Friday, January 07, 2011

You Don't Always Get What you Want. But Sometimes You Get What you Need.

Allow me to explain. When I was about five or six, so we're talking 1978 or 1979, I asked Santa Claus for a Ken doll for Christmas. Barbie needed some arm candy. Fast forward to Christmas morning, and there under the tree was a Ken shaped box. Imagine my thrill as I tore through the paper to find the Purple fringed doll above.

Confused, I ask, "What is this?" Why did Santa bring me this doll?" Where's Ken?"
My mom told me: "That's Donny Osmond. He's better than Ken."

My Barbie dated Donny Osmond for years.

I have often re-told this story to my mom's chargin. She has heard it many times over the years. Most recently while out to dinner with my oldest friend Connie.

It's now Christmas 2010 and I am worried, and sad. Wondering how I'll feel on my first Christmas without my dad. As is tradition, we open one gift on Christmas Eve.

I opened mine to find a brand new Ken. Complete with "real hair." (pictures to follow shortly).

My mom had intended the present as a joke, but what she actually gave us was a gift.

A reason to laugh and to have fun at this first somber Christmas.

We spent the next few days posing Ken particapting in things we were doing as a family.

And as a way to document my adventures with Ken, I'll start using this space to share my new adventures with Ken.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011- Day 1

One of my goals for 2011, is to write again. This is a big improvement over last year, where my sole resolution was to not commit suicide.

Since today is the very first day of the new year, it seemed to be a good time to get writing, even if today it is only this blog entry.

I survived my first set of holidays without my dad and my second without my dear friend Nevada. Both of those things seem surreal. I'm cleaning out clutter though to get mentally geared up to do many things this year. Self publish a story collection, (sounds less imitating than writing a book), getting back to the gym and exercise (we will take it one day at time), but considering I had cereal and a glass of wine for dinner, today doesn't seem to be the day. (Let's be honest and two cookies). :)

Hoping to continue traveling this year as nothing sets my spirit free, like new air when I wake up someplace new.

Plan to focus on getting a new job where I don't dread going in to work, all while enjoying the plethora of vacation time the current job allows.

Today, I bought a new computer battery as what good is a laptop that can't leave the house for fear of being disconnected from the power outlet? And I did make it to the grocery store.

May 2011 bring me love, laughter, gym adventures, writing material, good writing, good beer, good friends, a great family, a chance to wear all my cute old clothes again, a few vacations, and a lot less pain than the end of 2009 and the entire 2010.

Love to all that read this. I hope we can take this journey together.

My GPS is fired up for our adventures.