Sunday, April 03, 2011

Assorted Thoughts

I've got some random thoughts on mind, so this blog will be random as well.
Just a little warning before we get started.

1. Sunday dinner is in the oven. I try to make a big dinner on the weekends and then I have the leftovers during the work week. Plus, I have more time to enjoy the cooking on the weekend. Tonight's feast is roasted pork loin, roasted carrots and an actual potato that is baked in the oven. It tastes so much better than when you microwave them.

2. I hate the word webinar and any word that comes before or after it. It is just a fake word that makes one crazy.

3. I've got to continue my decluttering this week. Spring cleaning can be liberating.

4. Enjoying my new Adele cd that just arrived. Why I ordered an actual cd, I can't remember right now but the good news is, I can listen to it my car. The only place left that I actually own a cd player.

5.I'm sick of winter. I'm sick of faux winter. As much as adore my flannel sock monkey sheets and my fleece pajamas, I'm tired of wearing them. Time to retire those flannel sheets and open the windows, to let the sunshine and spring air in.
Hurry Up Spring!

6. Looking forward to the last season of Friday Night Lights. A great show that is highly under-rated. I think I can get the whole season on dvd on Tuesday. Or I can hold out for Netflix. Probably the smarter choice.

7. Household chores and laundry also being completed this weekend. Not fun, but feels good after it's done.

Time to go. Dinner's ready.