Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Push It

This morning on the Today show, they devoted an entire segment to this new trend called Push It presents.

Basically, when your wife, girlfriend, or significant other has a baby you, as the husband are supposed to shower her with anything from diamond earrings to tennis braclets.

Now, call me crazy or a feminist, but I think this is insane. I mean, if your husband wants to buy you some flowers or some small sentimental token to help mark the celebration of the new baby then, that's a kind thoughtful man, and you should consider yourself lucky.

And I will say right now, I don't have a baby, nor have I ever been pregnant and maybe this is just from a single person's perspective, but why should you expect gifts for having a baby?

Isn't the fact that you were able to carry a child and give it life enough? Doesn't the fact that you and your companion convceived a child because you love each other count for something?

Futhermore, when a gift is expected, it's no longer a gift. Sure, we all love presents and we like to feel cared for, but if you go into something feeling ENTILTED to it, in my opinion it loses some of the sentiment.

And does that mean you're going to buy your husband a gift for getting you pregnant? Maybe he'd like something too.

Beleive me, I know labor is hard work. I was a labor support person last year for my best friend, and I was in awe of how amazingly hard it all was for her.

But she was doing what women have done for centuries and I just think that her healthy son was a miracle, and worth more than an infinite amount of diamond jewelry.

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