Monday, December 31, 2007

The 2007 Reel

Top Highlights of 2007:

1. Skin cancer for me.
2. My weight loss of almost 30 pounds and counting.
3. My joining of a new gym.
4. New Vera Wang pajamas.
5. Several job interviews, and while they didn't work out, I'm optimistic about my future.
6. Despite bad news, my dad is still here and we hung out today and watched Carole Lombard and Ann Margret biographies.
7. Several close friends are expecting babies in 2008.
8.My friends really kept me going this year. I had a lot of hard times and depression and they were they all there for me. They never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself.
9. I will be credit card debt free in early 2008.
10. My first official dinner party (Christmas Eve) was a happy success.

Happy New Year!
Let's make 2008 a great one.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Guility and Not so Guilty Pleasures

Today's blog deals with guilt. Both the good and the bad. Thanks for the idea, C.

A. Name 6 guilty pleasures no one would suspect you of having:

1. I like sequin clothing. Luckily, I have friends that intervene before I actually buy a shirt that belongs on the wall in a casino, and wouldn't really be suitable to wear anywhere, except maybe Vegas.

2. After I get off work, if I'm not going anywhere I like to put on my fleece pajama pants with the jumping cows on them and watch Scrubs on DVD.

3. Occasionally, I still crave the old school Kraft Mac and cheese in the blue box. Bring on the stomach pains.

4. Romance Novels: This is a big one. I belong to a smart, funny and sophisticated writer group where I usually speak about the classic book or non ridicule book I'm reading, ie, "The Things They Carried", or some other title. It would be hard to admit, I'd just read, Paradise, or Perfect to those women. But now I've outed myself, as several members do read this blog.
I certainly don't read them with the appetite I once had in high school, but I've given this a lot of thought and the reason I still like them, is that I'm guaranteed a happy ending. I'm a bit too cynical to believe in the perfect man and his amazing qualities, but I do enjoy a happy ending every now and then.

5. Cleaning Helper Kits: I own the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner, the Swifter Wet Jet and the Swifter duster. I just love these products that make cleaning easier for me, since I do hate to clean and I make an awful housewife. But in exchange, you'd get a witty and kind person to share your bathroom with.

6. Rick Springfield: I do own a Rick Springfield Cd. He was my first crush and I got his album for my 6th birthday. He was so fine with his white undershirt singing Jessie's Girl. How can you not find that a bit endearing?

B. Name six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge:

1. Super high sexy shoes. But, my feet just weren't made for walking in those death traps.

2. Telling the corporate folks here what I think. (Similar to yours C.). But alas, that won't be happening.

3. Quitting my job and traveling around the country, listening to Cat Stevens, eating peanut butter and skipping every where I went.

4. Selling my sensible Saturn for a hot tramp convertible.

5. Never paying back my student loans. This is of course only imaginary. I wouldn't ever default on such a serious thing, but boy what I could do instead with that money.

6. Eating carrot cake every day, until I no longer even wanted to see the stuff.

3. Six Guilty Pleasures you once considered guilty but now have made peace with:

1. My love of magazines: It's sick. It's out of control. But the more I have, the more I read and it just feeds on itself. But magazines make me happy in a way I can barely explain, so I subscribe to a beloved few, and pilfer daily through the magazine bin for free media left-overs and I'm not ashamed anymore.

2. My passion for socks. And not plain old white ones. I'm talking about kooky fun insane socks. Why not? My feet need to wear them, so why not make it interesting down there?

3. Matching bras and panties: Most friends with husbands or boyfriends tell me that the men don't even notice this stuff anyway, so all the more reason that I do it for me. I love the feeling I get when I'm wearing super cute undies and matching bra under my otherwise blah outfit. And, if I buy the stuff that is a little nicer, it holds together a little while longer.

4. Coupons: Yes, I cut coupons. And where do I keep them? In my coupon wallet of course. And why not? Isn't that what Sundays are for? Laundry, buying the paper and then cutting coupons? If I have to buy Tide why not get it for a dollar less?

5. Cards: Both sending and shopping for them. I don't ever need to set foot in Hallmark, as I have plenty of notecards and other stationary to write thoughtful notes on, but sometimes nothing beats pouring over the special cards to find the best one for my best friends birthday, or a get well to a friend who's been sick for a while.

6. Beverly Hills 90210: What can I say? I grew watching this soapy, crazy, over the top show and I couldn't get enough of Dylan's brooding or Brenda's harping: "We're from Minnesota", or "We had sex Dylan." That became her answer to everything. And now that it is out on DVD, I'm happy to relive the good parts of my own high school angst without the acne or cripping insecurities. Thank you, 90210.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kick Me

I'm very tired. Things have been a bit rocky lately. Sorry, if this is vague, but I don't feel like reliving the whole thing all over again.

Going to the eye doctor this morning to see if I qualify for Lasik eye surgery. I hope it works out better than gym class, when I always got picked for kickball. Unless there was a super fat kid, then I might get second to last. And really by the time you're last, you're not picked, you're playing by default.

Tonight is a work friend's birthday in Royal Oak. I'm gonna come by and have a drink. And then I'm heading home.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jelly Donuts, Jelly Belly

I won the battle of the scale weigh in this morning, but as soon as I finally got to work, I lost a battle with a Krispy Kreme jelly donut.

Almost immediately after eating it, I wished I wouldn't have. And it's not because I'm scared I won't lose weight next week because of one donut. I mean, this lifestyle of Weight Watchers is designed, so you can eat an occassional treat. Otherwise, you'll feel too restricted and go food postal.

Anyway, I had been craving one of these sugary treats for a while and there it was, staring right at me. But I didn't even think. I just ate it. Maybe it was the extra long drive in, with the winshield washer jet that wouldn't clear my driver side. I can't say.

But, it's one of those foods, I'm going to mark under, Ok. But not worth the calories or fat. You know how sometimes, it really is worth it? So, you enjoy it and move on?

Well, I have to move on, but it wasn't worth it. But I'm not going to dwell on that. I'm instead going to focus on the fact that I lost the little bit of weight I gained over Thanksgiving, plus a whole pound. Making my loss for last week almost 2 pounds.

And that's damn good in my opinion. I had to dodge a lot of tempting foods, so I guess I'm only human if every once in a while, one gets past me.

Next time, I'll be ready.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blog On

Don't fret blog.

Just because the month-long writing challenge is over, it doesn't mean that I'm going to neglect you. It means, I will try my best to write every day, but it may not happen.

Anyway. Back at the office. Trying to get things done, which proves very difficult when at times, the only information you have available for a project is the deadline.

What can you do?

A. Try not to beat your head against a blunt object.

Class tonight. Makes for a long night, but it goes by fast. This cold weather sure makes it hard to crawl out of bed in the morning and go to the gym. But I'm proud to say, I did it today.

I always feel better. It's just that intial shock to the system.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shop On

What a day!

Got up early to meet Karlene for some shopping and lunch. I ended up buying myself some much needed clothes, a few Christmas ornaments and a few gifts for other people. I was busy running around after that, but I'm happy with my results, and that's what counts after all.

It does pay to get to the stores when they're running specials, because if you'd planned to get the stuff anyway, why not get it for 60% off?

Now, I'm at home curled up in front of the space heater and I'm going to go read my story for writer workshop tomorrow.

A storm is brewing outside, so I'm feeling cozy and snuggled up inside.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Anxiously Waiting

The final day of this blog challenge is upon me. Hooray!

I woke up very sleepy, but dragged myself kicking and screaming to the gym. Treadmill and weights today.

And now I am feeling very anxious and I'm not sure why. Today was pay day, so I figured if I paid all my bills, perhaps that would keep some anxiety at bay, but no, it's still here.

I'm all caught up with my work, so that's not the source of my angst either. Usually Fridays come bringing a relaxed calm as the weekend is almost present.

Ah well. I don't know what's going on or why. Maybe it's stress I've been pushing down bubbling to the surface.

Writer group this weekend, so I hope it motivates me to get writing again.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Day in My Life

So far this is what I've done with my day.

Woke up at 6:15ish. Started up the car from the living room with my handy remote starter, got dressed in gym attire, brushed my teeth and headed out to the gym. Once there, I handed the broken shreds of my gym card to the gym lady and headed to the elliptical machine. My gym card was massacred last weekend, when Shane and I were barhopping in Royal Oak. It had fallen out of my pocket, and was consequently run over.

After 30 minutes and 2 miles of virtual earth was conquered, I got off and lifted weights. Chest flies and chest presses. I ran out of time and couldn't finish the rest of my weight routine. That will have to wait till Friday.

I then returned home, started my coffee machine and took a shower. After that, I did all the usual getting ready things, including making my lunch, which I should really learn to do at night when possible.

Two freeways later and I arrived at the office. Opened lots of virtual mail and discovered today is my last day to sign up for health benefits and I still needed to finish that. And I found, I was officially 6 weeks behind on my time sheets.

Caught all those up. Looked at benefit info. Finished up a project. Emailed a story for my writer group on Sunday, and called the eye doctor and made an appointment to see if I was a good candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery.

Then lunch: I ate homemade chili I'd made with stolen cracker packets from the overpriced cafeteria.

And that's where the day has stopped for now. Later, it may involve dinner TBD, and a long commute home.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tinsel and TIme

Post lunch blog:

I'm full of squash soup and apple slices. And a bit of peanut butter.

Last night after work, after dinner I was lounging on the sofa in my pajama's and thought I should do something, since it was only about 8:00 at that point.

I hustled to dress and scooted off to Kohl's to buy a few Christmas ornaments. They were 50 percent off, an I hadn't bought any new ones in a few years. I ended up with three, a roll of wrapping paper, and a pair of Christmas socks for the bargain price of $13.00.

But I don't think the tree will be going up till next week sometime. I'm hosting our family Christmas, so that should be interesting.

So far, I've only purchased one small holiday item. But, I've got time. After all, it's not even December yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not noteworthy

I'm wearing my new winter coat. It's vintage. Red and black.

I love it. Funny how since I bought it at a vintage store it sounds better than if I said, I bought this used at the Salvation Army. Essentially, it's the same exact thing.

Here nor there. I love it and I spent what I'd planned too. I just donated my old winter coats. I've been trying to streamline the closets lately.

The book I'm still reading: To the Nines, by Janet Evanvovich. Very fun and entertaining. After that, I'm going to tackle the book my friend Nevada wrote. And I'm still reading my Aunt Erin's book too, which I love. I like hearing stories about my Grandma Hope.

Today might be a good day to clear off my desk. I've got it piled with stuff, and I think I must've been Fred Sanford in some former life.

I have managed to carry just one bag into the office in the morning. This is big progress.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the Office

Back at the office. I'm sort of glad to be back to my normal routine.

I wouldn't say I really went crazy with the eating over the long weekend, but I was more relaxed than I have been recently, and I'm looking forward to getting back to my gym and healthy, healthy eating kick.

And I'm actually working on a project. True, it is so boring I could dry paint with it, but still. And as it turns out, I still don't have much news. I am burning my Bobby Bare cd right now for my Uncle Joe. I hope it cheers him up.

Today it's so gray outside, I'm doing my best to pretend it's nice out and the weather isn't making me feel blah.

In other news, my faux pas with my bumper is getting fixed in the morning.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not much

Dinner is cooking.

I had a great day. Shane and I hung out for most of the day, and now I'm cleaning and hanging around the house. A bit hungover, but we had a good time last night.

Hopefully, we'll hang out again soon.

Sorry, but I've got no worthy blog news today.

My hung over fog will clear by morning, and maybe I'll have better blog content. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Back from the north. It's good to be home. My brother is coming over so we can hang out.

We're like Donnie and Marie without the creepy Morman overtones. Longer blog tomorrow, when life returns to normal. I will blog longer, sleep in my own bed, and go to the gym.

Goodnight and good luck.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey

Post turkey coma and all is quiet on the home front. Or rather, my mom' s home front.

We just returned from an outing at the movie, Enchanted. A feel good, funny sweet and sappy. Perfect for 8 year old girls and me. :)

Everyone once in a while, I need a little more fluff than drama. Real life is real enough.

Short entry today. Heading home tomorrow. I will write more when I return to my own computer.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkeys Come Home

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's pre turkey and I've already had a nap. I'm hungry and going to drink wine.

I'm thankful that my dad and my uncle joe are here. I shall try to focus on happy things today.

I've arrived up north. Tis the quiet before the bird.

Till Later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Raining Men

My friend R. and I have been discussing for some time, our Top 10 list of men that we like in the 7th grade sort of like. These are also celebrities. My list isn't complete yet, but I thought this blog would be a good place to start collecting my thoughts.

1. John Cusack: He's smart, cute, sensitive, and plays the every man well in his movies.

2. Joaquin Phoenix: He's got what I like to call throw down. A bit of a brooder perhaps, but watch Walk the Line, and tell me you don't find him to be a tasty dish. (This is pre-crazy bearded cave man).

3. Matt Damon: I'm gonna agree with People magazine on this. Sexist Man Alive. A guy's guy, smart, loyal, isn't over exposed by the media.

4. Christan Bale: Good actor, sexy voice, nice eyes, and is always playing very versatile roles. My favorite Batman, by far.

5. Michael Vartan: The hot teacher from Never Been Kissed. Yummy!!

6. Edward Burns: Hot, hot, creative, smart, dry wit, independent filmmaker and now dad of two kids.

7. Gerard Butler: My god. Pure animal lust evokes when I think of this actor. He was the quiet hot man in Dear Frankie, a little seen indie movie, who was kind and so hot. Last summer I think he was in that movie, 300 and he is about to star in some movie that makes me willing to put up with Hillary Swank. (That movie, was PS, I love you. Pure dreck, but oh still worth it.).

8. Harry Connick Jr.: I have loved Harry for a very long time. I like his voice, and hearing him sing makes me happy so judge me if you will. I don't care. He is a gentleman and a humitarian and he makes me want to lay on his piano.

9. Daniel Craig: The new Bond is my new boyfriend... IF only. Hot in an animalistic way and I love a man with a British accent. He definitely has what I referred to earlier as "throw-down."

10. Jon Hamm- The actor who plays Don Draper. A husband so disloyal, yet you want to forgive him. As I've mentioned before he gets away with far too much because of his bad boy dressed nice ways. And he does have a sweet side, a soulful side that comes softly to to the surface in unguarded moments.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Must Love Cusack

I'm just back from lunch. I'm drinking my first peppermint mocha of the season. I'm happy to report that it isn't too sweet and I'm very much enjoying it.

Had a decent weekend. Chased saddness and depression on Friday and it caught me for most of the day Friday, but then I dragged myself out for beer on Friday night and things seem to look better with a little beer.

Saturday morning, I decided to leisure about with my coffee and a movie. Wintery Blend from Trader Joe's and Must Love Dogs was a good combo. I adore John Cusack. The only problem is, most of us just endure those horrible dates, online or otherwise and there is never a John Cusack at the end, wanting to date us. But I guess that's what makes it a movie. :)

Sunday, I was up early to get ready for the Lions game with my brother. Tailgating by 9am. I couldn't bring myself to drink beer till I had coffee, but I managed to have a few. I had lots of fun. The game itself was ok, but our Lions just couldn't get their shit together.

Tonight, it's dinner with Becky. Looking forward to seeing her.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My fingers can't type

My hands are numb from the cold. I will report on the Lions game tomorrow.

But in short, I had lots of fun. And I'm now equally pleased to be at home with my space heater.

Until Monday.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Couch Spectator

Last night after spending far too many hours sitting on the couch in a stupor of depression, cupcake mix, cream cheese icing, and tv, some friends convinced me to come out for a drink.

Problem was, I'd left my sports bra on the whole day, my hair was a swirly mess (haircut today 2pm), and I was wearing my glasses.

20 minutes later, I looked considerably normal, so I headed out. First stop was this trendy new sushi place that was packed full of hipsters. You know those people who look like they live in NYC, or pretend they do, even if this hipster joint shares the kiddie corner with my decrepit, run down gym.

I didn't order a drink there because it was far too crowded. We left and went to a more normal bar. Less trendy lights and pool tables. Here, I had a cheese stick, maybe it was one and half, and some spinach dip and two beers.

And since I'd walked, even the walk to and from the bar, helped clear my head and I was feeling all together a bit more optimistic.

Right now, I'm enjoying some couch lounging and my coffee. This ritual, I usually save for Sunday mornings, but tomorrow I'll be zooming off to the Lions game with my brother and won't have time for couch lounging.

Apparently, we arrive early in order to tail gate, which for Shane must involve a lot of Diet Coke. I'm not sure I'll be able to drink beer in the morning, but we'll see how it goes.

Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Truth be told, I'm not so much a football fan, as a hang out with friends and visit fan. And I like to watch the players butts in those tight little football pants.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Today was an ok day. I had the day off, so it seems like the day should have been amazing.

It wasn't. It was just like a bonus Saturday. I need to get a haircut tomorrow, so I thought I'd clean the house, go to the grocery store, and made home-made cupcakes for a pot luck dinner on Saturday.

I did make it to the gym, and talked to an 88 year old lady on the treadmill next to me. She was so cool. I was quite impressed she was there.

Watching Rocky 3. Never gets old. I will clean during the commercials.

That's it for today.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I can't stand the Political Correct world in which we live these days. I just finished reading a news article, and this excerpt is below:

SYDNEY (AFP) - Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.

Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.

WTF! I know that some things in this world needed to be changed, but this has gone completely overboard. We can't even say the phrase HO, HO, HO? It's ridiculous in the same way that that preacher went after the gay telltubby a few years back.

This is what happens, when adults attach their agenda's to children. Children are innocent and as long as you're not teaching them to be racist, or to wear mini Klan robes, I don't see how a child is going to hear the phrase, HO, HO, HO, and think of a prostitute.

Kids like Dora, and Sponge Bob, and horses. They don't know about hookers, pimps, gangsters or any of the above.

I find Political Correctness offensive.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mr. Damon

Tonight is a family dinner with some cousins at an Irish family owned restuarant in Berkley. Looking forward to it hanging out, maybe having a drink and catching up.

In other news, we get Friday off for some random reason. Don't care why, I'm just happy to particpate. I'll sleep in a bit, go to the gym and then I'm getting a haircut.


I'm currently reading Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. So far so good. It's quite a depature from Lolita.

And in entertainment news, Matt Damon has been named People Magazine's Sexist Man Alive for 2007. I'll buy that. Lots of things go into making him attractive. He is boy next door cute, has nice arms, (Hello Bourne movies), he's very intelligent, loyal, self depracting etc. This is of course all speculation, but I do think he is a talented actor who works hard and doesn't feed on his own publicity.

That's it for today.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pulp Fiction

Do you have one of those movies that changed you? As you watched it for the first time, you were awestruck and going to that movie actually meant something? And years later even when you just hear the soundtrack you're immediately taken back to a specific time period?

Pulp Fiction is that movie. It came out in 1994. I saw it in the summer time. I was 21 or 22 at the time, and I had never seen anything like it in my life. I loved all of it.

The great dialogue, the music, the quirky characters, and even the insane over the top violence was part of the fun. I actually felt very sad when John Travolta's character Vincent Vega was killed. I loved Bruce Willis. Samual Jackson. They all brought humanity and humor to people we probably weren't supposed to like.

And movie audiences rooted for Quentin Taratino, an under-dog who brought back some actors and with his passion, made them relevant again. I found it to be one of those movies that polarized people. You either loved it or hated it. There wasn't any middle ground with this one.

That summer, I felt free. Had a summer job, but my main job seemed to be hanging out with my friends, drinking bar hopping and barbequing.

I haven't had that sense of complete freedom in a long time, but thanks to the soundtrack of the movie, I'm immediately transported back to that summer when anything was possible.

Before cancer, before all my friends had babies, before I worked in advertising, before I cared about working out, before college was over, before wars, before grad school in Atlanta, and before I really knew how important that summer, that movie, that time would be.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Faux Binge

It's almost lunchtime in the office.
And I'm hungry, so forgive me if I talk about food in a lustful manner.

Speaking of that though, on Saturday morning after my workout, I was feeling like having a good old fashioned, "Screw it. I am going to eat whatever I want today, Weight Watchers be damned."

Then this happened: I ended up fondling some cakes. Chocolate, Apple Torte, Raspberry swirled something. Don't worry, they were protected by plastic domes. I looked at some frozen fried cheese sticks, moved on and eye-balled some Cheeto's, picked up a box of Golden Grahams or would it be Honeycombs?

and this is what I came home with:

1. Bran flake cereal with a half a gram of sugar per serving.
2. Half Gallon, Skim milk.
3. Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Ice cream sandwiches.

Go nuts.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Made It

I almost forgot to post today, but here I am.

Got up this morning and went to visit my dad. We hung out, sorted his mail, (he got your card Lacy, Thank you :), and I got him so lunch and a few packs of smokes, and then I kissed him on the cheek and headed off.

Went to see my best friend Connie for a little bit, but our girly visit got interrupted by her husband coming home early. Ah well. It's not so fun to girl talk with a guy in the room.

I headed off to the grocery store where I bypassed carrot cake that was on sale. I should get a medal, for those of you who are aware of my love for carrot cake.

Oh yes, carrot cake you will be mine and very soon.

Keep on keepin on. Tomorrow is the start of another week.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I feel like shit. And I feel sad. I hate cancer. I'm trying to think about other things, but with a dad and my favorite uncle who is also my Godfather both fighting cancer, I'm having trouble this morning.

People look at you funny if you start crying on the elliptical machine, I discovered.

Too damn bad. I'm sure I will rally and try to stay positive and strong for my loved ones soon. They need me. And I need them.

I've been distracting myself by watching Scrubs on dvd from netflix. It helps.

And I cleaned my house last night, which also helps. I think I will be doing some more cleaning today.

Friday, November 09, 2007

No, I don't want Fries with That

Today's post starts with an article I was reading online yesterday:

The average American consumer eats three burgers and four orders of fries each week. A typical American child now gets one-fourth of his or her vegetables in the form of French fries or potato chips. Half our nation's family food budgets are spent in restaurants, with fast-food operations and chains getting the lion's share of the spending.

3 or 4 fast food meals a week? Are they kidding? The other day when I said I ate fast food occasionally, I meant that pre healthy eating, I ate fast food maybe once a month.

And now, it's usually one or two times a summer if I'm on road trip and there's not much else. So, I guess I wasn't ever a true fast food junkie.

That was good news. My weekend is open-ended at this point. I like this. My week's lately get all scheduled up and I'm looking forward to going home, cleaning the house and having a beer.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

They can't all be great

Last night's shopping venture was a success. I am defining success by the fact that A. I only spent $4.00, and B. Got a really cool bag that is so me to carry my wallet,lunch and whatever else I need or think I need to work each morning.

So, there's that. In other good news,while working out on the elliptical machine this morning, I realized it's not as hard as it used to be. The good and bad news, is now it's time to bump up that resistance.

Don't think I'm going to increase length of time spent on it just yet (30 minutes currently at 2. something miles logged per time), but that can come next.

It's all about moderation and slowly taking this exercise and eating right to the next level and the evolution of my work outs.

I'm guessing I have a good month and half before my gym starts clogging up with post holiday guests, and I say, Come one, come all. There's plenty of room at the inn, just keep out of my way. Don't get on my machines before me.

Gray weather today. I'm trying to stay cheerful despite the weather and that bitch, Mother Nature.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Heat is On

3:20 and no inspiration to be found. But this blog challenge waits for no one, so here I am, in all my mediocre glory.

Tonight I'm meeting my Aunt Carol after work for some light shopping. I say light because I don't really have a lot of money, yet I need to buy a few new sweaters and or shirts for Fall/Winter.

Last night at 4:30 am, I finally decided it was time to turn on the heat. I'd been blissfully warm with my new down comforter but last night it was actually cold. I was relieved to find that my furnace was actually working. I hate calling my landlord. I do it so rarely, but he's such a jerk and he doesn't handle any situation that requires his attention very well. He always makes me feel like it's my fault somehow.

It's times like that I must remind myself, there are things I'd change, hell, mostly I'd like to move, but it's cheap where I live, I'm centrally located and man, do I hate moving.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

7 and 7

Good Morning,

I was just blog searching and found a blog that had a suggested post where you as the blogger are to name 7 random facts or maybe not some random, about yourself.

1. My right leg is shorter than my left. Consequently, my feet are about a half size different. This is because of a problem with my Achilles tendon from birth. I'm fine with it, but I will say shoe shopping can be a bitch.

2. I don't think I've ever had a 7 and 7 cocktail. It's one of those drinks that sounds cool and I'd feel like a hipster for ordering it. Does anyone know what's actually in it?

3. My middle name is Rose. This is a family name. Lots of my cousins and aunts on the Quinlan side also have this name. My mom told me part of the reason she picked it is because both of my names are colors. Kelly (Green) and Rose.

4. When I was a kid, I liked hamburgers. I liked cheese. But I did not like cheeseburgers. I've since overcome this phenomenon.

5. I have had the same best friend since I was 6 years old. We met when I came to her school, and she asked if I wanted to play on the swing set. She taught me how to curl my hair, how to put on make-up and if it wasn't for her mom, I wouldn't have had any after school snacks. We've had our ups and downs, but we're pretty close again. She's the closet thing I'll ever have to a sister.

6. Madonna's dad owns a winery in northern Michigan. It's close to my mom's house in Lake Leelanau. I've been to it. They make a good red wine. And no, she wasn't there.

7. My drivers ed teacher was a German man with a horrible temper. He used to call me Red, because I had dyed my hair which is naturally dark brown with blond hair dye and thus turned it into the color of Alf's fur.

Monday, November 05, 2007


This morning I chose sleep over the gym. I had too. Last week, it seems I was groggy a lot of the time. And I thought this morning, what a novelty to be less groggy when I start my week.

But fear not, exercise trackers. I have been wanting to try my Pilate's dvd again to see if I've gotten any more flexible. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll be bending to a half pretzel after work.

I remember those flexibility tests in Middle School. I always scored in the negative number range. Maybe it was because one leg was shorter than the other? Or maybe I simply didn't care enough if my hands reached far, far across my toes? Either way, any shake up in the fitness routine is good for the body.

Wearing my new bra this morning, and Hello Dolly. Who knew I had a rack that could rival Ted Nugent's?

I suspect I will lose some boobage when I'm finished with this weight loss journey, but it looks like I'll still have enough left over.

Time to go. I have to write a monologue for Tuesday's comedy class.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight Twilight

It's amazing to me how an extra hour of sleep this morning has made me feel productive today. Slept in a bit, got ready and headed to writer group. Had a good meeting and for me, it was nice to see everyone again.

After group, I headed to Walmart to buy some freezer containers, and found a cute casual coat for super cheap, which will do on those casually cold days. My real winter coat, I haven't found yet, but the search continues.

Came home, made homemade chili, but realized I was starving so I ate a tostada for dinner instead. No matter. Lots of chili for meals the rest of the week. I then cut out coupons and put them in my coupon wallet (god, I'm pathetic) :), and now I'm couch lounging and doing laundry.

For my first post Lolita read, I'm going to go for one of the lighter fun Janet Evanovich bounty hunter books. I think I'm on book 8.

And a side note on my food blog of the other day. You know the one, where I hopped up on a soapbox and told you all the foods I no longer eat? Well, occasionaly for no rhyme or reason, I crave the poufy Cheetos.

So, today I let myself buy the small, small lunch box size. A little Cheeto goes a long way.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Ah. My free internet connection has finally decided to cooperate, so here I am with today's entry. Not much to report. I did go to the gym this morning, after dragging myself from bed. I was and I am quite tired. Looking forward to that extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning.

Finished Lolita. More about that after writer group tomorrow morning. Bra shopping was a success last night and I was actually wearing the wrong size. New bra is making me feel pretty and feminine and since I was able to use the coupon and my gift card, it was a smart purchase indeed.

Perhaps today, I have a new appreciation for fine lingere for one's mood. Sunday I will do more cleaning and make home made chili.

That's all I got. I must go log in my food journal now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekend at Bernies

The gauntlet has been thrown. I've entered into the blog every day for a month competition. I promise to complete it. I can't promise every blog will be interesting, but I'm guessing if you're reading it, you're just procrastinating anyhow.

So, onto today's agenda. Hmm. Don't have one. :)

Tonight after work, I'm going to Somerset to buy a new bra at Victoria's Secret. I have a gift card and a coupon, which means I can probably afford a new bra there. But my god, what do they make them out of? A little fabric and some wire and bam. $42.00

But, I'm all about pretty undie things for myself and this is one small perk of not spending my disposable income on diapers or formula. I may not have a baby, but damn, I got a pretty bra and pantie set.

Saturday is TBD. Although, I know it will involve the gym and most likely the farmer's market.

Sunday is writing group which will be cool. We're workshopping a bit and discussing Lolita, which I must finish by Sunday. Why do I wait till the last minute? I feel like I'm in high school again.

There's lots of room to squeeze in other things too, so the day is full of possibility.

The last few days, I've spent running around anyway, so I wouldn't mind a mello evening. Bring on the lounging!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Take it off the Menu

I've decided to compile a list of foods that I no longer eat or even like since I've started on my healthful journey to Healthavana! Yes, I just made up a place.

1. The White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks: This used to be like liquid crack to me. I could drink one a day, and still want more. And since it had been a while, I decided to treat myself to one last week. I got a small, aka tall and I couldn't drink it. I had a few sips, and then I just threw it away. It was way too sweet and I didn't like it. It made me miss my tall, nonfat latte with nutmeg.

2. Coffee Cream in fun flavors: I love coffee and will continue the full on love affair with the magical beverage, but I used to pour all this chemical enhanced flavored shit in it, every day. Butter Pecan, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Turtle swirled chocolate, you name it, and I put in my coffee. One day, I just decided NO MORE. I'm off of it now, and I feel better.

3. Sugared Cereals: Hmm, I'm sensing a pattern with sugar. :) Anyway, my parents weren't the type to encourage eating Sugar Pops, or Capn Crunch, or Smore, or Honeycomb cereal, so naturally as an adult, I bought it all the time. And it sets off the switch.
Once you have a bowl, you want more. So, I gave this up too. Because rarely do I go, man, gimme some more grapenuts. But that's what I really like now. With fresh blueberries.

4. TacoBell: I think a small amount of fast food occasionally is ok, but a few months ago, I tried to eat some Taco Bell and I had to throw it away. It was so gross that it certainly wasn't worth the calories. The thing is, once I've been away from these foods, and try to eat them, I realize I'm not really missing anything at all. So, if I crave some Mexican I go out for Mexican or make it at home, where at least I know about all the ingredients that went into it.

5. And I'll throw this in just because. I don't really like baby carrots anymore. I don't mind them with some hummus or as part of a veggie tray, but just because I'm eating healthier doesn't mean I want to eat baby carrots till my skin turns orange.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's that Time

I feel compelled to mention that it's Halloween. So, cheers to your costume clad selves.

My only store bought costume when I was a kid, was Fred Flintstone. I can't remember having a deep love of Fred,but apparently he was a winner to me.

Last year here at work, we did a group theme of Creepy Carnival, and I dressed up like a bearded lady. This year during work, we did The Shining. And me and Nevada dressed as the creepy dead twins.

It's fun to escape someplace else every now and then.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You too?

I've heard the pep talk. We all have. Which goes something like this:

"Anything worth having requires hard work and lots of struggles. And the struggles are there to show you how bad you want something. When you struggle and then overcome it, you're stronger and you've proven to yourself you can do it, when you really want something."

The struggle I'm dealing with and have been dealing with is my struggle with the scale. I've been losing weight steadily now for a while, and I am about half way at this point. And I am struggling.

My resolve is still strong. I know in my heart that this is something that I need to do, that I want to do, and that I will finish. But, lately it's been very hard. I don't find myself wanting to eat a bag of Doritos's in one sitting or anything like that.

But I guess that part that is wearing on me right now, is the constant need to calculate what I'm eating, what I just ate, what I will eat next. This level of concentration is part of the process, but it's tiring. I wish I didn't know exactly how much I ate at any given moment, and I wish I didn't have to keep track of how much I weigh down to the tenth of a pound.

And I'm not saying the other way I was living my life was the right path either.

Never keeping track, and then over-eating at every single meal and feeling bad about it. Feeling bad every morning when I got up, trying to get dressed for work, and feeling trapped in my own body. Not knowing how to break that awful cycle.

For people that say, just stop eating junk food: It's not that simple. It's like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking. They don't drink because they're thristy, and I didn't eat too much because I was hungry.

Sadly, this problem will be with me even after I finish losing the weight. Only then it will become a question of how to keep off all the weight I worked so hard to shed?

I will keep asking the question. I'm a fighter, so I will keep battling, but I am tired.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Big 5

My friend tagged me to do this exercise, so I'll give it a go.

Five reasons I am a strong writer:

1. Authentic Voice: Or should I say, I have found a voice in which to write from. I seem to excel at memoir type writing,but even when writing about fictional characters, I am able to translate dialogue and charaters that have real depth.

2. Daily Practice: I will put this as one, only because my day job involves me being a copywriter, which means I do write every day. Granted, I write about cars, but still, I'm putting hand to keyboard on a consistent basis.

3. Truth: I can find the truth in a situation that others can relate to.

4. Pure Passion: I do LOVE it. I have been uninspired in my own writing, but I have recently signed up for comedy writing classes through Second City Detroit and I'm hoping that will push me into some new material.

5. Read: I'm going to borrow this one. I too, love to read. Always have, always will. I've recently caught reading fever again, and it reminds me why I love it. I find reading other writers too is inspiring and it's a constant lesson in vocabulary.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zoo and Then

Age 3 or 4: I wished to be an elephant keeper at the zoo. I dreamed of feeding and watering the elephants, until I actually visited the zoo and saw just how big an elephant was.

Outfit of choice: My Grover jumper and Navy blue tights.

This past weekend, I went again to the zoo. It was a great day for that. Great weather, not too crowded and lots to see. But the zoo wasn't as magical as I'd remembered nor was it as depressing as I feared it may be.

Outfit of choice: My new boot-cut dark jeans and my black v-neck sweater that I paid too much for at Banana Republic.

I avoided the nachos, the cotton candy, and best of all the dish renowned at amusement parks the world over, the cup of fries.

Still, I live about a mile from the zoo, so it was time I went to the see the animals.
And except for a something I can only describe as a rape in the Kangaroo play area, it was a good time for all.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rules of the Office

I don't claim to be the perfect office worker, but I've learned a few rules or guidelines along the way to ensure I'm not, "that annoying girl at the office."

Here are a few things you can do to keep the status quo between the cubicle walls.

1. Headphones: If I'm going to listen to my Johnny Cash, my Merle Haggard, or hell even my office lite, Harry Connick Jr. I don't assume that others around me want to listen too.

2. The community microwave: Never cook FISH in the company microwave. This will make you the butt of jokes and is sure to garner you dirty looks from co-workers.

3. Phone Calls: If you need to make a personal call, use your cell phone and move away from your immediate seating area. This allows you both some much needed privacy and also prevents your co-worker from listening to you describe some symptoms to your doctor.

4. Bathroom stalls: Leave the cell phone out of the bathroom. I don't want to hear you talking to your friend while you're on the toilet.

5. Bathroom Part 2: I know from time to time we all have to do what we need to do, but for godsake, please employ the courtesy flush, so you don't wreck the bathroom for the rest of us for the afternoon.

That's all I've got for now, but check back as I will update it from time to time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday of my 34th

I'm feeling inspired after last night's comedy class. I think it's going to be a great experience. What's not to love? I love to write, I love to laugh, and I'm going to spend 8 weeks learning how to do both of those things better.

And for homework? I have to study my favorite comedy shows. It was time for me to have a new creative outlet, to stir things up and so I shall start on this journey. Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, as I was so pumped up.

In other news, I won the battle of the scale again this morning. So, things in that regard are going great and I'm very happy about that. I've been working on it very diligently and it’s nice to see some results.

Amy is in town, recovering from gall bladder surgery, so we're meeting tomorrow for drinks, naturally.

I'm plugging away reading Lolita for my writer group, but I'm having a hard time with it. It's fucking creepy. I don't care what rationale you've got, but when a grown man is enthralled with a 12 year old, it's just hard for me to find that endearing.

But maybe I'll change my mind by book's end.

Tonight, I hope to get a good night's rest. It's been a busy week so far, but a happy productive one as well, so I'm not gonna complain. At least not right now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

Tonight I start my comedy writing class through Second City Detroit which is of course in Novi. But then the Detroit Zoo is about a mile from me in Royal Oak.

Detroit is kind of something you say, but don't really mean.

Like the following phrases:

1. Let's just be friends.
2. No, really it's not you.
3. Yes, I love this meat-loaf cabbage casserole with melted Velveeta.
4. Sure, I'd be happy to help out on that project.
5. Wow. I can't tell this tofurkey isn't real turkey.
6. That new haircut really accents your face structure.
7. I'm going to start volunteering.
8. It's time to start walking/biking to work.
9. I love to recycle.
10.I can't wait to see that new historical epic movie at the art-house theater.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The bookend of Friday to Sunday

This weekend I laid low. Watched some good bad tv, Entourage on DVD.

Mostly, I did this because I was sick. Getting over something, I am still not sure what I had, but I was just feeling tired and run down. My energy wasn't what it has been.

It worked out ok, since I was also broke. But it was also nice to be quiet and not be running all over the place, like I normally do all weekend.

So, the laundry pile is shrinking to a reasonable amount, I baked homemade low fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I found this lotion that I love which means on any given day, I'm gonna to smell like dessert. Which keeps me from eating it, so hey whatever works.

Had to postpone a visit with my dear friend K, but I think the rest did me good. And I'd rather see her when I'm feeling good, not like I'd rather be napping.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going Home

Last weekend I headed up to Lake Leelanau to spend the weekend with my mom for her birthday.

On our agenda? A Bobby Bare concert. For those of you who don't know, Bobby Bare is an old country singer from the 60's and 70's, who sang a lot of sad songs, some funny, and always entertaining.

For me, my reaction to Bobby is a mixed one. It first reminds me of growing up in our old farm house on Cedar Island Road, behind Lakeland High School. My parents were still married, we had a record player and my dad used to listen to Bobby Bare. Loud.

Later, after the divorce I used to listen to the old records, maybe trying to recapture some of that time, and my favorite Bobby Bare song, is called Cowboys and Daddies.

It was about a divorce and a dad that took the kids for picnics on Sunday afternoons.

At the concert, the 5th row center was left open, so my mom and I snuck up and got a really close view of Mr. Bare, who is dressed in head to toe denim.

There is something truly authentic about those old country guys. They're not flashy like the new people, but they just seem humble, honest and after all these years, all they care about is singing a few songs and going home to their family.

I was glad I finally met the man who provided my childhood with a soundtrack full of memories.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mr. Bare

Some kids grew up listening to Elmo or Seasme Street sing alongs.
Not me.

I grew up with my parents old record player that scratched out everything from Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Roger Miller, and Bobby Bare.

Mr. Bare is a country artist who sings folk type songs about other men's wives, picnics with their daddy on Sundays and, maybe one of his most well known songs, "Drop Kick Me Jesus."

This weekend as an adult, I will see Mr. Bare in concert at a casino in Northern Michigan with my mom. We're celebrating her birthday with a concert, some beer and lots of watching of old people, I'd guess.

I'm excited about this venture cause either way, I'm due to have a good time. Either just great or so bad it's awesome.

Heading up after work tonight.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Push It

This morning on the Today show, they devoted an entire segment to this new trend called Push It presents.

Basically, when your wife, girlfriend, or significant other has a baby you, as the husband are supposed to shower her with anything from diamond earrings to tennis braclets.

Now, call me crazy or a feminist, but I think this is insane. I mean, if your husband wants to buy you some flowers or some small sentimental token to help mark the celebration of the new baby then, that's a kind thoughtful man, and you should consider yourself lucky.

And I will say right now, I don't have a baby, nor have I ever been pregnant and maybe this is just from a single person's perspective, but why should you expect gifts for having a baby?

Isn't the fact that you were able to carry a child and give it life enough? Doesn't the fact that you and your companion convceived a child because you love each other count for something?

Futhermore, when a gift is expected, it's no longer a gift. Sure, we all love presents and we like to feel cared for, but if you go into something feeling ENTILTED to it, in my opinion it loses some of the sentiment.

And does that mean you're going to buy your husband a gift for getting you pregnant? Maybe he'd like something too.

Beleive me, I know labor is hard work. I was a labor support person last year for my best friend, and I was in awe of how amazingly hard it all was for her.

But she was doing what women have done for centuries and I just think that her healthy son was a miracle, and worth more than an infinite amount of diamond jewelry.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

These Shoes Were Made for Pain

I wasn't meant to wear cool shoes. Unless they have some built in comfort apparently.

This morning, while I was dressing for work, I thought I'd break out my cool new shoes, a black patent shiny shoe with an ankle strap, aka, death shoe.

It's only 11:30 am, and I've already had to retire the shoes to my car, as my ankle bones are rubbed raw and I didn't want to inflict further damage. But darn, they were cute.

Beauty is pain, but apparently I'm no sadist. At least not today.

Monday, October 01, 2007

And Then

It's a rainy Monday.

Weekend had some ups and downs, like life usually does.

Cancer took the life of my best friend Connie's cousin, who was only 34. And his wife is due to deliver their first child in 10 days.

Sometimes, I'm not sure if I beleive in GOD has a reason for this or that. Sometimes it just seems like a cruel joke, that no one would ever find funny.

I spent the day with Connie yesterday. We were celebrating her birthday so we just tried to hang out and just be.

You can do that with an old friend. When there's nothing to say, you just show up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Name Game

Thanks to Courtney's blog, I now have a fun name blog of my own.

Read on!

1. My rock star name (first pet and current car)

Bozo Saturn SL2

2. My gangsta name (ice cream flavour plus cookie, or biscuit)

Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate chip with nuts. (how white I am :) )

3. My fly girl name (first letter of first name, first three letters of last name)

KQui (it's all gonna depend on the pronoucination)

4. My detective name (favourite colour, favourite animal)

Aqua Blue Dog

5. My soap opera name (middle name, city of birth)

Rose Pontiac

6. My Star Wars name (first three letters of your last name, first two of your first name)

Qui Ke ( I guess it's ok. It's no Yoda)

7. My superhero name (second favourite colour, favourite drink, add “the”)

The Red Coffee

8. My Nascar name (first two names of my two grandfathers)

Ha. Bill Bill

9. My stripper name (favourite perfume, favourite sweet)

Brown Sugar Cookie (Um, yeah)

10. My witness protection name (mother’s and father’s middle names)

Hayword Edward

11. My weather anchor name (fifth grade teacher’s name, a major city beginning with the same letter)

Dr. Bendure Boston

12. My spy name (favourite season/flower)

Summer Roses

13. Cartoon name (favourite fruit plus garment you’re wearing, with an “ie” or “y” added)

Cherry Hoodie

14 Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast plus favourite tree)

Oatmeal Maple

15. Your rockstar tour name (favourite hobby plus weather element, with “the”)

The Reading Rain

That was fun. You should know my real stage name is Chantilly, based on a road trip questionnaire.

Back To Basics

Hello, Reader

I'm back from vacation. It was great. As I'd hoped, lots of mountain viewing, hiking, drinking, and some snack eating.

Colorado is a beautiful state and now I'm back in Michigan. It has its own beauty, but today isn't a good example, with the gray clouds and rain, mucking up the commute.

Trying to get back into the routine of work, gym etc. It's slowly coming together.

Today was my Weight Watcher meeting before work. Yep, I'm admitting it in a blog. Was a good day at the races, so to speak.

Keep on Keeping on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She's Going Around the Mountain

Tomorrow morning I leave for vacation to Colorado.

I haven't been on vacation since last year when I went to the family, Clark Griswald style to Las Vegas.

This will be a different kind of trip. Instead of all the flashing lights and gambling, it'll be hikes in the mountain and lots of fresh air.

Not that I'd really consider myself an outdoor person, but when I'm forced to spend 40 something hours a week inside an office with miles of concrete and weird shaped office furniture, well, I'm looking forward to this more than I would've imagined.

The weirdest part is that I can't wait to do some hiking. Must be because of the time I've been spending in the gym. Nature's treadmill awaits.

Oh, and I'm sure there will be drinks among old friends.

So, enjoy your weekend, and I will see you again soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to My World

Ford Reintroduces Model T Line That Made It Great

The Onion

Ford Reintroduces Model T Line That Made It Great

DEARBORN, MI—"We've been so concerned with adding frills like GPS and exhaust pipes that we forgot what really matters: open-air bench seating," CEO Alan Mulally said.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been grumpy for the past few days. I'm waiting for it to pass, but it seems to be getting worse.

Ah. Fall is coming and that usually makes me feel better and puts me in a better mood, but it's not happening.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I am just tired of feeling as if I'm spinning and spinning and can't stop.

Perhaps I should just puke lemonade like that time at the fair.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

I'm a media slut.

This weekend, I stockpiled books like I was in the throes of some Worldwide disaster and I'd be left with no reading. Truth be told this behavior isn't a new thing, and if you ask any writer/reader how many books they've got stacked up at home waiting to be read, they'd say at least a dozen.

And how was I rewarded with my binge? My coming into work this morning with an Amazon box sitting on my chair. And what was in it? My aunt Erin's book, Hope for Carsonville.
(shameless plug)

This morning at the gym while on the bike (this has become my morning treat. A small reprieve from the weights and the Elliptical machine) I started, Eat Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The verdict is still out on this.

Other books I acquired over the weekend, either by really cheap used book store, the library used book sale and the library (free-which is best of all), the following are now waiting for me to turn their pages:

1. Wonder Boys- Michael Chabon. Love the movie. Wanted to see how the book read.
2. Gods in Alabama. Joshilyn Jackson. I've seen this at Borders.
3. Shadow Dancer- Mystery suspense by Susan Anderson.
4. There's a slight chance I might be going to hell- Laurie Notaro
5. Days of Summer- sweeping summer drama. spans generations.
6. The Wonder Spot- Melissa Bank- from the author, Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.
7.The Bastard on the Couch. Essays from men about being men.
8. Up the Agency-Peter Mayle about working in an ad agency.
9. Five Men who Broke my Heart- A memoir about heart breakers.
10. The Female Brain. Cool cover. Some scientist lady.
11. I was There When it Happened. Marshall Grant's account of life on the road with Johnny Cash.
12. Obsession- Karen Robards. Another Mystery suspense.
13. Only as Good as your Word- Susan Shapiro. Advice on writing.
14. Farewell to Arms. Ernest Hemingway. (used book sale)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hope for Carsonville

I might get lucky today. Not in the tangled up sheet sort of lucky, but more in the package delivery arena. You see, My Aunt Erin wrote a book, called Hope for Carsonville about my grandma Hope.

And it is on it's way to me from my friends at I'm closing in on it, but it isn't yet, in my hot little hands.

I'm very excited to read it and hear lots of stories about Hope. She died when I was only 8 years old, so I have only one or two sketchy memories of her. One of them involved sitting at her kitchen table, while she gave me Koolaid. I took a drink, and then I made a face.

Telling my dad, "This doesn't taste like regular Kool-Aid." My dad told me, that's how Hope made it. Without sugar.

And since I've been aspiring to write a memoir type book myself, it is exciting to know it's possible and I'm so proud of Erin. She really put her heart into writing this book.

Thanks to Erin, I'll have a whole new set of stories to enjoy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


After work today I am going to visit my dad. He's checking into the hospital today for an extended visit to see if the doctors can figure out what's going on in his spine.

So, for anyone so inclined, pull out your prayer books, your vigils, your Buddah's or any other spiritual leader you can get your hands on.

We need positive thinking. The only good news is that my dad will be safe and well cared for. He can't do his own brand of medicine which usually involves things not so healthy.

And look, I'm not blaming the guy. He's been through a lot of shit and everytime this cancer comes up, he beats it back down with his bad ass Marine mentality. The same mentality that got him out of Vietnam safe.

Dad, it's time to strap on those combat boots one more time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show Down

Faced the scale this morning. I won.

A small loss, but in my opinion no loss is small. So, I guess I worked out enough this week to combat all that beer and pasta salad at the family reunion.

Seems to be all about finding the correct balance between beer, plus ocassional treat, plus Mexican food, stir in several workouts and viola: Scale success.

I can tell I must be hungry. I'm thinking about my lunch and how I can't wait to eat it. There are a few little things to look forward to, when one works in an office.

Sadly, sometimes lunch is a highlight.

Ready, set, Grab that plastic fork.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peek A Boo

Did you go to the type of school that made a mockery of the Senior Class? You know what I'm talking about. Complete with mock elections where you could win such honors as, Class Flirt, Best Hair, Most Likely to Rule the Free World.

And what did I win? Shyest. Gee, what an honor. Thanks for pointing out my self conscious nature so I may be mocked openly by all the people who ignored me all day long anyway.

I wasn't informed that I'd won such an award, till my best friend called from the photo shoot to tell me, "You got Voted Shyest. I'm coming to pick you up."

The kids in my class thought I was too shy to show up to have my picture taken.

It would've been funny to have me in the yearbook as a blank space.

Shyest indeed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Willed It

By sheer force of will I made it to the gym this morning. I so wanted to keep sleeping. It was one of those perfect sleeping mornings, but alas , all good things must come to an end.

I'm happy I made it. I kept talking myself out of it, but the part of me that knows better got dressed and went.

Enough of patting myself on the back. But the thing is, sadly I don't have much other news. I spent the weekend organizing my office area at home and realize that'll I need to purchase a file cabinet soon.

Must have someplace to shove all those papers that seem important, yet I never look at. I never once pulled out my car insurance book just to read up on the policy. But I also know the second I throw it away, I'll need it.

So it goes. I'm boring even myself with this post.

Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accentuate the Positive

By our very nature, Irish people are not overly cheerful or able to find the "positive" in an otherwise not so positive situation. Instead we are more likely to make a joke about whatever is shitty.

And today, I found myself needing some positive reinforcement regarding this whole roller coaster of diet and exercising.

In that spirit, I'm going to make a list of things that have changed for the better, since my journey began. And it's not because I want to vomit sunshine on any one, but more because I just don't want to turn to making myself vomit.

1. I have more energy since joining and going to the gym. Sure, I'm tired when I get there but when I leave, I've never once said, Boy, I wish I would have stayed home and ate donuts." I might have wanted to, but the point is, I didn't.

2. I'm no longer addicted to that chemical sugared coffee cream that I had every day in 3 different flavors as a staple in my refrigerator.

3. My chin is as single as me.

4. I stopped eating 100 calorie packs of everything. I learned that for me personally, it's just not a good idea. If I really want a treat, I'm better off eating a small part of the full-fat version. In the end it tastes better and I eat less of it because my craving for it is being satisfied.

5. My pants are either getting loose or too big all together. I've dropped one size so far.

6. I've lost 12 pounds so far. It's taking me a really long time, but I haven't given up. I press on. And I will keep going till I'm where I want to be.

7. I'm starting to see the light blinking from really far away at the end of the tunnel.

8. My dad is really sick but I haven't turned to carrot cake on a regular basis.

9. Sugared cereals is something I really loved and still do, but I don't let myself by it anymore either. It's too addicting for me.

10. Lifting Weights: Part of my routine has included weights and I can tell that I'm becoming physically stronger. I was able to pull myself out of deep water onto a jet ski using my upper body strength a month or so ago.

This list may not resonate with anyone but me, but at least I'll have a record now of what I'm doing right, instead of beating myself up for things I'm doing wrong.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And this just In

Random assortment of things on my mind.

1. When did a merge lane stop becoming merger friendly? Seems to be every time I go to merge lately and I do it nicely with my signal and the right amount of acceleration, the people who are supposed to get out of the way by either speeding up or slowing down enough to give me free way access, have decided to stay put. MOVE

2. This hugely popular series of books about a female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum who is much more comical than caustic seems to have set my fire for reading again. They're light and fun and easy to read. I can't however fathom reading all 13 in succession.

3. Reading again is saving me the trouble of looking for tv to watch. How many more reality tv shows can we have? Good Lord. I'm thinking they should make one called, " So you think this is a show?", with a constant parade of crazy people peeing on each other. STOP.

4. My younger brother is in town, and seems to really be enjoying us in a way I haven't seen before now. It's a nice change. We're all having dinner together tomorrow.

5.Today is a hungry day. The kind where you feel like you're constantly hungry but at least I'm choosing healthy snacks. Have had a yogurt, cherry tomatoes, a plum, a granola bar. I did forgo the free hot dog giveaway in the parking lot, so anything else is gravy so to speak.

Till next time.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Super Stupid

Matt Damon is my super spy super hero.

Ok, so maybe that's a little much. But I did really enjoy the Bourne Ultimatum. I just hope they don't muck it up with anymore movies, because the story is has been told and completed.

Yes, there were still some unanswered questions, but that's the point really. It's one movie franchise that refuses to dumb down its content. That's my biggest complaint about a lot of movies and my job for that matter.

As to not offend and to make everything so idiot proof that there isn't any conclusion for you to draw on your own, well its making America even more stupid.

Does it really matter that every movie, tv commercial and book won't appeal to a mass audience? Isn't that the point? Create something that a certain segment will really love, and if others find it, great.

But the second we dumb everything down, we've lost the fight. It's the same culture that is now suggesting that every kid should get a trophy on the sports teams. The we are all winners mentality.

Actually, we're not. And you know what? That's good. If you find out like I did at a young age, sports wasn't really my forte, it made me focus my energy on other things like writing.

Maybe I was picked last for kick ball but I won a ribbon for a story in the first grade at the school fair. Am I scarred for life?

No. Because I know where my strengths lie and I'm using those to my advantage.

In my opinion, we just need to stop coddling to the lowest common denominator. We're not doing ourselves any favors.

And there's a reason why there is life outside a Super Walmart....

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wee Weekend

On the agenda this weekend?

First off, is get through this long drawn out day at work. Tonight, I'm going to hang out with my brothers. BJ is in from Florida and it's rare that I get to see both my brothers at the same time and in the same place.

Tomorrow, don't know. All I know is I'm getting up and going to the gym, then I'm sure I'll end up doing some sort of errands/chores etc. Then Rachel and I are gonna hang out in the evening. We're thinking some type of movie. I'm hoping to catch Matt Damon in Bourne Ultimatim or maybe something at the Main Art theater.

Sunday, my mom will be in town and I think we're doing some family stuff that is yet TBD.

Bills have been paid, grocries have been purchased, house is in semi-order minus the stifiling heat.

Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, July 30, 2007


30 years of bull-shit
and I'm still here.
Chasing a dream where writing is money
I'm relative
to an audience.
Imagining my personal thoughts become important.
But will I appreciate it?
Or will I still be stressed,
that my pants are pulled too tight across my thighs?
No matter how many times I tell myself it doesn't matter,
it does.
Skinny won't fundamentally change me
but looking in the mirror
will hurt less.
You can't blame the shallow,
they have nothing else.
The rest of us,
get to be the smart girl,
not dancing on Friday night
because she's typing at her computer
dreaming about tiny dresses.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pushing Pencils

It's the billionth Monday of my office career. And it's as lame as most have proven to be in the past.

As for now, no new assignments awaiting me, no pressing matters. Just a long drawn out day perched in front of my keyboard attempting to look busy. I was busy at lunch when I ran errands, but I'm sure that's not what you had in mind.

Monday's depress me. They are far from Friday and so close to Sunday I can still recall yesterday like it was well, yesterday when I was free to do whatever I wanted.

I've started sorting out things in my home "office area" and spent part of the day yesterday shredding up credit card offers, letters I'd die if anyone ever found and things of that nature.

The good news is that now it's Monday afternoon and in two short hours it'll be quitting time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Enchanted Evening

Last night I attended the wedding of my dear friend Becky and her now husband Len.

It was one of the most elegant weddings I've ever been to. It was one of those weddings where you could feel the love in the air, feel the joy of the couple being married and the celebration of two families coming together.

She looked beautiful, he looked radiant, and together they looked magical.

If you're still reading, please keep your negative cynical thoughts to yourself. Because unless you were there, you can't know the feeling that moved over each guest.

You see, both Becky and Len had been married before each believing I'm sure that it was to last forever. But things hadn't worked out the way they perhaps imagined it would and instead both ended up divorced.

And found one another.

Maybe it was the wisdom that comes with age or past experiences that led them both to this place that allowed them both to try again.

Either way, it was an honor to be in included in the very small wedding, and I wish them both as much love now as on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations, Becky and Len.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Show me that Smile

When I was going through my teen years and I should preface with early teens, I battled all the usual problems. Zits, the joys of puberty and many many crushes and obssive readings of Bop and Tiger Beat magazine.

Among my crushes, one stood out. Kirk Cameron of Growing Pain fame. In retrospect, I can't be sure what the attraction was. Was it the crazy curly hair? The boy next door look compiled with the lack of facial hair?

I can't be sure. All I know is that Kirk Cameron is the only celebrity that I ever wrote a fan letter to. In my defense, I was 11 or 12 at the time, and this was before he turned all religious. His face plastered every available surface in my bedroom and I'd spend my allowance every week buying the newest issue of BOP, so I could coat more walls and obsess a little more.

"Kirk washing a car. Kirk eating a hamburger. Kirk laying on his bed, staring at the wall."

WTF? I guess I was just a normal pre teen. I had crushes on real boys in my classes too, but my heart melted every week with that Growing Pain theme song.

I don't really get that thrilled anymore. I'm more interested in meeting real people, but I can still appreciate a man with a little throwdown. More on this later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back in Black

Yes. I'm back. Back from my mini vacation of eating whatever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted and sleeping till whenever which ironically on vacation, I don't ever sleep in too much. Certainly not in excess.

I thought I'd missed a lot, but as it turns out I missed nothing. I got to spend time at the lake yesterday and see Amy which was so nice. I missed her and we had fun floating around the water.

She inspired me to get back to my own healthy eating and gym habits. It just gets so hard when I've been stuck at a plateau for so long, but I shall keep pressing on. I think as long as I don't give up that's the key.

My bones feel like they're melted so I guess I'm relaxed. Somebody get me a hammock and a drink.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July the 4th

Today I will head up I-75 on a holiday trek to visit my mom and my cousin.

We may have some sparklers, maybe a hot dog or some other grilled treat. It doesn't matter. The part that I'm focusing on is the few days off of work, away from pretending I care about any such thing when it is finally summer in Michigan.

A glorious season to be had by all.

When I get home from said job, I must finish throwing stuff in my bags and head due north.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Suit Tale

I faced the beast that women hate last night.

Swimsuit shopping. A one day sale. It had to be done. My old one was falling off.

Throw in a head cold and it was a magical evening. But, I've got one that will do.

Shows a little cleavage but its mostly modest and black.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shelf that Book

From one of my favorite time wasting web sites while at work:

Lady #1: I wonder what that kid over there is reading.
Lady #2: God, if my kid read I'd kill it.
Lady #1: Amy!*
Lady #2: Seriously, I'm never buying my kids books.

It makes me grateful that my mom instilled a love of reading into me at a young age. I remember trips to the library where I'd load up on stacks of books, even when I was up north visiting my grandma and grandpa gostshall, we'd go to the library.

The library is the place that first got me interested in Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Nancy Drew, this series of Betsy something or other books, Sweet Valley High (oh yes), Catcher in the Rye, and countless others.

Even now, if I'm having a bad day or I'm feeling depressed, I'll go to the library or a bookstore to cheer myself up. I love to be surrounded by books and the smell of the pages that promise a new story just around the corner.

Monday, June 25, 2007

No Plans

My weekend of basically no plans actually turned out pretty nice.

Friday, I had the day off and was grateful as I'd been out late the night before at yet another office going away party. But I had lots of fun. So, I cleaned my house of all things, including mopping the floor. Then I headed over to dinner at Rachel's and hung out with her and her two kids. It was fun to see all of them.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to the gym. Came home had breakfast and then called my dad. Wanted to spend some time with him since it was his birthday on Sunday. I got to his house, we visited a while and then headed off to do some shopping. We met Shane there and we all had dinner together. My dad said he loved the shirt that we got for him and he was glad to own Cool Hand Luke.

After I brought my dad home, it was pretty early so I suggested we head up to the B1 in Keego for a drink or two and a few rounds of keno. Several plays on the jukebox lead to Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, and Merle Haggard. It's that kind of joint. We headed home and I tucked my dad back in and then drove back to Royal Oak.

Sunday Morning, Shane called and invited me to a BBQ and hanging out on the lake at Jeff's house. Even though, the boat ultimately didn't run, we've got high hopes for next weekend.

Shane and I did go out on the jetski several times and I flipped off of it once.

But it was one of those perfect summer days hanging out and enjoying the weather and the people I love.

And my dad and Wally made plans for a fishing trip soon, where Wally said:

"I'll take you fishing fucker. Just don't die on me before we go."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Hand Dad

Last evening I went on a birthday treasure hunt for my dad's birthday. Found the treasure at Tommy Bahama's and their insanely over-priced shirts. But he likes them, so what the heck?

Hopefully, he'll like the one I picked out. At least Shane is going in on it. I must admit, I was in need of some more Clinque face soap so I also stopped by the counter there at Nordstroms.

Still on the hunt for Cool Hand Luke since my dad doesn't own it, but it is a classic Newman film. I'm hoping Target here in Dearborn will be more helpful than the one in Troy. But the thing is it's not an obscure movie. I mean I can' walk 2 feet without hitting Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Old School, or Mean Girls.

But a classic American movie? That's harder to come by.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It was an Honor

This past Saturday I celebrated a birthday.

And I thought a nice way to commemorate the birthday would be to honor those in my life that have helped me, shaped me and loved me.

My parents: This one is a no brainer. My mom has always taught me to be strong and reminds me to take risks even when I'm scared and it would be easy to embrace the status quo.

My Dad: Well, he's a tough, hard ass former Marine with a gooey center. He loved me first, bought me my first bouquet of roses, and taught me to never put up with any one mistreating me.

Shane: My older brother is staggering in his kindness, generosity and humor. And he's always there during rough times and happy days.

Jeff: Shane's best friend who has become part of our family. So much so that he's in my dad's dvd about his life. He is the rare sort who thinks of others and somebody who will always be there whether we're boating, grieving or celebrating.

Connie: My oldest and dearest friend. Connie is the sister I never had and we grew up together. She's been in my life since I was six years old and there's something amazing about a friendship with all the backstory filled in, yet, we could talk for hours every day.

Amy: One of my oldest friends who talks me down from my frequent parnoid episodes, helped me learn how to decorate things, and knows all my crazy history and likes me anyway.

Becky: Was my first real friend at my first ad job. She kindly showed me the ropes, answered all my questions and since then has been sincerely and whole-heartly invested in making my life better with her kindness, her humor and her gentle nature. She is fun, thoughtful and an amazingly good person.

Usha: My crazy and I mean quirky British friend who is always up for a new adventure.

James: AKA, Jimmy Ohio. We share a similar attitude about work and he understands my warped sense of humor. And he shows up in times of saddness and fun and is always ready to help me drink. Hopefully we can work together again sometime.

Nevada: My no holds barred, set your hair on fire, lives in Detroit friend who moved here from Oklahoma. Shares my love of old country music, Starbucks coffee, hatred of small talk about the weather, and endures my endless indecision with humor.

Barrie: Never judges. And has been very kind to me through this long illness of my dad's, and she gets why I love Johnny Cash and 90210.

This year I realize just how lucky I am and not in a God Bless everyone Tiny Tim kind of way, but I'm truly in awe that all of my friends coming out to help me celebrate.

Any presents were icing on the carrot cake that I managed to avoid.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grunt On

Good Morning.

Not feeling angry this morning so that helps.

Did my second day of the 3 day weight training this morning. Maybe that's why I'm not mad.

But I did notice all the men in the gym make sex noises when they work out. Lots of grunting and such.

It's a little odd but then so are those ladies who put on full make-up before they work out. I'm not one of them.

Tonight after work its off to shop for my Dad's Father's Day gift and to avoid my hot house flat. Made the mistake of cooking dinner in there last night. It was way to warm, but I have a great casserole called Glop that my Grandma Gotshall used to make for my efforts.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

In case any one cares, I did buy some new clothes yesterday. It was nice.

They're comfortable and a little girly which is helpful, as I'm a woman as opposed to a man dressed like a woman.

Not much other news. Watched This Film is Not Yet Rated. Pretty interesting shit.

Random Tuesday thoughts: I can't decide what to get my dad for Father's Day. He doesn't fit into the "Golf or BBQ dad like all the ads want us to believe. Nor is he into the technology aspect and besides he's already got a nano he ignores.

He did send me his first text message, which was awesome.

Anyway, any thoughts?

Monday, June 11, 2007


I was just at the mall getting a Starbucks and decided to check out the new clothing line by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve and Barry's.

Surprisingly nice feeling clothes and very affordable. It made me itch for a shopping spree. I think I'm heading back after work.

Why? Because I want to. Lately, that's my new thing. If I want to do something, I'm gonna damn well do it.

Other things about me:

1. I'm a diet coke person.
2. I'm also an Adidas person. Get your Nike shit away from me.
3. Today I started my new weight routine and my muscles are sore. This is good.
4. Having lunch with Tonya today.
5.And I have to leave this blog to go look for a haircut for Friday. I'm forgoing my usual lady for this new person, but only because I've got some free spa dollars to use up.

Looking forward to my dad returning from up north so I can have a visit.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whirl Weekend

This weekend has been pretty nice.

My dad is spending a few days up north with my mom and his brothers and sisters so that's good. I know he's getting lots of visits and spending some time at the local casino.

As for me well, Friday night I had dinner with Becky and then we hung out at a bookstore for a while, and it was nice to catch up.

Saturday morning Shane came to my gym to give me a new weight routine, which we're calling "The Resurrection." I'm hopeful that I can jump off my weight loss plateau and I know that I need the outlet of the gym more than ever right now.

Eager to get there Monday morning, which is always a good sign. After the gym we had a delicious breakfast at Cafe Havana in Royal Oak.

Then later I left for Detroit for Nevada's Wino and Cheese Party which was lots of cheap wine and orange food products. I partied like a 23 year old and that felt good.

But since I'm not 23, today I'm a bit tired. Took a nap and a shower and decided to go see Oceans 13.

I liked it. It was as good as Oceans 11 I thought and as a bonus there was no Julia Roberts. :)

And my Aunt Pat mailed me a dvd all about my dad, one of her cool family video projects. I've already watched it 3 times. I love it. The pictures, the choice of music is awesome.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I'm hoping I can take things in stride as much as possible.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thoughts over Pancakes

Maybe life's greatest stories stem from the jobs you didn't get and the boys who left you so you'd end up with a man.

Friday, June 08, 2007

This is Spinal Tap

Stellar week.

Do I believe in fate and destiny? Perhaps to a certain extent. Do I think a huge disappointment will ultimately lead me to a much more fulfilling life?

Maybe I do.

But the funny part is that sort of clarity only happens after the next great thing occurs, so I can think: "Oh and that's why that happened?"

I do know this week that I've made some great friends in this town. And perhaps my path crossed with them so I could do more in my future. They fill in gaps. They drink with me, dance, listen, but most importantly they show up.

But cancer? No. That just fucking sucks.

The Vietnam War? I got a bone to pick with you. I don't need to be a political activist to understand that the war ruined the best part of my father.

And what does he get for bravely enlisting when others ran?

Exposure to Agent Orange and now spinal cancer.

Lung cancer+ throat cancer+ spinal cancer+= No more treatment available.

Do you think our government is standing up saying "we're sorry. What can we do?"


What my dad got for his bravery and his heart and soul was a few dollars which got shrunk down to nothing when he was deemed healthy enough to return to work.

He can't work. His job was very physical. He climbed trees. Manned chain saws. Swung from ropes.

We're gonna fight for the rest of his benefits so my dad may enjoy whatever time is allowed to travel. To see things. To smoke if he wants. Have a drink.

The motto of the United States Marine Corp: The few. The Proud. The Marines.

My dad is proud. He is brave. He is dying.

He is mine. He is my brothers.

He is Loved.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mourning Sickness

You know how writing makes you feel like you forgot to get dressed?

That's what this entry is gonna be like for me. But one thing I've learned is that writing helps me deal with stuff and speaking the truth isn't easy or pretty but it is necessary.

So here goes. My dad I know I've mentioned him a time or two in this space, well he's been dealing with cancer since 2003. And this past Tuesday we got the news that I never wanted to hear. MY dad's cancer has gone into his spine.

There is no more treatment. Just a management of pain medication from now till later.

We weren't given a time table and I know myself, I don't need a time table. I will miss him for the rest of my life. I'll mourn him and his absence so I'm certain I don't need a ticking clock over my head to tell me, I better cram in all my visits, I better commit every conversation to memory as if it were our last.

This I already know.

I'm hoping to talk to him about taking a trip someplace. Hopefully Ireland.

I don't know what else to say. I'll do this one day at time, minute by minute if that's what it takes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

I'm back. Back to work.

Spent the weekend up north. First it was to see Kathleen in Roscommon. We had a good visit and it was really nice to break up my drive into 2 easy parts. There's something about family. A shorthand where you don't have to fill in all the blanks, but they help you deal with cracks in the family shell.

Then it was onto Lake Leelanau to see my mom. We went to an Estate sale, had lunch at the Cheese Shanty (awesome sandwiches)pretty much trolled around town and hung out. When we got home we had a great steak dinner.

The next day was more of the same and then my brother, his girlfriend and his friend Jeff came up to surprise us. That was cool. We all hung out, went to TC and did not a whole lot of anything but it was fun just the same.

Yesterday we went on a nature walk, breakfast at the bakery and sun-bathing on the deck.

And of course since it was the nicest day of the weekend, it was naturally the day that I had to drive home. I packed up and headed home mid afternoon. Expecting horrible traffic, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself zipping right along.

Even managed to stop at the outlet mall where I got a new pair of tennis shoes and some workout clothes.

A good weekend, a nice kick off to summer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cowboy Redford

Breakfast of champions:

Half a soft pretzel. Wasn't feeling the wheaties.

Oh well, some days are like that. I've got a healthy lunch with lots of veggies and fruits to counteract the pretzel bite.

Watched The Electric Horseman last night. It's about a rodeo star who's not as popular anymore, so he ends up running off with the prize winning horse when he finds he's being mistreated.

Starring you guessed it, Robert Redford. I'm sucker for him, for his acting, for his subtle and always interesting roles.

It also had Jane Fonda in it as a reporter who chases him on the run.

Willie Nelson is in it and sings, "Don't Let your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys."

All in all a good movie.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's Your Sign

This morning after I woke up and dragged myself to the gym, I was driving to Walgreens to pick up a few items. Across the street in yet another strip mall was an optical shop. The name of said shop? Eye Iota.

I wouldn't ever set foot in such a stupid sounding business. Just couldn't do it. There was a salad bar place in Atlanta when I was living there, called Lettuce Surprise You.

First off that's just a terrible pun, and secondly I don't think the word surprise should ever be included in a salad bar.

My point is, I guess I'm picky.

I notice signage, I read table cards at restaurants, I will notice a well-crafted headline on a napkin. This is part of the job. Life of a copywriter is one where you'll never casually look through an ad in a magazine.

If it's well done, I stop and read. And if it's horrible I often imagine how things must've went south after the client meeting. Or the creatives tasked with the job had there hands tied the whole time, and thus ended up with something like this:

A diversity ad for a job fair. The visual? A big rubber band ball with you guessed it, multi-colored rubber bands. The headline: Diversity: It's what bands us together.

True story. I didn't write that line. I was forced to put it in the ad by a controlling client, whom I have no idea what happened to them.

Perhaps they took a job at Hallmark. Or maybe they're out shopping at Talking Book World (another good title ).

Friday, May 18, 2007

One More

I'm numb today. Numb to bad news, impending sadness. My dad called me last night as I was laying in bed reading, to check in. To tell me how his latest doctor's appointment had gone.

It seems the doctors now suspect that he may have cancer in his spine. His spine. We don't know what they're going to say, what the doctors if anything can come up with.

All I know is that cancer is a roller coaster of the worst kind. It's brought me to my knees in both devastation and prayer. For every good report there seem to be 4 bad ones waiting around the corner.

And what could I do when he told me such news in the way that only my dad could. Blunt and to the point. He's always been a man that doesn't mince words. I admire and find that fearful at the same time.

He told me that he was glad it was him that was going through this and not me. He said, I'd had to fight too hard to live when I was born so prematurely.

I should've died then. And he can't die now. I feel like cancer is a floating balloon above my head, but I can't let go of the string.

When I was little, I used to call him Daddy Quinlan and he let me stand on his feet while we danced. Now I call him dad, but I don't want the song to be over yet.

We've only just begun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Which Doctor

Thursday Morning. Me. The skin doctor. The cancer. A show-down.

It'll be nice to see what they say about the whole thing. Patch me up and send me on my way.

Last night, I got to hang out with my friend Rachel and her two kids. We had dinner, hung out and made Jimi Hendrix out of clay. And oh yes, he was purple.

Not much news. Shane is coming over Saturday for another gym tutorial. I need a new weight routine. I've started making progress with my whole spring clutter clean out.

Many closets and surfaces to go, but one pile at a time.

Maybe tonight, I'll get somewhere since the weather isn't good.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Write, Write

It would be completely unoriginal for me to point out that it is Friday and this has me feeling pretty happy.

So instead I'll say, I had a nice conversation with Shane this morning, the sun is out, I can sleep in tomorrow, and it looks like the best season in Michigan is here.

Other than that, this weekend, I'd like to get a visit with my dad, go find a dress for Tonya's wedding, and start trying (again) to clean out some spring clutter. From closets, to bookcases, to desk-tops. I need to carve out some time with my laptop to get some words down for next week's writing group meeting.

I haven't written in so long and writing used to be my salavation and now I've lost it or its lost me.

And with that, I'm off like a prom dress.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Just In

Random things about me:

1. I wear a watch almost every day. My brother bought it for me, and it's a silver man type watch, but I never have the time set correctly.

2. I just got diagnosed with Skin Cancer. I'm awaiting my visit to the dermatologist. I was freaked out, but am doing a little better now. I did find out that it is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so please go get checked. I had no idea that I had anything wrong with me. Luckily a friend was looking out for me and noticed something wasn't right. Take advantage of the free skin screenings this month. Please. Hopping off my soap-box now.

3. Got some really nice sunblock from Clinque and the woman at the counter was really kind to me, and helped me find some good sunblock. I love the Clinque counter, so I figured anything that can make this situation a little brighter was well worth it. I've got some for my face that is a nice base to be worn under make-up.

4. In the last week while I was home sick, I've watched the following: Countless episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 season 2, Little Children, Entourage, Rocky III, and Sex and the City.

5. I've started reading books again. Read One for the Money, and Two for the Dough a series of books about a female bounty hunter by Janet Evanovich. Light, fun, and a perfect distraction.

6. Last night I bought 2 yes 2 songs by the GO Go's, and one from Henry Mancini on itunes.

7. My left foot is asleep and is buzzing right now.

8. My dad went into the hospital and is out again. Sick with his own cancer but is doing ok at the moment.

9. Shane forgot about me and saw Spiderman 3 without me. I am hoping to catch it soon.

10.Every time I listen to Cat Stevens, it makes me want to quit my job, buy a long skirt twirl in a field and teach kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sick of sick

I've been out of commission since the middle of last week. Some spring cold/flu ick thing, that's kept me imobile at home for the past 4 or 5 days.

Today was the day, I had to come back to the work force. Not so much had too but decided I couldn't stay at home anymore. I still don't feel quite right. I'm still more tired than I should be, and there's still a haze over my day and I can't wait to go take a nap, and I'm hoping the cough that takes over me stops disturbing all the neighbors.

Baby steps I suppose. Ah well. A work in progress I am. Besides there has been no work I've missed, and if I'm typing it looks like I'm really working on something.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get back to the gym. And get this show on the road.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I can hear the theme music now. The second season of Beverly Hills 90210 comes out today and I'm not to proud to admit that I will be buying the second season at some point in the near future.

BH90210 got me through high school. I have a sentimental soft spot for the cheesy shows, the height of romance between Brenda and Dylan, the love triangle of Kelly, Dylan and Brenda, the crazy Emily Valentine. I've heard that season 2 even has the summer episodes, the fun ones where Brandon started working at the Beach Club and all of it.

Judge if you will, but sometimes there isn't a greater escape than a good episode of bad tv.

In other news, I've stocked up all kinds of healthy foods for lunch to help accelerate my healthy eating and working out quest.

I hear the weather gods are gonna shine for the rest of the week, so that will hopefully keep my mood on the upside of sunny.