Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lots to do today, so I will keep this brief. Trying to get back to my usual steadfast morning gym routine. Score 1 for me. I did it this morning.

My goal is to go for the next 15 or 16 days in a row, because that's how long my gym membership is paid up until then. My plan is by then to have my momentum back. I'll be armed and ready for the new gym.

Mad Men Season Finale on Sunday didn't disappoint. It was quite good actually. But, I will say no more in case you haven't had the chance to catch it.

Still reading, Lean Mean 13 from Janet Evanovich.

Supposed to go to a networking party tonight, which usually just means I visit whomever came with me, but we'll see how it unfolds.

I'm out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Whirl Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend.

A concert in Ann Arbor on Friday. A folk singer that my cousin Shannon introduced me to, named Melissa Ferrick. Good show. Some funny banter. I really enjoy when musicans seem to appreciate the crowd they are playing for. It makes it so much warmer to watch.

Then a family wedding on Saturday, for my cousin John. Such a great guy. I'm so happy for him. His new wife, Amanda has a son, Dakota and John is now a dad.

Couldn't ask for a better one. John lost his dad when he was just a baby, but I'm sure his dad would be so proud of the man, his son has become.

The wedding was quite a party, but when there's a shuttle bus and no worries about drinking, all you have to worry about is your liver.

I'm always humbled and honored to be part of such a large, loving family so full of Irish pride that it's truly amazing.

We are blessed, despite recent sad events. We shall heal and grow stronger still.
We are family.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apples to Apples

The good news?

I ate an apple with my lunch.

The Bad news?

It had Carmel and nuts all over it.

But, in the grand scheme of things, it's still better than a slab of cheesecake.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Misc. Musings

Can't wait for the weekend and it's only Tuesday. Heading up north on Friday with Connie, for some relaxation. And it'll give me the perfect venue to deliver my mom's birthday present.

On the off chance that she's reading this, I won't mention what I got her. But I'm sure she's gonna love it.

Feeling very sleepy today. Although I did drag myself out of bed this morning and headed to the gym. I'm trying hard to get back to my morning routine. Going walking after work too. Figured it couldn't hurt to get some extra exercise.

Trying to start a revision of a story I started a while back. I'm inspired again, after quitting my writer's group. It feels liberating in a way. It's back on me to get myself writing.

And I find emotional pain a good source of inspiration. No excuses left. Not even a dog to eat my homework.

Friday, October 10, 2008

UScan-We All Do

Does anyone else think that those automatic check out machines at the grocery store, are handy but sad?

Let me explain. Personally, I find them useful and quick. But I have to wonder if the cashiers feel the same way? Now, they don't really ring you up, but are still forced to stand by and watch you do it.

I'd imagine it was a boring job before that somehow managed to get just a little more coma inducing.

And a side note: If you don't know how to use said machine, you sir should go wait in line for a human. I don't want to wait half an hour for you to figure it out.