Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Prince of TIdes

What a wonderful book.

I finally finished reading it this past weekend. And have thought about it every day since. I'm feeling a little sad that I don't get to spend any more time with Savannah, Luke or Tom. I miss Mr. Fruit, Tolitha and Grandpa Wingo.

This book took me a long time to read. Probably longer than it should have. But it was a book that I wanted to savor, to enjoy the finely tuned language in the capable hands of Pat Conroy.

And it is actually over 600 pages. But it told such an amazing story full of so much heart and so many characters, and each character was fully explored, fully embraced by both the author and the reader. Through his eyes, I fell in love with all the people in the story as if they were personal family or friends of mine.

This hasn't happened to be in a very long time. I was given another Conroy book, Beach Music by a fellow writer in my writing group that I'll be tearing into as soon as I possibly can.

Often it seems the story overtakes the language but this book is a beautiful marriage of poetic beauty and a wholly engrossing story.

Pick it up immediately.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Heading on vacation for a few days.

And I'm so excited. Summer is the best time to be in Michigan. Lots of lakes, lots of wineries, lots of sun and hopefully lots of beach time.

Leaving tomorrow morning which explains why today is passing oh so slowly. Most of my laundry is done, but I haven't put any of it in a suitcase yet. Shouldn't take that long.

Famous last words. :) Anyway enjoy the weekend. I'm sure I'll be enjoying mine.

And I definitely plan on carving out some time to catch the Dark Knight. Christian Bale? Heath Ledger? Good writing? Need I say more?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cat Power

Is it just me, or when you hear Cat Stevens, do you get a sudden impulse to put on a long floral skirt, pack up your VOLVO, and skip through a meadow while eating a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on wheat bread?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pinball, Corner Pocket

I'm having so many thoughts right now that I can't seem to pin even one down. My brain feels like a pinball machine.

Bing. Bing. I want to go to a Tigers game. And a Lions game with my brother. I need to go see my dad before I leave for the weekend. I should get my oil changed. I need to finish up this project. Bang. I loved seeing my cousins yesterday both the originals and the added, meaning my cousin Ed. He's technically not my cousin, but I call him my cousin. He's married to my cousin Shannon. I love them both. Such great people. And very fun to be around. And they never judge me when I say something crazy. Notice I say when? I'm quirky. Can't help it. I say weird things sometimes. You either love me or you think I'm nuts. I'm fine with either. Bing, Bing. Man, am I sleepy. I sure could use a nap, but I won't take one. Tonight, I'm hoping for peace outside my bedroom window. I can't wait to go on vacation on Friday with Connie. Swimming, hanging out, drinking wine, and relaxing sounds like such a great idea. Had lots of fun with my cousin Lacy. It was her birthday yesterday. 21 is a big deal. I remember mine. I was hungover for two days. Probably had alcohol poisoning, but we didn't really know about that then. I got an engraved beer mug. And a black t-shirt with a giant bottle of Budweiser on the front. Classy I know. The new Batman is gonna be so good. Love Christian Bale. Bang, bong. I used to be good at pinball back in the day. Now I suck. It's ok. I've made peace with the fact I'm not good at video games, kickball or hooking up electronics.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monday

Sleep was a bit elusive last night. Let us examine why?

Thoughts of work today kept my brain from fulling shutting off. About the time my brain did shut off, two feral cats started fighting underneath my window screaming like wild banshees the only way cats can.

Then it was muggy. I felt clammy under my comforter. Finally started getting good rest about 5am which means I slept through the alarm and didn't make it to the gym this morning.

Rough morning. But here's hoping the rest of the day goes smoothly. I'm a little scared to eat lunch though. I'm wearing new white pants, which is just asking for me to spill something on myself.

Fingers crossed I don't.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Lacy. She's an awesome person who happens to related to me, but I'd like to think we'd still hang out even if we weren't family.

Hopefully, I can swing by your dinner celebration.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Coffee Mug

The mug was cheap,
but I gave it with love,
Using my allowance.
Hoping at Christmas when the paper was torn,
you would be happy.
Unfounded fears.
Michigan State’s green and white,
and no one cheered louder than you.

Holding it,
memories stack like Petoskey stones
on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Rush Limbaugh, Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles,
and your ranting about the goddamn democrats
with a sparkle in your eye,
Sipping your coffee black.

The brilliance of Christmas
green and white diminished this year.
You had to go,
but I wish
we had time
for one last cup.

In Memory of William W.Gotshall.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reading This. Not That

Enjoyed the gym this morning. It feels good to work out before work. Before I'm fully awake, fully thinking, and fully present. It's a nice way to wake myself up.

And I'm not saying the gym is a magical pill that makes everything better, but it does make crap seem, well a little less crappy.

I'm looking forward to going home tonight and reading my book. The Prince of Tides in case anyone was wondering. The language is beautiful and the story is wholly engrossing. It's taking me a little while to work through it, but that's ok. It's like a good piece of chocolate and shouldn't be inhaled in 10 seconds. Not to get the whole affect.

Unlike a book I read over the weekend with a shiny cover, titled, "Not Another Bad Date." But, it really should have been called,"Not Another Bad Book."

I knew it was a fluffy stupid read, but I really wasn't expecting it to be that awful.

I know better. That's what I get for taking a break.

But fear not,I'm back to a good book. And like that good piece of chocolate, I'll savor it.

Monday, July 07, 2008



I'm in a bad mood today. And it hasn't gotten any better. And what do I have to look forward to tonight?

A teeth cleaning. Which isn't a bad thing, but I really don't feel like going to the dentist.

Maybe if I go for a nice long walk after the dentist, I'll start feeling a little bit better.

I just don't understand why things never work out for me? Why do I have to struggle all the damn time?

And if somebody says, "That's just life", consider yourself slapped.