Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zoo and Then

Age 3 or 4: I wished to be an elephant keeper at the zoo. I dreamed of feeding and watering the elephants, until I actually visited the zoo and saw just how big an elephant was.

Outfit of choice: My Grover jumper and Navy blue tights.

This past weekend, I went again to the zoo. It was a great day for that. Great weather, not too crowded and lots to see. But the zoo wasn't as magical as I'd remembered nor was it as depressing as I feared it may be.

Outfit of choice: My new boot-cut dark jeans and my black v-neck sweater that I paid too much for at Banana Republic.

I avoided the nachos, the cotton candy, and best of all the dish renowned at amusement parks the world over, the cup of fries.

Still, I live about a mile from the zoo, so it was time I went to the see the animals.
And except for a something I can only describe as a rape in the Kangaroo play area, it was a good time for all.

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