Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost the Weekend

Since it's almost May and an entire month has gone by, I thought maybe it was time to update the blog.

Problem is, I don't have anything I need to share. Hopefully though typing will get my brain working and remind me that I do indeed enjoy this blog writing.

Can't believe the holiday weekend is almost here. I'm breaking tradition and going up north a week or two after this year. I can't wait to get up there though. I really love it.

My weekend plans here consist of the following:

1. Scary movie night outing a friend's house Friday
2. Party in Royal Oak Saturday
3. Matinee with dad and brothers at some point during the weekend to see the new Terminator movie. Boy friendly flicks work best.
4. Possible scouting of new cell phone
5. Maybe cleaning out my car
6. Misc. trips to the gym
7. A farmers market outing
8. Watching Curious Case of Benjamin Button-Have had it a while
9. Finishing my book, Beach Music.
10. Start writing story ideas or even better stories
11. Finish sort out closets and see what kind of work out clothes I currently own

Check back after the weekend, to see how many of these things I've completed. I'm kind of curious myself.