Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Misc. Musings

Can't wait for the weekend and it's only Tuesday. Heading up north on Friday with Connie, for some relaxation. And it'll give me the perfect venue to deliver my mom's birthday present.

On the off chance that she's reading this, I won't mention what I got her. But I'm sure she's gonna love it.

Feeling very sleepy today. Although I did drag myself out of bed this morning and headed to the gym. I'm trying hard to get back to my morning routine. Going walking after work too. Figured it couldn't hurt to get some extra exercise.

Trying to start a revision of a story I started a while back. I'm inspired again, after quitting my writer's group. It feels liberating in a way. It's back on me to get myself writing.

And I find emotional pain a good source of inspiration. No excuses left. Not even a dog to eat my homework.

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