Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Annie Put Down the Gun

I was eight years old the first time I ever saw a professional Broadway show. And what did I see?

My mom took me to see Annie at the Fisher Theater in Detroit. I loved it. And still do.

This past weekend, I got a chance to see it again, more than 20 years later and it resonated as much now as it did then. Say what you will. But Annie is full of hope and optimism despite her troubling life.

I don't expect to get adopted by a Daddy Warbucks...I'm holding out for Sugar Daddy.


But it reminded me that sometimes despite everything, you've just got to believe that tomorrow the sun will shine.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A birthday plus a holiday

It's the first official weekend of flip flops, shorts, bbq's beer and sun. With plenty of sunblock on my pale Irish skin.

Yes, it's that time. Time for me to head up North to Lake Leelanau with friends in tow to take in some wineries, beaches, maybe a meal out or two and mostly just relaxation.

I know we've got my cousin's 25th birthday party which will be a good time to see all the cousins.

I can't believe she's 25. It seems like I was just at Mckenzie's high school graduation party. I remember freaking out about turning 25 because it was close to 30. To ease the transition my best friends Connie and Karlene threw me a surprise party. Complete with my favorite foods that included Sloppy Joes, and California Pizza. We even had a pinata.

Good times. I was late to my own surprise party though because I was looking at pictures of David Duchovney on the Internet.

Not sure if there will be any David at McKenzie's party...I'm just hoping for a piece of cake.

We'll be celebrating another birthday on Sunday. That of my friend Nevada. She's also turning 25. It's the funniest thing. I've known her a few years, and we've enjoyed her 25th birthday a few times now. :) Must be something magical in the water.

She has bravely agreed to make this road trip with me. I'm certain that we'll all have lots to chat about. We're Gemini's for godsake and we just don't shut up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'll Have What She's Having

Last night's Dinner:

1. Grapenuts with fresh blueberries
2. Glass of White Wine
3. Biscotti

A balanced meal is in the eye of the beholder.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hanging in Charleston

My weekend was awesome.

Got to Charleston Thursday afternoon and was promptly picked up by Roo. Brian and I then headed toward our weekend beach house which was spectuclar. It was huge and was ocean-front.

It was amazing, like something out of a movie. I stayed with a bunch of people, I didn't know, but it turned out well. Everyone was laid back and friendly.

Got up Friday. Went for a walk on the beach. Played in the waves in the ocean,lost my sunglasses to a giant wave and then went with a few girls to get manicures. Came back got ready for the wedding. IT was beautiful. Danced and drank a bit at the reception. Then we hosted an after party at our house.

Saturday morning woke up with a headache went for a walk on the beach and then had breakfast. After that I had to get ready to go home. Boo hoo.
I loved being at the beach. And it was great to see Roo again after all this time.

I hope him and Ginny have a wonderful life together.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roo's Getting Married

My first male roommate is tying the proverbial knot on Friday.

Not to me, god no. You ever have one of those friends that you love dearly and the thought of them in other context, well, "just isn't right?" That's me and Roo.

Roo and I met at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. More specifically, the first time we met was at a gas station in Michigan with my dad giving poor Roo the stare down. He was not thrilled with the idea of my male friend.

But I was. Roo was a great roommate and a really cool guy. Sure, he had fridge blindness, didn't unload the dishwasher, or remember to buy paper towel, but he did lots of other things.

Like listen to me cry and have girl melt-downs, drive my drunk self around after a night of drinking, introduced me to a bunch of crazy photographer friends, including his soon to be wife, Ginny, and he used to wait up for me at night if I was out.

We laughed, listened to lots of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, and we just clicked.

Roo even forgave me when I accidentally almost chocked him to death while we tried to drag his mattress up our two flights of stairs.

Tomorrow morning, I board the plane to take me to South Carolina, to see Roo and Ginny get married.

I'm thrilled that after all these years, we still have things to say and I took a chance, apparently telling Roo within 5 minutes of meeting him via phone, "We should live together."

And I'm glad we did. He was one of the best roommate's I've ever had and I'd bet he'd say the same about me.

Life is funny. Some people stick. Roo and I stuck.

More on the wedding when I return.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Dozen

Things I did today:

1. Went to work.
2. Got aches in my shoulders, neck and head.
3. Ate lunch at my desk.
4. Peed about 6 times.
5. Drank lots of water and one Diet Coke from the can.
6. Walked almost 4 miles after work.
7. Used Target's bathroom like a dressing room.
8. Ate Chicken Kabob for dinner.
9. Shopped and smelled lotion.
10. Drank half a glass of wine, as that's what was left in the bottle in the fridge.
11. Read Entertainment Weekly mostly cover to cover in 20 minutes.
12. Cranked up my ipod.

Things I didn't do:

1. Kiss anybody hello or goodbye.
2. Throw up my lunch.
3. Eat dessert.
4. Trip. (This is a big deal)
5. Watch any West Wing
6. Cure Cancer
7. Skip town
8. Wait too long in traffic.
9. Go to the zoo.
10. Get a new job.
11. Write the Great American Novel.
12. Cut my hair.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man

I like Superheros. Or certainly movies about them. And why not? They're usually empowering and fun to watch without taking themselves too seriously. And this weekend, I took in Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. It was well done and RDJ is a good actor that was believable with just the right amount of arrogance. Note to men: Some confidence is sexy. The kind that lets you just back up into any space or drive like you mean it, good.

Too much arrogance where you tell a woman what to do because you're sure your way is better? Not sexy. But I digress.

Maybe I enjoyed the movie because I went in with no expectation whatsoever and thus, could hardly be disappointed.

My love of Superhero's started early with my two brothers and our Saturday Morning cartoon ritual of eating cereal in front of the TV so we wouldn't miss the Superhero Sleepover. Can't remember the official name, but all of them would hang out in the same Justice League and solve crimes.

The next Superhero love affair will probably be with the Batman Sequel. Christian Bale was a great Batman, and I'll wait for him to swoop in with a good story.

Granted, not all Super hero movies are created equal, but this one was worth the trip.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Boys Gone Wild

I'm coming to you from the foggy depths of my hangover. Witty banter is trying to come to the surface, but it's currently being blocked by too many Blue Moon's, chicken strips, second hand smoke, and an almost bar brawl in which this guy was 3 seconds short of grabbing my ass, when my friend Nevada who is a foot taller and could see the incoming hand, pushed him away at which point, he told her she was being disrespectful.

Bar fighting much like Kung Foo just isn't my forte. I'm somehow always right in the middle. Once in college, I was at a crowded keg party when two guys started fighting, and guy A got so mad he hauled off and hit guy B, but instead of hitting guy B, he punched me right in face.

Fast forward 30 seconds and I'm crawling out of the party on my hands and knees.

Besides some hand to hand combat training that is required when one grows up between two brothers, I just don't have the skills needed to have a proper bar fight.

Guess we can't all be Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, can we?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Roof Party

Tonight is the night. We celebrate Rina's departure and move to Chicago. I'll refrain from saying the Windy City but it's right there in my head. Wanting to come out.

Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends from lots of old ad jobs. I can't believe Rina and have been friends over over two years. Day after day in an advertising agency and the time flies by. Maybe cubicles are actually just portals to another land, where time moves at warp speed, but then slows down to crawlspeed when you're working on certain projects.

Alas, let the drinks and memories flow. At least I'll have another person to visit, next time I'm in my neighboring city.

Good Luck Rina!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Photos of the Emerald Isle

To see Ireland Photos from my trip: