Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Home was House warmed

2012 is turning out to be an eventful year as we approach the fourth month of it.

I became a homeowner for the first time after finally deciding I've had enough of my shitty but nicely located flat in Royal Oak. I grew tired of all the quirks of my flat. Like the fact that I couldn't ever control the cold water in my shower. I'd had enough of the neighbor lady downstairs and her antics with all her gentleman callers. Enough was enough.

And because the Detroit economy is such a mess, it was time to make it work to my advantage. Thus, as of January 26th, I became a homeowner in Berkley. This past weekend, I had a proper housewarming party. Basically a coming out party for my house.

The party was by all accounts a success. Meaning that unlike my party that I had in the 8th grade the guy I have taken a liking to, actually did come and didn't make out with a girlfriend in my laundry room. Progress people.

It was awesome to have all my good friends and my family all hanging out for an evening. Lots of drinks, good food, and conversation. I was nervous worrying people would find my party lame and leave at 7:30 pm.

None of that happened. And instead for one night, I partied like a 21 year old.

I'm looking forward to many more parties and celebrations in my new home this year.

Every day that I come home here, I am in awe that I OWN it.