Monday, April 30, 2007

Hyatt Living

My weekend wasn't looking too exciting when I left work on Friday. As I mentioned, a doctor's appointment, the gym and then a quiet evening at home.

So I was delighted on Saturday afternoon when my friend Usha called and suggested we go out in Royal Oak Saturday night. I called and invited a few people, she did the same and a good time was had by all.

The weather was looking great so I suggested we head to Memphis Smoke and sit on the roof top deck for some drinks. It started raining after a bit, so we walked down the couple of blocks to Bastone and had dinner in the bottom part of the restaurant called Cinq. More Beligum beer and good conversation.

At one point, we'd all started talking about Cinco De Mayo, and one of the people from England asks, "what's Cinco de Mayo?"
To which another person responds: "It's basically St. Patrick's Day for Mexican People."

Every one broke up then, but Nevada and I weren't ready to call it quits, so we headed to Gusoline Alley and had some more drinks. Fun, fun. Good seats right next to the ATM machine made striking up conversation pretty easy.

After 2 rounds of drinks, we decided maybe we should head home. But we got sidetracked on the way and ended up stopping off at Leo's for a late night snack.

Sunday was one of those perfect Sundays for me. I woke up around 8:30, had coffee, laid on the couch, had some water, watched a little dvd of Inside the Actor's Studio, then got dressed and went for a walk out in the beautiful sunshine.

After, I came home took a shower, and started doing dishes, laundry and assorted housework. I took a nap, cleaned my room, talked to Shane, and then packed a bag.

Karlene had invited me to spend the night at the Hyatt in Dearborn, which is right next to my office. So I went there last night, had a free cheese plate, watched some good cable, hung out with Karlene, and she gave me her complimentary bottle of Merlot to take home.

This morning, I slept in, then took a shower in the best shower ever, got ready and then headed down for my free breakfast of Starbucks coffee, fresh pineapple, and a muffin.

After a three minute drive to work, I was here feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Good weekend. Much more than I'd hoped for.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Arm Hole

It's Friday night and I thought I'd check in. Busy week.

M-F, usual work related hoopla. Till Friday afternoon. Had a doctor's appointment today with my old school doctor. I needed to check on this thing on my arm, that hadn't gotten better or gone away. Rewind a few days and it looked exactly like this skin cancer picture in a health magazine, I'd decided to read while hanging out with my dad.

I was trying to cheer him up, he's been sick and has cancer to boot. So we hung out watched about 10 minutes of Gilmore Girls and then we watched a solid hour of COPS.

Now that's entertainment. Anyway, when I finally laid down as is my custom I read before bed, and that's when I saw the article on skin cancer.

So, this afternoon I went to my doctor where he froze the sore, removed it and now we wait for a week while they test it, to see if it's anything or nothing.

Then I went to my gym for a post doctor workout, then onto CVS to pick up my prescription and it was home for some couch time, where I watched Entourage and then cleaned out my cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Maybe I'll get crazy and go to a movie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Day of Will

Today is my younger brother's birthday. He goes by Will, but I've always called him BJ a childhood nickname that I can't shake, so neither can he. But he allows it since I'm his sister.

When we were young, BJ and I were playmates. Shane was already off to school which left BJ and I to hang out at home and play games. Batman and Robin in the backyard with my teeter toter, bike rides in the gravel driveway, and Mom and Honey.

BJ is probably one of the most unique people I've ever known in my lifetime. He is living in Floridia now and trying his best to find his own way.

Wishing him much love, happiness, and optimisim that things will work out.

Happy Birtday, B.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The UnderTaker Takes A Bride

So, a family wedding this past weekend at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester.

My cousin Sean who is an undertaker, took a bride. They met at a funeral director's convention. Just goes to show if you're doing what you love, you're bound to meet somebody to love.

Very nice wedding. Excellent dinner. Dancing. Beautiful setting.

It was fun to see all the relatives too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Back from the north. It was a good trip. Just want I needed: Some relaxation, extra sleep, some shopping, and good tv.

I started watching Entourage a show on HBO which is really fun to watch, about a young Hollywood actor who is trying to make it in Hollywood and his entourage is four childhood friends.

Anyway. After stopping at Birch Run for a lotion run at Bath and Body, I'm feeling better.

I know my saddness will return, but I'll do my best to push it down, keep it at bay.

Now, it's back to work but the week is half over already, so hooray!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

All of Me

I am lonely.

Funny, how hard that is to write. It makes me feel even more vulnurable, but there it is. It's weird that our culture allows for all kinds of sentences.

"I made a mistake."
"I'm an alcoholic."
"I killed my wife."

But somehow, admitting one is lonely is not really talked about. Behind closed doors it is hard to admit even to myself, let alone share it with other people. But I figured, I might as well say it. It's true. Yes, I have lots of friends. And parents who love me, and brothers who care. But it is not the same.

I'm tired of going to sleep alone every night. I'm tired of never having a shoulder to lay on while I watch tv. I wish I had someone's hand to hold sometime, somebody to hug. A person to call when I've had an awful day. A person who wants to make me feel better for that bad day.Somebody to laugh with, cry with, a person that was unequivoically on my side.

I don't.

Never have, really.

Not sure I ever will.

And that sentence was almost as hard to write as that first one.
I don't beleive in soul mates. Or the pomp and circumstance surronding a big wedded affair. After all, it's not about your outfit you wear to the party, it's more about who's going with you.

Not sure how to wrap this up in a pretty bow, so I'll just exit quietly, shutting the door on my way out.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Slumber Party

Not the seven grade variety. There will be no removal of bras, to be dipped in water and frozen. No scary stories, no kissing practice on flat pillows or hands.

Nope. This is my friend Karlene and her daughter Gywnn swooping down to cheer me up in my sad state.

Since we don't have to work on Friday, making it very good indeed, we are having a visit. I will then pack up and head to Leelanau. It is looking like my hopes for a pretty spring drive are being dashed, but it will be relaxing either way.

I find napping on the couch while listening to Robert Redford or Paul Newman was an excellent relaxation method.

Who needs yoga?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Bonnets

If one could throw up emotions, I'd be heaving my guts out right now.

But since I can't, I'll just tell you that I'm leaving town on Friday and going up north to see my mom. She lives near Lake Leelanau, and she's invited me to spend Easter up there.

Sounds nice to get away, so I shall. I almost always feel better after one of those road trips. Maybe it's cause of all my own road-trip rituals that bring me comfort. For example, if I have to use the restroom while traveling, I will almost always stop at McDonald's. Why? It's usually generally clean, and you will always find a McDonald's no matter how small the town is.

By the time I'm at the Zilwaulkee Bridge, I always feel more relaxed and calm, and like I'm actually on vacation. I love trading in the burning up I-75 at record speeds for the slower, curvy 2 lane roads after Grayling. I like stopping sometimes at the Cherry Market in Kalkaska. They sell these tiny little clothes pin cookies that I swear are the tastiest cookie ever, and trust me, I eat a lot of cookies.

Then once I reach Traverse City, I feel as if I've arrived, even though I've got another 30 minutes. I love driving through Sutton's Bay and guessing what the movie playing will be, a childhood ritual that has stayed with me.

I love driving along M-22 and looking at Grand Traverse Bay.

When I arrive, my mom starts chattering non stop and she helps me carry all my stuff inside, usually commenting about how much stuff I've brought.

Then, we usually have a snack and then we head to the store to stock up snacks and goodies.

This year we're going out for Easter Brunch with my aunt at the Bluebird. A fine Easter dinner that none of us have to cook.

4 days of bliss will be upon me soon.