a hug and a birthday wish.

Then it was off to dinner.

Many little plates of food, and pitchers of Sangria later, we headed to Dearborn to see Me and Joe Smith at the New Place Lounge. Joe rocks the guitar, and he knows his way around those cords. He played lots of Cash covers, which I enjoyed immensly.

I ushered in this birthday with lots of celebrating, and the happiness that comes with knowing just how many people wish me well.

It's easy to forget that fact on a daily basis. So it's nice to know how many people care about you.

And a giant bottle of gin, well that's even better than birthday cake.(Thanks, Amy)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heading North

Yes, I will join millions of Americans on I-75 North, in a trek up north for the Memorial Day weekend.

My dad and I are taking a road trip up to Lake Leelanu to my mom's place. It used to be my grandpa's house, but after he died, my mom bought the house.

I've been going up to the area for 30 plus years, and in some ways, it feels more like home than the place I grew up in Milford.

I know the roads. I always eat at the Happy Hour. I've acquired my grandparents disdain for Traverse City. Not that it's a bad place. It's just crowded, and usually when I'm there, I'd rather lay on the deck or sunbathe, or go to a winery. If I wanted to go shopping in a crowded store, well, I'd stay home.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep and all my magazine reading.

There's a rumor that even my brother will join us. How fun. Mom has a sailboat, so maybe we'll do some boating, Kennedy style.

Minus the drunken encounters and lying about it after the fact. I will probably have a drink or two. Maybe I'll make sangria. I did that last year, and it was tasty.

Maybe we won't be too crowded...we're leaving Saturday morning, and returning on Tuesday night.

Either way, at least I'll have company this time. My dad is fun to travel with. He goes into vacation mode, and it's fairly easy going.

Look out, Leland!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hunting For Hoffa

Spring is here in Michigan. Do you know how I know?

Sure, it's been raining a lot, and the grass is green, but the reason I know that spring is here, is because the hunt for Jimmy Hoffa was started again.

Every spring it seems some tipster comes out of the background to tell us where Hoffa is after 30 plus years. This summer, he could be in Milford on a horse farm. Milford is where I grew up. Milford is a surburb that was pretty and quaint you might say.

We had a dime store, The D &C that sold everything from costume jewelry to ceramic swans to wax lips, and all for under $3.00. It was the kind of town growing up, where I could walk around at night without the fear of being abducted.

Nightlife? Not really. High school was spent in fields on the weekends, with kegs of beer and if things were good a bonfire. Or if we stayed in town, we'd go to the Kroger parking lot, and stand around. No kidding. At the time, we only had one fast food restaurant, McDonalds, and one small movie theater that only charged $3 to get in.

In later years, after I turned 21, my brother and our friends would hang out at the Red Dog Salon, a great local dive bar. I spent many Friday nights drinking, sitting and watching others play pool. Sometimes, I'd shoot a crooked game of darts.

It's odd to think that my little hometown could possibly be the final resting place of the Teamsters leader, but who knows?

All I know is that Milford has a lot of good memories for me, and in retrospect it wasn't a cool place to be, but it was safe and secure, for everyone who lived there.

Maybe I'll venture back this summer for the annual Milford Memories summer festival.

Lots of crafts, and beer outside. What more could you ask for?

And to Jimmy, wherever you are, I hope you're at peace.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quinlan's Gather

The weekend with all my aunts and cousins turned out to be a smashing hit, I'd say.

We didn't drink very much this time, but I think I ate my weight in snack food and choclate which is a part of those weekends too. I'm glad that we're going to continue on our tradition.

Carol would be happy to know that the weekends she started and loved so much, will carry on. We welcome, Lacy and Nancy, and look forward to the arrival of Kathleen's daughter, Karly.

Tonight, I've got a hot date with the grocery store, and the season finale of Scrubs.

Don't be jealous of my exciting life. I'm actually just tired, and still a little sick with the cough that won't leave.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Weekends Like These

This weekend, I'll be gathering with my cousins for our weekend adventure we used to call Mother Daughter Weekend.

And before you start making fun of us as if were the Gilmore Girls, we are not. It was a tradition that started a few years ago, where my cousins, Kathleen, Colleen, and me, would get together with my mom, Susie, Carol, and another Carol.

The first year we didn't know how it would work, so 5 of the 6 of us, are gambling lovers, (not me), so we spent the weekend at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

It was a beautiful resort, but I was the only one that cared. I spent a lot of hours in the pool, and the hot tub. The next year, we talked a bit more, and had our weekend at Kathleen's house in Roscommon. We talked more, and ate more snack food.

Another year, we were in Cleveland, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And our last one, was at my mom's house in Lake Leelanau, and we never got off the deck. Not the whole weekend. I think the thing that we figured out, is that we're our own best entertainment. Just give us some drinks and lots of snack foods, and we're good to go.

One too many Jello shots, and a good time was had by all.

That was our last Mother Daughter weekend, in the true sense of the word. Our last weekend was Labor Day weekend in 2004, and then things changed.

My aunt Carol, Kathleen's mom, had a stroke and passed away. How could this happen? How could we lose our Carol? Who else was going to help us complain about the Quinlan's?

Who'd be our own cheerleader? And tell us each how great we were in her own way, always loving but never smothering.

We thought those weekends were just to be bitter-sweet memories. But, my cousin Kathleen is pregnant now with her own child, and it was decided that we'd spend this weekend, honoring Kathleen, and the growing life that is inside of her.

This year, we've invited some new aunts, and a new cousin or two, and I'm sure it will be a great time.

But my heart will always be on that deck with a beer, a bag of chips, and hours of bonding with my family, who feels more like friends.

I'm sure Carol is watching, and enjoying our visits in her own way. She will be missed, and loved forever. The street savvy Aunt, (Sorry Mom and Carol), the quiet leader who said little, but saw everything.

We love you Carol.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sun is Out

Hooray to sun!

It's Monday, and I'm at work, which usually isn't that fun, but today I was in a really good mood on my way in, and I think it has something to do with the fact that the sun is out.

Bring it on. I was sick yesterday, but I still forced myself off the sofa so that I could walk outside in the sun. It was awesome. Who needs a dog, if you've got an ipod?

I went shopping on Saturday, and got an awesome new rug for my living room. IT's so pretty that everytime I look at it, I have to smile. And new throw pillows for the couch.

A few months back, I was sitting on plastic lawn chairs. This is a huge improvement.

Onward and upward. Now, if I could just get my throat to stop scratching me.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Can't Explain It

What the hell is wrong with me? I don't know.

I woke up feeling out of sorts and tired. So, I went to the gym, and now I'm at work and I still feel out of whack.

Maybe it's because I'd love to be on vacation, someplace sunny and warm with a drink in my hand and nothing to do all day, but soak up lesiure time.

I can't say for sure. Last night, I got Tonya to come over and go sit on the patio with me at Memphis Smoke, and that was fun. Then I returned my bargin shoes at Payless, as it turns out, they weren't such a bargin after all.

At least my dad is home and I can go visit him this weekend, and for that I'm very glad.

I guess I like those days that maybe you feel sad or out of it, but you know why, so you can deal with it and move on. It's more difficult when you don't know why, but it's there just the same.

Maybe I can leave early today. Maybe all I need is a nap.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home Coming

No, not the over-priced dress and teased hair of my youth sort of homecoming.

My dad is coming home from the hospital today. He's been in there just over a month, so there is much reason to be happy. As I've mentioned in earlier blogs, he was recovering from an infection, that was caused by a bad reaction to his chemo.

So, a small victory. He still has a blood clot and will be giving himself shots twice daily, but still I can come visit him at home instead of the hospital now.

Monday, May 01, 2006

What this Woman Wants

Last week, as I was getting ready for work, the Today Show had a segment on what Women find Sexy/ Appealing in a Man.

Well, I missed the segment, but it got me thinking about what I'm looking for, or not ever trying to catch, so I've complied my own list.

1. A man who is witty and quick. A little bit of goofy funny is ok too. Somebody who is willing to make fun of himself once in a while.

2. Kindness. Especially when no one is looking.

3. Manners. Very sexy, when a man opens a door. For me, it doesn't have to be the car door, but any other kind is awesome. It is nice when a man treats you with a little extra care, simply because you're a woman.

4. Smart. There is a difference between education and intelligence. A lot of stupid people go to college. A man should be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

5. Attraction. Obviously, physical attraction is important. It's the one thing that seperates dating from being buddies. I want to be friends with my significant other, but I'd also like to be secretly thinking about ripping off their clothes. I'd like them to do the same.

6. Quirky. Have a unique sensibility. Or an innate understanding of my strange socks.

7. Sense of fun. Be willing to try new things. I'm of the mind, you should try anything once, and he should be the same.

8. Open-Minded. I don't want a lap dog to agree with everything I say, but I'd like a worthy debate partner who is willing to see other points of view. We don't need to agree, but we need to respect each other's opinions.

9. Good Job: My definition of a good job is not related to money. Honest. I want a guy who is happy with his M-F, simply because it makes for a happier person.

10. Family. Meaning he loves his family, enjoys seeing them, but doesn't have his mom on speed-dial.

And if he happens to love Johnny Cash, well, all the better.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Walk the Line

So, I spent last night over at my friend Joe's house. He and his wife, Mia invited me over to visit and watch Walk the Line, on Joe's huge ass tv.

I'm not sure how big it really was, but it seemed to take up almost an entire wall, and with the kickin stereo system, I really felt like Johnny Cash was singing right in the living room.

Awesome. Even more awesome, because as you may recall from previous blogs, Joe and I used to work together, and we don't any more. So, it was nice to see him again.

Some friends, you do really keep in touch with, while others suit their purpose, walk off and you never see them again.

I'm glad that Joe isn't one of those types of friends. He understands my weird quirks, and has lots of his own. When you meet a friend like that, it's important to stay in touch.

Mia and Joe, asked me to come back and watch King Kong, which I would gladly do, because if I watch it on my old tv from the early 90's, King Kong is going to look mini.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Block Party

Spring makes me want to sit outside like I used to in college, on a folding chair and a beer. Class all the way.

But now that I'm a "responsible, working adult," I don't get to do that too much. Instead, I do the adult version of that.

AKA-Sit on the patio at Como's on a warm summer night with some work friends, some beer, and people watching. We then went to Brew in View at the Magic Bag and watched,
Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Besides the hard wooden chairs, it was a good time. But as a result, I went to bed at 1:00 am, instead of my usual 10:30 or 11:00.

But a good escape regardless.

Tonight, I go see my dad in the hospital. So, I'll take a block party every now and then to remind me to have fun, despite the sad stuff.

Even in rain, it helps to know the sun can still come out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get Out the Way

Ah, the Sweet Spring air has arrived. Lovely sunny days, flowers in bloom, and of course bike riders.

I'm all for a spring full of new hopes and growth and all that good stuff, but what I can't stand is the bike riders in my neighborhood.

They act like they own the road, and me driving in an automobile is a huge problem for them. Get the fuck off the road. You don't see us driving our cars on the bike trails.

You know why you don't get treated like a fellow car? Cause you've only got 2 wheels.

We've got four, and we'd appreciate you riding your bike on a bike path, and quit acting like we're a bother to your lycra clad ass.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Casa in a Hospa

My dad has been in the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor, for the past week and a half.

He is an infection that I can't remember the name of, that was caused by a complication from his chemo treatments. Can't the man catch a break?

My family and myself were really starting to get concerned, because it didn't look like my dad was improving. But I talked to his nurse the other day, and she said this type of infection takes a long time to get rid of it.

So, we're trying to think good thoughts, and visit the hospital, as much as possible. And even as sick as my dad is, he still treats his company well. Offering drinks in the form of apple juice in a box, or trying to get my cousin Shannon to take home the good medical tape so she can give it to her daughters for arts and crafts.

I've put a Bettie Page pin up poster in his room, compliments of Shannon, and I brought roses to brighten the room. Anything to make it seem less sterile and clinical.

Hopefully, my dad can come home soon. It's much nicer visiting him in Keego Harbor, where he offers chicken salad for me to take home, and when I point out that I don't have a container, he doesn't think there's anything strange about putting a big scoop of chicken salad into a ball of plastic wrap and calling it a day.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm excited. Tonight I get to watch Scrubs. I love that show. Mostly, because it's a great escape from the trama's and scary things happening in my life at the moment.

And you, stupid lady at Weight Watchers, you don't scare me. I'll take my cousin's funeral or my dad in the hospital any day over your meetings about fiber and water consumption.

Don't get me wrong. The program is working for me. I wish I could get to 10 pounds, but I'm not there yet. It's cool, as long as I don't say fuck it and eat 3 pounds of cheese.

In other news, I must get the rest of my Easter cards in the mail.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm starting to feel the positive impact of waking up at 6:15 in the morning.

Not because I'm getting less sleep, because beleive me, I love sleep, but I've been waking up early to go to the gym. I've lost 8 pounds so far after a month of gym and eating better.

For this I'm excited. I have had the mental shift that I need to keep me on task.

Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Marriage is Not a Competitive Sport

The singles among my friend group are dwindling.

That isn't that surprising when you consider that me and most of my friends are in our early 30's.

But there is a plus side to still being single. You're in your 30's. That shoudn't mean you're just waiting to turn into the old spinster of the neighborhood. Hopefully, it means that you're figuring out your own life.

Trying to navigate your career, your finances, becoming at peace with your physical apperance. Knowing who you are, so that when you meet somebody you can offer your whole self. And not be waiting for him to fill in some gap. You should have learned to enjoy your own company. Like yourself as a person. And to single women everywhere, can we please stop looking at men, like they are the holy grail? And stop buying into the idea that a wedding ring suddenly means you aren't defective anymore?

C'mon. It is a toxic way to think, that as soon as we get married, we will feel complete. I don't know about you, but I've never met anybody that had me at hello.

I think the key is to be complete alone, and then when we meet someone the person will enrich or enhance our own lives, and we can do the same for them. Married people aren't given keys to the secret garden where they sit around all day, drinking wine and waxing poetic about the state of their union.

They are just like us singles, but instead of one pile of dishes or laundry, there is two. If you're happy hopefully your spouse is too.

It has taken me a while to get to this point. I spent many years feeling like there was something wrong with me, or I wouldn't still be alone. I don't buy it anymore.

And why not? Well because I'm sure that my self worth is not supposed to be dependent on someone else.

Don't get me wrong. I've had those moments where I've felt so lonley it was palable, but so has every one. Married or not.

I will try and remember my own words of wisdom, the next time I'm called upon to stand around with other singles and catch the bouquet. That public humiliation stains a lot longer than red wine on the carpet.

And if you've forgotten, just remember that a glass of wine is a great chaser to bitterness.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Sickness and In Health

My dad has been sick for the past few months. I wish he had the flu.
But actually he has lung cancer.
It sucks.

However, he's doing well right now. Considering.

He just finished his last round of radiation last week. Sadly, he's not even new to the cancer thing. He first got diagnosed back in on September 30, 2003.

When I woke up that morning, I remembered it was the 30th Anniversary of James Dean's death, because I collect random movie trivia like other people might collect stamps or tea-pots.

I had no idea that I would end the day learning my dad had been in the hospital because he was throwing up blood.
I was away in Atlanta at Portfolio Center trying to become a copy-writer.

Since I had recently graduated, I headed back home to Michigan, and my dad offered to let me live with him. This was working out great. I needed a place to live, and he needed help with his cancer treatments.

No, I didn't actually adminster any needles or any such thing, but I went with him to doctor's appointments. I helped him pick out scarves the day his hair fell out, and I stood patiently while he spend an hour in the produce section alone of Meijer''s.

And then I finally got a job writing copy and moved out.

But he is sick again.

A new tumor which is supposedly good news. And I have a new copy writer job, and no that doesn't mean I spent my days making the ® symbols either. But now it is harder because I'm not there every day. I go spend weekends sometimes and visit after work, but it's not the same.

It is strange to be taking care of my dad. A bit of role reveresal. Mostly, I'm glad he lets me. It is nice to return the favor.

I remember when I was in junior high, and my dad had called when I would have been getting ready to say hi. He was always up at the crack of dawn. Literally. It wouldn't be unusual for him to call you at 6 am and ask what are you doing?

I told him that I wasn't going to school and went to take a nap.
I woke up a few hours later to a knock on the door.
My dad had brought me soup and the new tape single of Madonna's song, Cherish.

I'm not sure how he knew that it was my favorite song at the time.
I only know that dads" have a way of surprising us, and they listen even if we think they can't hear us.

Goodbye Travis

My cousin Travis died.

He was only 27 years old. Right now, we don't how. And I don't think I'll know why for a long time, if there is ever a reason.

Travis and I were not super close, but we were cousins, and we come from a huge proud Irish family. I lived in Atlanta the same time that he did. You see, I was going to Portfolio Center and Travis was playing football for the Atlanta Falcons.

Life being the way it goes, we never did get the time to have a visit. We had a few phone calls, and I'd see him at the giant family parties. Never thinking I would run out of time. Positive we'd get to together this summer for a party and have lots of fun.

I'm sorry this happened. I know we will all miss Travis. Especially his mom and brother. I don't even have the right words to say to either of them. All I could do, is show up. Sometimes there is nothing else to say.

And know that we all loved you Travis. I hope where ever you are, you're playing a bad ass game of football.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday

This just isn't my week. First I have no heat, and then I wake up this morning to discover that I don't have hot water.

I do have heat, but you know I'm supposed to have hot water too. My stupid landlord told me the girls downstairs have hot water, well they had heat the other day, but I don't live there.

Just fix my hot water, dammit.

Happy Birthday to a few people today. First Happy 1st Birthday to Gwynn. You can't read yet, but trust me, I've been friends wiht your mom a long time, and she's a cool lady, and I know she loves you very much. Your gift is in the mail.

And Happy Birthday to Jeff. I sang to him this morning, but I sing awful. It's the thought that counts though. Jeff is Shane's best friend, and it feels like he's part of our family. I don't remember a time when he wasn't in my life.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Jennie's, daugther Carly.

And if you don't know any of these people, this blog is completely boring to you.

I will post another one, maybe later.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Walk of Shame

For the second time in a matter of days, I woke up in a strange place and walked out to my car where the same clothes I'd had on the night before.

Sunday night, my furnace had gone out. I huddled down in my bed, and waited it out. But I woke up on Monday feeling like I was on the brink of getting sick.

So, last night, I spent the night at Barrie's place in Ferndale. They have this groovy 3rd bedroom and I was warm and cozy all night, and the room was the perfect amount of darkness. With just a glow from the computer as a night light.

And Barrie fed me meatloaf and squash, and I brought wine, as I figured it helps most situations get better.

Barrie had to leave, so that's when her nice roommate Steve came home. He let me have the remote control, and we watched an excellent episode of South Park.

So, thank you Barrie.

You Rock.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Raw Meat and Arthur Murray


Last night was one of this strange evenings, but sadly I had no one there to witness it, so you will have to rely on my re-telling of events.

There's already been so much build up. Oh well, if you're reading this you're most likely just killing time while at work.

So I got home around 6:30 pm, and was starving, so I ate Fruit Loops for dinner. Tasty.

I then rushed to the library, as they were finally re-opened in Royal Oak, after being closed all summer for renovation.

That was exciting. I got some good new books and paid my late fee, and finally returned some books that had been rattling around in my trunk.

Then I headed over to the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for a casserole where Stove Top stuffing played a major role, balanced with a few chicken breasts. So I wrestle my way to the meat counter and order two chicken breats, but the girl behind the counter, must have thought I said two pounds of chicken.

That explains how i ended up with a giant plastic bag of chicken. I decided to keep it, since it was only a little over $5 dollars for the whole bag. I leave the store, and start driving home with a bag of raw chicken riding shotgun.

I then take a trip to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, thinking I'd inquire about dance classes.

Like everything else in life, they really prefer you had a partner. And unlike the movies there was no cute guy waiting inside to be my dance partner.

When I got home, I crafted up a casserole, feeling a bit like a 1950's housewive. While it cooked, I cut up all the chicken and put it in indivdual bags.

Again, confirming my fear that I'm actually stuck in 1957.

On that note, Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Oh, how I wish this was a blog about some hot date I had recently. That would've been a fun way to break in my new couch, but sadly that isn't the case.

The title instead refers to an incident that happened to me yesterday morning.
As usual, I'm rushing into work with piles of stuff loaded in my arms, and already have morning panic:

New job, and per usual I'm about 10-15 minutes late. Rushing toward the elevator, this nice lady holds the door, and we hear this clattering noise... a quick check confirms that I just dropped a pile of my cd's that I was hoisting up to my office area, to load onto itunes, has actually fallen down the elevator shaft.

Never to be seen again. At least not by me.

I can't even remember which ones I lost. Maybe it's a sign, I didn't need that music anyway.
Most of it was burned cd's that friends have given me, so I guess I can get new ones. I'm just not good with mornings.

This morning, I got stuck in heavy traffic, got stuck behind a huge Semi, and then ran out of washer fluid on a wet and snowy morning on the expressway.

At least it's almost the weekend. I'm getting my taxes my done tommorow, so that's got fun written all over it.

Hopefully, I'll be getting some money back.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If I Only Had A Ski Mask

I started a new job a few weeks back.

That was good news. Until pay day. You see, my direct deposit hadn't kicked in yet, so I had to use an ATM after hours.

And unknown to me, my money is being held hostage against its and my will.

I'd wrestle it free if I could, but alas don't own a ski mask...

So bring those late fees and other misc. bank charges.

I've learned my lesson.

In other news, oh wait. I've got no other news.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night I was in a bad mood. Blame it on the cold or the fact that it's winter. Or Monday. I don't know why.

But I had planned to scrub the bathroom and or clean out the refrigerator. None of these things happened. I took a bath instead, and watched some bad tv. I was supposed to have Scrubs season 2 in the mail from my friends at Netflix. But it didn't come, so I did something I never do.

I turned on the Bachelor and that's why I've got the WTF in the title, because really. C'mon. Last night was a 2 hour special where the girls bring the Tool to meet their parents, and it was like watching a puppy getting eaten by a Wolf with a bloody mouth.

The first girl, Monnayanh or something she was so in love...apparently that she subjected the guy to this horrible grilling by her bitchy family. It was absurd. All of it.

I couldn't watch anymore and turned it off, and instead went to read, a crappy celebrity magazine because they make me feel better. They're so lacking in substance, it's like a nice cotton candy cloud for my brain.

People stop watching the Bachelor and they will stop producing it.

Please. No more cheesy men. No more crying women, convinced they've found the love of their lives in a few short weeks, and on national tv.

C'mon now.

Monday, February 06, 2006

If I Only Had a Time Machine

Do you wish you could reverse time? Just like Superman?

I do. But then again, if we didn't take chances of making ourselves look stupid, where would like take us?

It would be a long boring ride...

I have had my share of stupid moments, but the thing is you can't go backwards.

All I can do is dust off the dirt of humilation, and move it forward.

If I had a time machine, I would be on a beach at Lake Michigan right now.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Friday

It's Friday, and I can't wait to get off work and go see if I can find Paris Hilton trolling 8 Mile this weekend...

Wait for it...Here it comes. That's bull-shit, because I don't care about Paris Hilton, or any other celebrity coming to town. Unless John Cusack wants to come over to my upper flat and cook me dinner, it makes no difference to me.

I'm only glad that the Superstars are gracing us with their bedazzled presence to put some money into Detroit. It should help us out, as long as Kwame dosen't spend all the cash on Ho's and Fur coats.

In other news, wait, I don't have much other news. My dad is feeling better from his cancer treatments so that is obviously much more exciting than a Kid Rock concert. The one thing I will say about the celebrities that were born here, for the most part, they stay loyal to Detroit. They're proud to be a part of this town.

As they should be. We have some faults but we're a very lovable Mid-western city.

So, bring it...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Real Bosom Buddies

Insert Random breast jokes here:

I didn't write this, but I had to include it here.

It gives you a pretty accurate description of life in an advertising agency. I think it is a little more accurate than our friends the Bosom Buddies. Although, you gotta love Tom Hanks.

And from my friends at the Onion:

Man Who Does Everything At Last Minute Wonders How You Do It

February 1, 2006 | Issue 42•05

CHICAGO—Ted Henson, a copywriter at Green/Allium Advertising and notoriously disorganized procrastinator, is awestruck by his coworkers' ability to manage multiple aspects of their lives. "I'm surrounded by, like, these amazing super-multitasking rock stars," said Henson as he watched creative director Kyle Peters put some layouts in a metal file cabinet. "How do you deal with all this lame bureaucratic bullshit? You have to tell me your secret kung-fu organization system." Henson remained in Peters' office for over an hour, talking about Peters' filing system, the filing system in the film Brazil, and other Terry Gilliam films, causing him to miss a 2:30 assignment deadline.

Knitting IS the new Yoga

If I was ever skeptical that knitting is relaxing, last night convinced me.

The funny thing is, I don't knit. But some of my friends do, and they invited me to come hang out, at Sweetwater's Cafe and chat while the three of them knitted.

And it was so soothing watching the knitting that I almost fell asleep.
I went for the company. Part of me, wishes that I could knit, but you don't understand. I'm not cut out of that cloth.

I discovered this in 7th grade when we made a tote bag in Home Economics.
It was my first spin on a sewing machine. And I was awful. It was a simple pattern with basically 2 seams, and a drawstring top. Which is why most of my friends finished it in 2 days.
But it took me two weeks. And I got a C. The teacher had no vision, dammit.

I attempted to redeem myself in 8th grade.
This time we were making shorts. I managed to sew the legs together, and then I accidently sewed the shorts to my pant leg.

After this, I decided sewing wasn't for me.
But I greatly admire those who can thread needles with the greatest of ease.

I tip my thimble to you.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Kick in the Head

Maybe that will get my headache to leave. I' ve had a headache off and on for a few days, and it's back.

Stupid constricted blood vessels...
Amy had me over for dinner last night. We had orange pancakes with orange segments on top, and man were they good.

Nope...It's still here.

How about this? I've made an appointment for my taxes to be done next Saturday. It's the one time, I'd rather pay somebody then have to do math, when done incorrectly may cause infliction by the IRS.
So, I'll pay somebody who understands accounting. I took accounting 1 and 2 and nodded along as if FIFO, and LIFO made sense or that I cared if my balance sheet was exactly balanced. I just don't. A penny off? Who cares?

Math people care, and I love them...I'm just not one of them.
The only reason that I passed accounting was because my Aunt Carol was my tutor, and she was amazing. Not only was she excellent at math, she always made me some tasty homemade dinner too. And one night, she even came and got me when I'd run out of gas.

Thankfully, my job requires no such math skills.
If my high school math teacher could see me now, I'd give him the big bird.

Because as I suspected:

Writing + Concepting = Copywriting

See any math?


I don't miss story problems.

But now I may never know who will get to the next train stop first if they left at the same time but on different trains.
Will it be Ramon or Robert?

I say take a plane. It's quicker.

Problem solved.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to everybody in China.

Now, whip out those party hats.

Seriously. Last night, I went out with my new co-workers and ran into some old friends.

We all gathered to celebrate a tradition, that I feel lucky to be included in. We started out at Goodnight Gracie's in Royal Oak. That was cool. I've lived in Royal Oak for a year, and hadn't ever set foot in the place. I don't like martini's much, and I don't smoke cigars.

But of course, a bar being a bar, they served other drinks. I had a tasty gin and tonic. And I knew the bartender, so he bought it for me.

We then headed over to the Peking House, where I'm not kidding. They've got giant lazy susan's in the center of the tables, so once the dishes are set, you simply spin the wheel and decide what you may eat.

A good time was had by me. I was tired this morning, but I blame it on my new morning routine. I now wake up an hour earlier than i had to at my previous job. It's ok, but it's taking some time to adjust. I'm still lucky that we don't start till 9 anyway.

Kind of like banks. Without the pile of money or the tellers, so yeah. It's just the same.

Have a good weekend. Scratch a dog or two.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

ODE to JoE

Today's blog entry is dedicated to my friend Joe.
If you don't know Joe. Read on, and you might learn to love him too.

10 Things I love about Joe.

1. He dances for my entertainment. And that sounds dirty, but it's not. All clothes remain on at all times.

2. Joe is kind. If you're his friend, he makes time for you, even when he doesn't have it.

3. He doesn't judge me when I tell him strange things. He listens, and then adds something even more bizarre.

4. Which brings me to his sense of humor. Anything from a squirrel pushing a basket of ham, to a book of photos with captions about old ladies and hand-guns.

5. Because of him, I finally saw Fight Club. Great movie. Don't judge me, just cause I took 10 years to watch it.

6. He opens doors. And he used to carry my multiple bags of stuff up to my office in the morning.

7. It inspires me to see how much he loves his wife. We spent an evening after work gathering things so he could make her a scrapbook of all their dates, leading up to the proposal. He'd even kept a record of all their emails from when they first started dating.

8. We never run out of things to talk about.

9. He has no idea how awesome he is. He pretends he thinks he's awesome, but he's humble and down to earth.

10. Eating lunch with Joe was often the best part of my work day.

I've never met anybody like him, and I thank God for bringing me such a good friend.
So, there you go.

The beauty of Joe in a nutshell.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Footloose No More

So, let's talk about Sean Penn's brother, who most people refer to most often as the, "guy from Footloose."
Apparently he has died. Cause of death TBD. He is best known as Willard.

Kevin Bacon's nerdy, but cool friend who learned to bust a move under the steady care of Mr. Bacon's, character, Ren.
And yes, I've seen this movie a few times. Admit it. You stop everytime it scrolls by on your 100 channel cable extravenganza.

Why? Because it's cheesy and yet very entertaining, and so 80's. Come on. A town without dancing? How innocent is that?

Now days, it would have to be something much darker, and it wouldn't be the same.
We say goodbye Willard...We will miss you.
Let's hear it for the boy.
And sadly now, your brother Sean, he'll be even more angry.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baby Got Back

That's right. I've got back. Or a big ol' booty.

What can I do?

Well, for one thing, I've decided to go into chocolate detox, because I have a chocolate addiction, which turned into a cheese addiction on the break between Christmas and New Year's. But you know what?

It's ok. I'm going to get it under control. One day at a time. I've just started Pilates, which doesn't feel like your doing anything, until you find yourself bend like a bridge and your legs start to shake. It was at the moment, that I thought, hey maybe something's happening here.

As soon as I get paid, I'll be rejoining my gym, where the treadmills live. That will help.

And onto other news, I've finally got my first couch. Oh sure, I've had couchs before, but never a brand new one. One who's life history will be decided by me and not 3 frat boys and a stale keg.

I'm excited to once again have someplace to sit and read, that I don't have to lie down.

That's all I've got for now. I've got to go sign up for some benefits etc.